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How to Start Jaggery Powder Making Business 

Having a Manufacturing business of a particular product or an item can result in a successful venture if the end-product has a huge market potential or different uses by acting as main ingredient for many items. Starting a manufacturing business is in itself a huge challenge faced by the business owners, however, dealing in the right industry is the key to having a successful business. If we talk about Jaggery, it is majorly obtained from Sugarcane juice and is used as a key ingredient in many products. 

Jaggery Powder Making Business


Jaggery is considered as one of the oldest types of ingredient which is essential for the making of many products or items. The production and the demand of the product are not just limited or restricted to rural or urban areas or to the people belonging to the middle class or lower class. It is used widely in almost all households and even on a day-to-day basis. This fact itself explains the demand which Jaggery has in the market and how it can be profitable for businesses that are dealing in the manufacturing process. 

Textile is the most well-known and widely opted business, however, after textiles comes the sugar industry. One of the prominent factors to be considered is that Jaggery is obtained or procured from Sugar or rather Sugarcane juice. This itself defines that the process of procuring Jaggery is very easy as compared to the manufacturing process of other items. This makes the investment and the complexity regarding the equipment and manufacturing processes easier. 

Jaggery is also consumed as a substitute for sugar by various people who reside in rural area. For people living in rural areas or belonging to the lower class in terms of the income range, consuming sugar on a daily basis becomes difficult for them because of its high price. They consume Jaggery in place of Sugar thus the demand is on a great scale in such areas. Let us dive deeper into the process of manufacturing Jaggery. 

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Licenses Required for Jaggery Powder Manufacturing Business 

A. FSSAI License 
B. Firm Registration  
C. Current Bank Account 
D. Trade Mark 
E. GST Registration 
F. Trade License 
G. Business Pan Card 
H. NOC from Fire Safety Pollution Control Board.  

Equipment Required for Starting Jaggery Powder Making Business 

The manufacturing process of Jaggery Powder making is very simple, there are no complex processes that are involved and hence you do not need any major equipment or machineries for starting this business. In fact, even the scale of your business would not affect the amounts of machineries and equipment which you would require. As for Raw materials, you would only need sugarcane for processing the Jaggery powder. The Equipment required for starting Jaggery Powder business is as follows. 

A. Sugarcane Crusher 
B. Three Pan 
C. Weighing scale 
D. General Kitchen Tools 
E. Measuring Scale 
F. Sieving machine  
G. Packing Machine 
H. Ancillary machines 
I. Miscellaneous Equipment. 
J. Laboratory Equipment 
K. Storage Tanks  

Area and Investment Required for Starting Jaggery Manufacturing Business 

The success and the scale of your business are largely dependent on two major factors that are the investment which you make in the venture and also the area which you select, to be more precise the larger the area, the larger the scale of your business and vice versa.   

A. The location is a factor that would influence your venture throughout the term period, however, the area of your manufacturing unit plays a vital role as well. As for a full-fledged and successful Jaggery Powder making business you would require an area of at least 2000 to 4000 sq. ft. This area would also vary on the type of machinery that you are planning to use for your business. 
 B. Since the raw materials are available easily with Sugarcane being the only Raw material that you would require in your business, the investment amount is only dedicated to equipment, area, and the machineries which you would purchase. The investment amount which you would require would range between 10 to 25 Lakhs INR.   

Process of Jaggery Powder Making Business 

The manufacturing process has a significant role to play when it comes to the complexness of a business and the investment which would be required. For Jaggery, the manufacturing process is far from difficult but rather easy, which helps you to even hire unskilled manpower for your business. The process of manufacturing Jaggery Powder making business is as follows. 

A. The first step is to acquire the right type and quality of Sugarcane for the processing of Jaggery powder. The quality of Jaggery powder would directly depend on the type of Sugarcane which you use. Once you have your Sugarcane, it is first crushed in the Sugarcane crusher machinery, this helps in storing the Sugarcane juice which is the main ingredient and is stored in a container. 
B. The Next stage is to extract the Sugarcane Juice or known as the extraction process and this step is divided into three stages. Extraction can only be successful if it is processed with boiling, cooling, and the filtration process. The heating process goes to the point where the Sugarcane juice becomes thick and starts to turn into Jaggery. 
C. Once the shape starts to form, the next step which comes up is the cooling process. To shape the jaggery into powder form, it is taken through a cooling process which helps to form the smaller granules and take the shape of Jaggery Powder. This process has to be executed carefully as the quality of the Jaggery powder would also depend on the same. 
D. Once the process finishes, the Jaggery Powder is packed in Jute cloth and is now ready to be packed, shipped, and carry on the business.   


Jaggery or Jaggery powder is used in many households as an additive or even as a substitute for sugar in rural areas. The only Raw material required for starting Jaggery Powder making business is Sugarcane. The process of making Jaggery Powder making business involves obtaining the Sugarcane juice through the crushing machine, then boiling, filtering, and cooling down the juice into Jaggery Powder.  

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