How to Start a Beauty Parlour business in India – Investment, Profit, ROI


How To start Beauty Parlour Business

Starting a new business is the primary challenge faced by all the business owners, there are various questions in mind such as which industry has the most edge over all the others? What is the current market demand? Which type of product or service would be preferred by the customer, and so on. Starting a new business is highly influenced by what is currently in trend. One of the leading industries that have seen a growth of 60% in the past year and produced great results is the cosmetic industry. Salons or Beauty parlors are the most contributing factors that are driving this growth, let us have a glance at the same in detail.

Insights for a Beauty Parlor Business

 If we talk about general information related to Beauty Parlour, A beauty parlour is an establishment that deals with cosmetic treatments and layers for men and women. Before opening a Beauty Parlour, there are various processes or formalities, as well as requirements that you need to look after before having your business established. This would also help you to develop strategies and business plans for your Beauty Parlour.

Types of Beauty Parlours

This may sound like a new concept, but the fact is that many people are not aware that Beauty parlours can be categorized into various different types. Each of these types specializes in only a particular type of service or field and works accordingly. Choosing the right type of Beauty Parlour would decide the profits and the various materials that you would require for your business.  
A. Barbershop 
B. Wellness Centre 
C. Spa Centre 
D. Traditional type of Beauty Parlour 
E. Cosmetology Centre

Business Models for Beauty Parlour

This point is common or rather similar to almost every type of business, however, the profits, investments, requirements would depend highly on the business model and also the ownership of the business.  
1. Franchise Model 
This is the most common type of model that business owners go for while opening a Beauty parlour. Rather than having and setting up a new brand name of your own, business owners find this option to be more profitable in their favour. There are various well-known Franchises that are related to Beauty Parlours and you can take advantage of the same if you want to avoid the idea of developing a brand from scratch. 
2. Independent Beauty Parlour  
As the sub-heading suggests, in this type of model the ownership is solely in your hands, you run the parlour with your own brand name that is built from scratch. You would have various downside such as investment, having to compete with the well-known and established Parlour chains in the market. However, there are also various upsides such as having your own culture and decisions made. This option would be recommended for those who have good experience in this industry.

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Starting your Beauty Parlour in 5 Steps

Let’s get on with the objective of the article right away. Once you have chosen the type of Parlour you wish to open and also the type of ownership or business model that you plan to opt, you can start your business by finishing the mentioned steps which are as follows.  
1. Location 
Apart from the type of parlour, it is more important to know the location of your Beauty Parlour. Location plays an important role; you should choose an area where you can have a good number of customers with not many salons around which may increase your competition. Furthermore, your investment would highly depend on the type of location that you go for.  
2. Investment Required

If you are opening your Beauty Parlour under a brand name or let’s say a Franchise, you would know the precise amount of investment that is required. However, if it is an individual venture, then you may have to make estimates of your investment and approach the investors or the funding accordingly. The Investment includes every expense calculated on equipment, rent, staff, interior designing, and so on. Drawing a rough investment amount would help you understand your venture better and also aid you in pitching the investors and have your Funding streamlined.  
3. Services and Prices 
Next up is the type of services that you would be providing to your customers and the price that you would charge for each of those services. If you are acquiring a Franchise, then you do not have to worry about this point as all of the above would be decided by the brand itself. However, if it is otherwise, you need to charge the right price for the right type of services. It should not be too low or too high as compared to your competitors. The finalization of the above factors would play a crucial role for your business.  
4. Equipment and Professionals

You need to have all the equipment at your parlour that would be necessary for the services that you provide. If it is some cream or a gel that you are using in your service, it should be branded and a known product, this would give you a loyal customer base. You need to ensure all equipment and also have professionals hired for your Beauty Salon. The staff should be professional in the type of service that they are going to offer, you need to watch out for the same for creating a professional atmosphere and provide a better service.  
5. Licenses and Marketing 
The next step is to acquire all the legal licenses that are necessary to have your Beauty Salon set up and incorporated. You do not require any special licenses for the same, you just require basics such as GST Registration, Tax, and so on. Once you have almost everything, it is an important stage of a business to have your brand or newly established business marketed or promoted.


Starting a Beauty Salon is a profitable business as the Cosmetics industry has seen a growth of 60% in the market. The 5 crucial steps required to start a Beauty Parlous are to have your location selected, Investment sorted, services & prices, Equipment & Professionals, and acquire licenses & go for promotions.

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