Is an import-export business profitable in current scenarios?

Overview of is an import-export business profitable in current scenarios

Import Export business is a very profitable business but only when you know about the ways of running the business perfectly and smartly. This import-export business is growing constantly and is thriving rapidly in International form. With its expansion, it’s continuously opening new doors and providing limitless opportunities. Every new import-export business is creating success stories just after its opening and is continuously attaining success. This business is attracting new entrepreneurs and investors and is helping them to understand the import-export business. In order to achieve success in this field every entrepreneur or investor needs to have the right kind of knowledge.

So if anyone wants to join this field but is not certain about the success of the import-export business, then the answer for them is “yes” import-export business is profitable in current scenarios. 

The top most feature of the import-export business is that it increases your reach globally and undoubtedly increases your profit scale. Once an entrepreneur or investor comes across the ideas of a top import-export business, its procedure, perfect product selection, and other important steps involved in this system, the businessman will definitely thrive in the import-export business. 

In today’s interconnected world, international trade is thriving and providing opportunities for exporters and importers. With the help of e-commerce platforms people living outside can place an order for the products made in India or vice-versa. So there are no restrictions on the import and export of items, people can enjoy any foreign goods while staying in their native place. 

Is import-export Business profitable

An import-export business can be an amazing fit for this interconnected world, this will boost your business reach and its revenue. But before you go globally you need to analyze the international conditions of the market, its cutthroat competition, and analyze the perfect product that needs to be exported or imported. Furthermore, you need to keep in view the investment requirements, and other different import-export elements like permission or licensing, workforce, partnership, and more. 

Why Import Export Business?

As per recent data India touched above $400 billion in merchandise exports, Indian export business is expanding and the Indian government has developed many different schemes for the import-export business in India. These steps have made a significant improvement in the import-export business and this business has witnessed ease with different government steps like paperless transactions, e-commerce platforms, and online import-export procedures. 

Import Export business has become easy and simple in India because of different e-commerce programs for import and export like Amazon Global Selling, online product selling, and buying, easy customer service, etc. All these procedures are attracting enterprises and are providing opportunities at a global level. 

With increasing imports in India, the trade market is also expanding, and the imported commodities have increased in the past few years. India has increased its import business in many different items like mineral fuels, oil, gems, equipment, computer, electrical machinery, chemicals, and much more. Several foreign countries have import links with India and depend on India for importing items. 

When we talk about the import business of India then it’s very much profitable, and it is expanding more than the export business of India. These imported products have enhanced the economy of India and are developing its national economy. India is importing many different foreign products and commodities and is growing constantly. 

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Profitable Export Business in India 

India is very famous for its export products and this export business is very profitable which has helped in the development of the economy of India. Mentioned below are the famous export items that are very profitable in current scenarios like Textiles, Spices, Footwear, Indian Tea, and more.


The top exporting item that is trending in the international market is Indian textiles, as per 2021 data Indian textiles have increased by 50.86%. These textiles are made of different types of original cotton yarn, soft fabrics, and other products made from handloom. In India these textile products have a touch of India’s famous aesthetic prints, the textiles are made from high-quality products.

Famous textile export products of India are formal products, casual, ethnic wear, and more. The top importing countries that are interested in Indian textiles are the UK, USA, European Union, Canada, Singapore, UAE, and Japan. These countries import textiles from India. WWEPC, AEPC, and TEXPROCIL are the names of government schemes that are launched by the government of India to support the exporters that are exporting textiles in India. 


Footwear is another product that is exported to foreign countries in bulk, as per recent year reports the footwear market value of India was $9.70 billion. So it’s clear from the data how profitable the footwear business is in terms of export business. The government of India is providing the exporters with competitive prices for the product and at the international marketplace these items can be sold without investing a sizable sum in manufacturing. This way the footwear business is earning high revenue and India exports different footwear segments like formal, casual, sports, and other wear. 

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When it comes to Spices then India is the leading producer of spices and also the largest exporter of spices at the global level. International Organization for Standardization or ISO has listed 109 varieties of spices and among these varieties, India is the producer of nearly 75 varieties. Indian exporters are selling spices to different International countries like the USA, Australia, the Middle East, and Canada.

These countries love Indian spices like turmeric, chili, cumin, saffron, cardamom, and others. India is doing great in the spice business at the International level, and the demand for spices never goes down because, in the international spice market, India is exporting products that are the best fit for the international market. 


Another successful export item of India is tea, India has acquired one of the top places in exporting tea at the global level. The second-largest producer of tea is also India which is growing different varieties of tea. India tea varieties have acquired GI tags (geographical indications) in the international market these teas are Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, Kangra Tea, and more. India’s teas are the best and are considered as having the most flavored tea varieties.

Almost all of India exports 10% of the world’s tea like Assam tea, Nilgiri tea, Darjeeling Tea, and others. The international market is full of Indian tea varieties, as the buyers have identified its popularity at the global level hence India is successfully running the tea export business at the International level. India is passionately producing and exporting Indian chai to foreign countries.

Profitable Import Business in India 

India is running a successful import business at the International level, and with the help of imported goods, the Indian economy is developing. Here is the list of top imported profitable products: 


Electronic gadgets have revolutionized the whole world and this revolution has also revolutionized India. India is importing electronics worth billions of dollars, and with the help of these imported products India is increasing its revenue. Most of these electronic products are imported from China. 

Heavy Machinery

With the coming of industrialization, the construction process has gained momentum, so for the smooth and quick processing India is importing heavy machinery equipment from foreign. This different heavy machinery is used for industrialization and construction in India. China and Japan are the famous exporters of these heavy machinery, with the help of these machinery India is competing with other countries and building successful industries. 

Petrol and Petroleum 

As we all know Petrol and Petroleum are imported from foreign countries like Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, hence India also exports these products from abroad. As per Indian Import Data, 35% of petroleum products are imported to India. 

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The import-export business is growing constantly at the International level hence acting as one of the most profitable businesses in the present scenario. India is very famous for its export business and also its Import business is helping in thriving the economy of India. India has developed many programs for its import-export business to become successful at the international level. With the help of this business, India has gained popularity in the international trade market and is exporting its famous products that are very famous at the global level. India is also Importing many different items from foreign markets in order to compete with international countries. 


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