How to Start Poultry farming business ?

A Beginner’s Guide to Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a vast food and income sector that plays a vital role in the agricultural industry. One can easily get poultry farming information. So, One can easily get poultry farming information. There are many different types of poultry farming like Broiler Farming, Layer Farming, Free-Range Farming, Organic Poultry Farming, Breeder Farming, Backyard Poultry Farming, and more. 

Did you know the per day consumption of eggs in India have increased from 34 billion in 2000 to 106 billion or that India with its 29 states consumed over 3.8 million metric tonnes of poultry meat.

Infact the human nutritionist recommend a minimum of 180 eggs and 10 kg chicken per annum for a healthy adult human. So there’s no reason chickening out for this poultry farming business with such demand, don’t you think ?.India is the 3rd largest egg producer in the worlds and the 4th largest chicken met producer after China, Brazil and USA. The Indian brand poultry sector is one of the most successful agri-framing business with a value worth euro 14500 million. 

The reason behind it being successful is the easy availability of raw material, lower operational maintenance and massive distribution chains making this business as organised and profitable as possible. So, here’s all the how’s and whys of you taking up this business opportunity.

Market potential and uses

Poultry farming business is a business which involves raising domestic birds like chicken, emu, ducks, geese, turkey etc for their eggs and meat. The market potential for this business is very vast as it is factually been learnt that the Indian poultry meat consumption is expected to increase to 1672 million kilos from 687 million kilos.

Poultry meat and eggs in facts are the part of a routine meal of an average Indian healthy consumer and the experiment with these in various cuisines have been up and rising making this business bring you a massive sales turnover. Further the potential for this business can be defined and elaborated on the following basis.

Books you Must Read

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Advantages of Poultry Farming

When it’s about the advantages of poultry farming then there are several benefits of poultry farming such as its highly profitable, rapid return on investment, lower initial investment and space requirement, scalability, diverse product offerings, high protein production, employment generation, environmental benefits, nutritious and versatile products. 

  • Broiler poultry farming
  • Layer poultry farming
  • Country chicken farming
  • Emu farming
  • Quail farming
  • Turkey farming
  • Duck framing
  • Used for consumption on routine basis
  • Used for traditions and rituals
  • Eggs may be used an intermediary for making hair products, face products etc
  • Used as a part of meals and in menu offered by the F&B industry etc

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Licenses required

The licenses required for this poultry farming business is

  • Permit from stare groundwater department
  • Animal protection and cruelty coverage
  • NOC by the state pollution control board
  • Animal care standards
  • GST registration
  • Trade license

Investment required

Small scale ₹ 50000 – ₹ 1.5lakhs
Medium scale₹1.5 lakhs-₹ 3 lakhs
Large scale ₹ 7 lakhs

Poultry Farming Profit

As the poultry farming business is thriving, more and more people are investing in this profitable business. When we look at the poultry farming income, we can clearly note down that the profit of this business depends upon various factors like operation size, type of poultry industry, type of bird species, prevailing prices and demand in the market, production efficiency, location and more. Approximately, profits made from this business are ₹ 12 lakh – ₹ 13 lakh per year. The profit margin this poultry farming business is likely to yield to you is 15%.

Target consumers

The target consumers for this business are as follows:

Households: The households make use of egg for breakfast, they use chicken for routine meals and also make use of turkeys for consumption on occasions like thanksgiving as a part of their ritual.

Restaurants: The restaurants and cafés make use of chicken, eggs, turkey, ducks etc to attract the meat eating consumers and meet their consumption needs.

Cafés: . Cafés on the other hand make use of poultry feed for making complementary coffee food like sandwiches, wraps etc also the make use of eggs in milkshakes and desserts.

Butchers: The butchers would require your fresh produced poultry feed to cater to the various meat and egg demands of their routine consumers.

Retail stores and supermarkets: These also require packaged form of your poultry produce of various types like ducks, chickens, emu etc because of the various consumers niches that might require different meat for different purposes.

Desserts spaces: These require poultry produced eggs mainly to bake cakes, cupcakes, brownies etc.

Online Grocery stores: Stores like bigbasket, luscious, grofers also require fresh outlet produce to meet the meat and egg demands of their online customers.

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Area required

The area required to set up this business is as minimal as 100-500 sq ft.

Raw materials, Machinery & Manpower

  • Cereal
  • Grains
  • Broken rice
  • Germs
  • Hatching trays
  • Chick guard
  • Infra red bulbs
  • Bell type automatic waterer
  • Rake
  • Weighing balance
  • Hatchery automation equipment
  • Hatch egg transfer machine
  • Linear/automatic feeder
  • Automatic vaccinator
  • Compressed air system
  • 2 skilled workers for monitoring disease and nutrition control
  • 3 unskilled workers

Moreover, ample training to these workers in terms of the following must also be provided with

  • Machinery usage
  • Equipment handling
  • Safety and precautions

Requirements for Poultry Farming

In order to operate a poultry farming business, one must fulfil its requirements like poultry farming equipment which include Brooders, Feeders, Waterers, Egg Incubators, Coops and Cages, Lighting and ventilation Systems, Nest Boxes, Egg Grading and Sorting, Manure equipments, Poultry Processing Equipment and more.

Poultry Farming Business Plan & Model

Poultry farming in India is very popular and poultry farming for beginners is a good idea as this business can be fruitful for the beginners who are ready to invest in poultry farming. The business model of a poultry framing business can be defined using these four variants:

Value proposition: The value proposition which this business is like to provide to you is

  • Low investment in terms of capital, maintenance and raw materials.
  • Numerous distribution and supply chain system.
  • Huge target market and higher profit margins.
  • Routine demand.

Best Poultry Farming Courses

learn Poultry Farming Courses
  • Restaurants
  • Retail and supermarkets
  • Butchers
  • Desserts spaces
  • Cafés
  • Fast food chains
  • Online grocery stores
  • Sneha foods limited
  • Srinivasa hatcheries
  • Balaji hatcheries
  • V S N hatcheries
  • Venky’s
  • Skylark foods

Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy that can be implemented by your poultry farming business is

  • Billboard and hoarding promotion.
  • Sample promotion justifying the hygiene and quality standards Through proper and adequate certification.
  • Bulk and cash discount to loyal customers.


The poultry farming business has the potential and has witnessed the following growth prospects

  • The demand for processed chicken meat has been up and growing by 15%-20% per annum.

  • The total layer production in Indian has reached to a top of 80 million eggs per annum.

  • Moreover the Indian poultry farming business is worth 26000 crore, that being its contribution to the country’s national income.

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Stop waiting for this opportunity to hatch instead make a delicious omelet out of it, here’s why

  • The increasing awareness of health and diet consciousness among consumers have made chicken and eggs mandatory for a person to have a gym body which is not possible without your farmed poultry.

  • This business also has an opportunity to open trade with foreign consumers because of the extensive climatic conditions for poultry farming that could gather a demand across the world.

  • The investment in this business is very minimal whereas the profits skyrocketing, the business dream.

Conclusion of Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is an important industry that is contributing to the economy of the country. This valuable industry is constantly growing and its demand is growing day by day. This industry contributes to the development of the economy, food production and also provides employment. With the help of new technology and innovations this business is taking less time and effort and also re-cope investment in a short time period. 


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