How to Start Kumon Franchise In USA ?


Kumon is the American business industry which is related to children’s education and enrichment. This education franchise does not follow traditional tutoring instead they offer long-term kids stay through completion of the program. This after-school learning helps kids stand out with this academic enrichment program that not only master maths  & reading but unlock the potential of children with various successful skills. Kids as young as three can get started under this program of Kumon method of learning.

The Kumon Method was developed by Toru Kumon in 1954, in Japan and with the passage of time this method became an international business. Since 1994 the United States has offered Kumon franchises. Approximately 4 million students are learning in  26,000 Kumon Centers in 58 countries. This Japanese originated method started its business and franchising year in 1958, at present they are running more than 26,000 centers, its U.S headquarters is located in Ridgefield park, New Jersey.

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If you are passionate about teaching students under Kumon Method and want to know about the benefits provided by Kumon to its franchises, then the good new is they benefit with low cost and generous Incentives, its method is famous for strong business, its program help kids become exceptional and parents become loyal.

Low-cost & generous Incentives: they offer low-cost investment, its Investment ranges from just $67,428 to $145,640 and receive $36,400 incentives. Entrepreneur has listed Kumon in Top Low-Cost Franchises. 

Strong Business: its academic enrichment program is unique because it’s not based on tutoring, they guide kids in such a manner that nothing is missing in maths, reading and writing. As kids stay for years mastering all levels of the program and in response to this parents offer financial stability for the business.

Kids become exceptional: its module not only helps children’s master maths & reading but helps to unlock the potential of children with various successful skills. Its long-term solutions help kids to excel in gifted programs and prestigious colleges.


To open a Kumon center, you need to be energetic towards education and working with children. Candidates must have traits to manage a Kumon center and possess a bachelor’s degree. This rundown will help you in knowing about its financial requirements, ongoing fee, liquid capital and other fees associated with business ownership. 

  • Initial Franchise Fee of $2,000.
  • Net Worth Requirement of $150,000.
  • Liquid Capital of $70,000.
  • Royalty Fee of $36 to $40.50 for per student per month.
  • 5 years of Term Agreement.


Kumon Franchise is providing various opportunities for the interested candidates who can help students and inculcate in them the abilities and skills that will help them succeed in school and in life. Franchisees will get following opportunities.

Open for All: no matter from which background you are, the doors of Kumon are open for everyone. There is opportunity for every department be it law, finance and business.

Location opportunity: you will get the opportunity to select your own location in your own area or as per your choice.

Full-time business opportunity: The best thing about this business is that you will enjoy a full-time business opportunity. You can not only run a business but also help learners fulfil their potential.


They offer low-cost investment, its total investment ranges from $67,428-$145,640. Listed below is the additional cost breakdown of Kumon Franchise including upfront costs, one-time fees and other required costs needed to launch the franchise.

  • Training agreement Deposit fee of $1,000.
  • Initial Franchise Fee of $2,000, less $1,000 if you are obtaining Kumon’s first center franchise. 
  • Initial purchase of materials $1,000.
  • Architect design ranges from $0 to $10,000.
  • Leasehold improvements range from $30,000 to $60,000.
  • Security Deposit if needed range from $0 to $15,000.
  • Rent amount ranges from $1,000 to $4,000.
  • Furniture, Equipment, primary sign & supplies amount range from $5,000 to $15,000.
  • Notebook Computers at Kumon Centre range from $500 to $2,000.
  • Professional fees range from $1,000 to $3,000.
  • Liability insurance of $480 ($4.80 multiplied by No. of students in Math).
  • Business License and name registration ranges from $100 to $200.
  • Telephone systems led by Kumon range from $480 to $600.
  • Recommended reading list of $2,600.
  • Fingerprinting and criminal background check cost from $18 to $60. 
  • 3 months payroll cost for assistants range from $9,750 to $11,700.
  • Additional Funds for 3 months range from $13,500 to $18,00.

All these Expenditures drive an estimated total cost of $67,428 to $145,640 which is needed for the operation of a Kumon Franchise. Based on Kumon Franchisees conversation additional funds are almost double, then initial cost is higher which can be estimated to $80,928 – $163,640. Startup costs can range from $200,000 – $300,000 depending on build-out & when finally break even.

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Kumon is a profitable business, as per 2021 Kumon were able to generate a net total of 19.65 million, its revenues were $122,600,000, its estimated total Franchise sales were $408,666,666 and estimated average franchise revenue turned up to $260,629.

  • Its Franchise Fees & Royalties generate $122,600,511 revenue.
  • Publication & supply sales generate 2,017,877 in revenue. 
  • Tuition & related fees- company owned generate 4,516,634.
  • Other revenue generated is 1,896,574.

Total Revenues generated 131,031,596 .

Costs and Operating Expenses 

  • Revenue Costs 28,962,035.
  • Selling, general & administrative Expenses 75,970,463.
  • Total costs & operating expenses 104,932,498.
  • Income Operations 26,099,098.

Other income (loss)

  • Interest income, net interest expense of $105, $372 and $269, respectively 180,078.
  • Other income, net 595,240
  • Total other income 775,318
  • Income before provision of income taxes 26,874,416
  • Provision for income taxes, net of refunds 7,219,470

Total Net Income $19,654,946
In 2021 Kumon’s retained earnings were $19.65 million. In 2020 they faced around $8 million decrease probably due to COVID, but this 2021 rundown clearly shows its recovery of over $19 million. 

Kumon Locations

Kumon locations can be seen world wide, at present they are operating in 58+ countries and by 2025 they have a vision of widespread influence to other countries as well. They are right now operating in Asia & Oceania, Africa, Europe, Middle East, North America & South America.

United States has more than 1600 Kumon locations, here is the list of top States in the US with most number of Kumon Locations:

California has 327 locations for every 120832 people which is about 21% of its total locations.

Texas has 149 locations for every 194603 people which is about 9% of its total locations.

New Jersey has 103 locations for every 86234 people which is about 6% of its total locations.


We are sharing some first-hand reviews of Kumon Franchise owners who seem satisfied and positive after serving communities under Kumon ownership. They are of the view.

  • Kumon turned their passion into practice. Now they are able to turn their passion of educating kids into a uniquely satisfying career.
  • In Kumon they find everyday different, challenging, energetic and rewarding.
  • Kumon changed our lives and owing it truly made a difference. They are the proof of success with no prior teaching experience.
  • They take pride in sharing the positive environment that they experience with Kumon.
  • With Kumon we are enjoying personal freedom and financial success.


In order to apply for Kumon Franchise you can visit their official website, fill its online form and its officials will contact you. If you’re ready to be a part of the Kumon family, the following points will help you to get started.

Find Location: find a franchise opportunity near your area, if it’s not available, suggest an area and Kumon may consider it.

Submit Application: complete its Franchise application form, its franchise recruitment & development department will review your application, then you will get connected via an initial phone interview.

Attend Seminar: in order to understand its organisation in a better way attend its 2 hour seminar.

Interview: you will be scheduled for in-person interviews and short assessments regarding maths, reading and writing.

Financial & Background check: they will conduct this check in order to know your net worth. 

Initial Training: Kumon University will hold a training session once you will be approved. This development training program is of 12 days.

Franchise Agreement: Once you are done with the training and location selection process, they will review your franchise agreement.

Congratulations: you are now ready to become an owner of the Kumon location in your area. 

For further details call 1.855.586.6687 or check out 

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We have shared every basic detail regarding the Kumon Franchise. If you want to make a success then this business is all for you, as it’s a most profitable franchise. This children’s education and enrichment business is very big in the USA so you can get started with this business in the USA.

If you want to turn your teaching passion into a profession then this children’s programs industry is the best option for you. Invest in this unique profession and know how the cost will affect your wallet.


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