How to Start Non Woven Bags Manufacturing Business ?

About Plastic Bags

A Plastic Bag is a type of container which is used for a common form of packaging that also called the following: Pouch or Polybag. The Plastic Bag making Business people will prepare the Polybags with the following properties of flexible, non Woven Bags Manufacturing fabric, plastic textile, thin or plastic film.

Plastic Bags Usage

StartupYo will guide you to know how do you manufacture Plastic Bags and what are the raw materials used for Plastic Bags and many more. Before knowing all these things first you need to know why plastic bags will be used. Plastic Bags are used by the retailers and a 1000’s of plastic bags will be used by a single shop in just one month. They will use for storing and transporting the various goods and few them are of the following:

  • Powders
  •  Magazines
  • Waste
  • Foods
  • Ice
  • Chemicals

The most of the plastic bags are sealed by using heat-sealed at the seams and these are bonded with the following stitched or adhesive. According to the Survey, every year around 1 to 5 trillion plastic bags are utilized and discarded across the world.

Manufacture Plastic Bags

The following are the steps to know how do you manufacture plastic bags:

Extruding :The first step involved in Plastic Bags making Business is the extruding. It consists of an extruder machine that helps to heat the polyethylene plastic at 500 degrees Fahrenheit and the pallets will be melted. Then the melted pallets will transfer into the machine to determine the thickness of the bag.

Printing :The second step involved in Plastic Bags making Business is the printing. The plastic bags are transferred into the printing machine and are given the desired textures. This printing procedure helps to cut the plastic bags into required shapes and sizes and also handles are prepared for the plastic bags.

Bag making :The third step involved in Plastic Bags making Business is the bag making. In this procedure, you can select the many available options of the following: handle punching, zip locking, holes, slits, vents, and many more. So you can choose any of the available options and the non woven bags manufacturing are transferred into the plastic bag making machine and continued to complete the process. In just a few minutes you can produce 1000’s of plastic bags with the help of the above procedure. Lastly, the plastic bags which are manufactured are packed in boxes and will be dispatched.

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Process For Plastic Bags making Business Plan

  • In industries to pack their semi-finished goods.
  • In medical shops.
  • Shopping bags.
  • Jewelry packaging.
  • Party bags.
  • To carry food items.
  • What are the different kinds of plastic bags are their
  • Plastic bags are having more demand and profit?
  • Know who are your competitors and observe how they are doing their business
  • Make sure that with how much capital you want to start the plastic bag making business
  • Lastly, what are the raw materials used for Plastic bags
  • Details of the production
  • Business type
  • To make business successful which steps and operations are involves
  • Financial assistance

Arrange the Capital 

  • Easing or renting the space
  • For raw materials
  • For the equipment
  • Costs for the labor


The most critical step in the small scale business is the registration process. You must follow the many rules and regulations because Plastic Making Business is involved in the manufacturing process so check out all the process and set up the plastic bad making business.

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Raw Materials, Manpower required &  Machinery

  • The density of 0.95 grams per square cubes
  • Secondly, the melting index of 0.05 grams per millimeters
  • Thirdly, the softening point of 123 degree Celsius
  • Lastly, the melting point of 130 degree Celsius
  • For blown film machine manpower requires about 3 persons.
  • Secondly, for printing machine manpower requires about 3 persons.
  • For sealing and cutting machine manpower requires about 3 persons.
  • So total manpower requires about 9 persons.
  •  High – speed mixer with 1 HP power
  • Die blown film making machine with 70 HP power
  • Flexography printing machine with 7 HP power
  • Polymer plate making machine with 10 HP power
  • Type bag making machine which is used for the following: cutting, punching
  • Machine, and sealing with 1HP power
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Micro gauge
  • Packing Machine
  • Air compressor

Marketing Tips for selling Plastic Bags

StartupYo providing the best marketing tips for selling the plastic bags and they are of the following:

  • You can take off the plastic bag retails to sell your products directly to the customers.

  • You can sell your plastic bags to the wholesale markets.

  • You can promote your business using digital technology.

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The following are the areas where plastic bags are used daily basis:

  • Book shops
  • Fruits and vegetable shops
  • Gift stores
  • In hardware shops
  • In jewelry shops
  • Medical Shops
  • Shoes shops
  • Snacks stores
  • Sweet shops
  • Bakeries
  • Fancy shops
  • Grocery shops

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