How to Start Hollow Brick Manufacturing Business ?


For the aspiring individuals, the hollow bricks or cement bricks manufacturing business is a very good opportunity. Many individuals doubt like can a cement brick manufacturing business industry be a good startup business or not. Then you need to worry at all we StartupYo will clear your doubts and let you know about the following details like what is the average cost of opening a cement brick plant or factory in India, what are the raw materials required for making hollow bricks, and how are cement bricks made, and many more details.

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Good Startup Business 

The hollow bricks are a better alternative to burnt y virtue of the many reasons. The cement concrete hollow bricks are modern construction materials. For cement concrete hollow bricks demand is growing day by day because the construction activity is increasing day by day. In the construction of building the cement concrete hollow bricks are substitutes for conventional stones & bricks. When compared to the conventional stones & bricks the cement concrete hollow bricks offer the advantages of the following: faster construction speed, longer durability, uniform quality, and lower labor involvement.

At current days these cement concrete hollow bricks hold an important position in all the constructions like the following: commercial building constructions, industrial building constructions, and residential building constructions.

The demand for this cement concrete hollow bricks is always high in all the cities and also other urban centers. The cement concrete hollow bricks are lighter than conventional stones & bricks that are easier to place & also confer economies in the foundation cost and cement consumption. Because of the above advantages in the construction activities the hollow concrete blocks are increasing very fast.

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Raw materials required 

The concrete cement hollow blocks come in a huge size than the normal clay building bricks. The following are the raw materials required for making Hollow Bricks:

  • Cement
  • Stone chips with 0.5 inches
  • Sand
  • Stone dust

You can get the raw materials from the nearby districts and also from other states of India.

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Cement Bricks Made

In the modern building industry, the cement bricks have an important role because they are cost-effective. The following are the simple steps for how are cement bricks made:

Step – 1: You need to do proportioning

Step – 2: You should do mixing

Step – 3: You must do rotating

Step – 4: You have to do compacting

Step – 5: You need to do curing

Step – 6: You should do Drying

You need to do proportioning: You need to do proportioning is the first step in the simple steps for how are cement bricks made. In this step, to produce desired quality concrete the raw materials suitable amounts determination under given conditions of the following: mixing, placing, & curing is called “Proportioning”. According to Indian Standard Specifications brand, in the concrete mix, the combined aggregate content for manufacturing cement bricks should not be more than 6:1 by volume of Portland cement. In terms of weight basis, this ratio is taken in an average approximation at 1:7

You should do mixing: In the simple steps for how are, cement bricks made the second step is you should do mixing. In this step, to provide the cement-water paste completely all over the aggregates surface is the main objective of thorough aggregates, cement & water mixing.

You must do rotating: You must do rotating is the third step in the simple steps for how are cement bricks made. In this step, in a concrete mixer, all the raw materials including water are collected and the rotation process is done for about 1 and a half minutes.

You have to do compacting: In the simple steps for how are, cement bricks made the fourth step is you have to do compacting. In this step, to fill the air pockets with concrete as a whole without free water movement through the concrete is the main purpose of compacting. Make sure that you should not do excessive compaction because it results in the water layers or water pockets formation with higher content of water & also poor quality of hollow bricks.

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You have to do curing: You need to do curing is the fifth step in the simple steps for how are cement bricks made. In this step, until they are sufficiently hardened to allow handling without damage the cement blocks removed from the mold are protected. In a shelter away from the following: sun & winds this may take around 01day or 24 hours. To allow complete moisturization the cement blocks thus hardened are cured in a curing yard for at least 21 days.

You need to do Drying: In the simple steps for how are, cement bricks made the last step is you should drying. In this step, after curing is over the concrete shrinks slightly with the loss of moisture. Then the hollow blocks should be permitted to dry out gradually. You can use drying machines or you can dry it out normally in shade.

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Cost of Opening a Cement Brick Plant

The average cost of opening a cement brick plant or factory in India depends on how you establish the plant. There are two ways of establishing a cement brick plant or factory in India and they are of the following:

  • Firstly, Semi-Automatic Cement Brick Plant or Factory.
  • Secondly, Fully – Automatic Cement Brick Plant or Factory.
  • Concrete mixer
  • Water dosing pump
  • Curing beds
  • Hydraulically operated concrete block making machine with quadruple vibrators
  • Platform electronic weighing scale
  • Ram
  • Moulds
  • Interactive user interface
  • Security configuration logic control
  • Fault diagnosis display
  • PLC automatic control systems
  • Control system
  • Production procedures

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The cement bricks project is an ideal business to set up as a small scale unit in the construction industry. You can also start this business as a home-based if you have a sufficient workplace which favors you to operate a Hollow Bricks making business with low investment.

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