How to Start Gati franchise


How To Start Gati Franchise 


Keep up with the GATI of this franchise opportunity

What is that, does one expect from a courier service company?


Accuracy in terms of time ?

There’s this one company which has been so true to these operations that it is suffice to be known by the name Gati ltd

  • Gati, an express distribution service infact is the first company which to print the delivery date on the parcel and come up POD and abbreviation for payment on delivery, to ensure complete transparency in its operations and build trust among its customers
  • Well, it’s time you mind your gati and get your hands on this franchise opportunity


About Gati

  • Gati ltd. Is an Indian multinational courier delivery service company. It is known for its wide range of supply chain and distribution services.
  • It is also known for its operations which has been spread across the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region specifically in those China, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Nepal

Facts about Gati

Type : Public

Industry : Logistics and supply chain management

Headquarters : Hyderabad, India

Area served : India

Key people : Mahendra Agarwal (CEO)

Revenue : $265 million (as of FY 2017)


Services offered by Gati

  • Express distribution
  • Cold chain service
  • Warehouse solutions
  • Fulfilling services
  • Freight forwarding services
  • Trading solutions
  • E-commerce logistics

Everything you need to know about Gati franchise

Unique selling point (USP): The unique selling point of this franchise is:

  • Strong presence internationally In the APAC regions
  • Meets the price and delivery needs of every Indian consumer niche


Business model of Gati franchise

Value proposition: The value which this business is likely to provide to you is

  • High profit margin
  • Assistance from gati
  • Demand from all customer niches economical, high end etc
  • Global presence

Target consumers: The target consumers of this franchise are

  • Commercial offices
  • Governmental offices
  • Institutions
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs

Competitor review: The competition which your Gati franchise is like to have from other key competitors in the courier service industry

  • DTDC
  • Blue dart
  • Amazon courier services
  • FedEx
  • Indian postal services

Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy that Gati ltd uses is

  • Alliance with airline companies like indian airlines to offer consumers advantage of efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Expand its presence among the Indian consumers by entering into the European market as well

Benefits of starting a Gati franchise

Brand name: By taking up a franchise of Gati you’ll also be having an advantage to take up the brand recognition, familiarity and reputation it has established among the Indian population since the past 30 years and enjoy the demand from its loyal customers

Global presence: Because of widely spread operations of Gati in India, Asia and now even European market you are likely to earn an opportunity to cater to the foreign demand and widen your reach

Minimal operations: Because of the already established supply chain, cold chain, distribution, warehouses and logistic solutions for which gati is popularly known for the operations that’s you’ll have to perform as a franchise owner are limited and easy as well

High profit margin: The profit margin which you are likely to earn from this franchise opportunity is very reasonable with a accurate rate of return

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Assistance by Gati: The assistance you’ll be receiving from gati is

  • Field assistance
  • Assistance in starting up the franchise
  • Training
  • Detail operation manual supply


What are the requirements and qualifications for setting up Gati franchise



  • Area requirements : This franchise requires a space of 500-1500 sq ft
  • Manpower requirements: The manpower required for setting up this franchise is 3-4 moreover, ample training in terms of Customer relationship, delivery and management must also be provided with



The documents required to qualify as a Gati franchise owner are as follows

  • Standard franchise rental agreement
  • Aadhar card and PAN Card details
  • Employee details
  • Rental/lease agreement

 Investment required to set up a Gati franchise

Franchise typeInvestmentFranchise FeeUnit fee
Region vise₹20-₹30 lakhs₹5lakh₹15 lakh
State vise₹5-₹10 lakhs₹5lakh₹15 lakh
City vise₹10-₹20 lakhs₹5 lakh₹10 lakh
Country vise₹30-₹50 lakhs₹5 lakh₹15 lakh

Profits made from Gati franchise

One is likely to yield a profit margin of 35% from Gati franchise and pay back period of 2-3 years


How to apply for Gati franchise

You can apply for a Gati franchise in the following ways

  • Either by visiting the official website of Gati and filling out the franchise application forma with all the details required
  • Or by contacting gati franchise through their official email and contact number and seeking the procedure to apply for a gati franchise



Still having second thoughts about this franchise opportunity? Well, these suggestions could make up for it

  • Firstly, Gati has its operations expanding in the Asian and the European market besides just in India thereby allowing you to capture a global demand as well
  • Secondly the profit margin and the pay period of the investment in this franchise is quite reasonable
  • Lastly, the assistance provided through Gati in the franchise establishment and management is more than just asked for and will keep your operations limited and simple enough

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