How to Start InXpress Franchise in India ?


After the global pandemic, the industries and various segments have seen a tremendous change in the markets. Some businesses were down trodden while some businesses saw a sudden rise in their sales and rose up. The other category of businesses which had remained constant and rose up by a small percentage was the industry of logistics. Many business owners wishing to acquire a Franchise of a known brand have their eyes on the industry of logistics. There are various brands dealing with logistics, one such well-known brand in the market is InXpress.

InXpress has its presence in more than 14 countries in the world and has over 400 + Franchises all across the globe. They started as a B2B logistics consulting company and have built a huge record of success over the years. They partner with reliable, trustworthy, and well-known shipping companies across the world which makes it very feasible for the Franchise unit owners to carry their business efficiently. Their main business dealings are focused on assisting small and medium enterprises who usually do not have the privilege of availing huge discounts like other huge brands who qualify for the huge-carrier discounts.

In India, InXpress does not just deal with the small and medium enterprises but they also have enough resources and influence for dealing with a wide range of industries. They have claimed that in the year 2017, they reached a landmark of shipping parcels for every seven seconds through their brand. The brand claims to have reached a milestone of 22,000 Crores INR in the year 2017 and hopes to reach the number of 48,000 Crores INR by the year 2023. With the availability of such resources, the brand offers Franchise owners with various benefits and opportunities.



Apart from the brand value, there are various other benefits that a Franchise unit holder should look out for. Having an InXpress Franchise would surely give you the benefit of being a part of an esteemed brand that has its recognition on a global level. The various other benefits which Franchise owners get are mentioned as follows.

  • Usually, on the mention of logistics business, the first thought which crosses an individual’s mind before acquiring the Franchise of the brand is the required area for storage, warehousing, and so on. Luckily, in InXpress Franchise, the franchise owners do not require to make any such arrangement. Everything related to storage, warehousing is being handled by the brand itself.

  • Another benefit of being a part of the InXpress Franchise is the huge resources and the well-developed plan laid out by the company. The brand has been in the logistics industry for more than 20 years and has been growing at a phenomenal rate since its foundation. Hence, as a Franchise unit holder, you become a part of a brand that has such deep foundations.

  • This is the most significant benefit which the Franchise owners derive by being a part of InXpress. Usually, most of the international brands having such a foundation charge a huge fee to the interested candidates for acquiring their Franchise. However, InXpress provides the candidates with a low investment and high profit model.

  • Often, businesses are worried about the changing business environment which may affect their dealings. InXpress, being a part of the logistics industry makes their business a recession-free industry. Apart from that, due to its strong foundations and resources, the Franchise owners have very less criterions or possibilities to worry about.

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InXpress being a global brand with its presence in more than 14 countries gives the Franchise holders a huge advantage of brand value. The brand has been awarded with various awards and has kept on achieving various milestones over the years. To start an InXpress Franchise in India you would require a minimum investment of 10 to 15 Lakhs INR. The brand fee charged by InXpress is around 9 Lakhs INR, the rest of the investment amount goes for the interior of your unit and all the other miscellaneous expenses. There is no clear mention of the Franchise term for InXpress Franchise, however, one can assume a minimum of 5 years.

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To be a Franchise unit holder of an international brand like InXpress, you would have to fulfil a few of the eligibility criteria. Technically, there are no special requirements as the brand takes care of all the storage and warehousing facilities. The various other requirements are mentioned as follows.

  • There is no specific mention by the brand with regard to the minimum area which would be required for having an InXpress Franchise unit. The required area is disclosed by the representatives of the brand when you get in touch with them. However, considering that warehousing and storage facilities are provided by the brand, you can assume it to be between 200- 300 sq. ft.

  • You do not require any specific background or experience in the shipping or logistics industry. However, the company is looking for individuals who have knowledge and experience in sales and have a passion for learning.

  • There is no minimum staff requirement mentioned by the company. The brand, however, provides with the various trainings and support system which is required by every Franchise unit holder on the initiating of their business. Once you get in touch with the representatives of the brand, they’d discuss about the training sessions.

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Application Process

To apply for InXpress Franchise and to connect directly with the representatives of the brand, you may visit the official website of the brand or also connect with them through their Email Id. If you are browsing their website, you would find a tab called ‘Franchise Opportunity, once you fill in the form, you would be contacted by the concerned people.

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