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How to start jeans manufacturing business



How would you like to deal in a product manufacturing business, the demand for which has been consistent and is always in trend since the past 150 years?


The consumers for this products range from your milkman to even Jeff Bezos and and bill gates, even you own a pair of those blue/black/white jeans, don’t you?


The Indian fashion retail market is expected to account for $115.14 billion by 2026 out of which the Indian denim jeans market it’s expected to reach $77,999 crore by 2026.


The demand for jeans has not been subjective according to the income classes. Infact, it was first created during the Gold Rush in the 19th century by using denim to create sturdy trousers that can withstand hard labour by the brand we know today, Levi’s under Levi strauss


On an all there are 6 billion pairs of jeans produced every year across the world because of the convenience, comfort, affordability, availability and durability this jeans provide to all segments of consumers


Wouldn’t you like to take advantage of this large consumer market?

Well, it’s time you pull up your jeans


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Market potential and uses

Jeansare a type of pants which are made of denim material using 100% cottons yarns which has been worn by the working class, kids and teenagers and served as a fashion statement among many others as well.

The market potential of jeans has been vast because of its

  • durable quality which gives the Gen-Z customers the ease of putting it to wash after 4 wears,
  •  it gives the convenience perks to the working class among offices which promote leisure work environment,
  • it serves as a fashion statement in terms of athlesiure and casual wear among many high end consumers as well

Moreover, the potential for this jeans manufacturing business can be defined and elaborated on the following purposes

On the basis of types of denim jeans

  • Straight fit
  • Basic
  • Distressed/ripped
  • Wide legged
  • Skinny
  • High waist
  • Low waist

On the basis of colour of jeans

  • Blue
  • Black
  • White

On the basis of type of denim used

  • 100% cotton denim
  • Raw denim
  • Acid wash denim
  • Coloured denim
  • Stretch denim
  • Crushed denim
  • Poly denim


On the basis of uses of jeans

  • To be worn at work
  • To be worn as casuals
  • To be worn at events
  • To be worn during vacations

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