Main Reasons Behind Drop shipping Failures


Main Reasons Behind Drop Shipping Failures

As science and technology continue to progress, so does society, business models, and the market. Individuals or entrepreneurs need to keep themselves updated with the same, however, the major problem that one faces, in the beginning, are the various challenges that every business model has to offer. Dropshipping being one of the most profitable yet challenging models makes it very hard for beginners to succeed. Let us have a glance at the main reasons behind Dropshipping failures for beginners.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business structure where many entrepreneurs start as a retailer. The business model is very simple, the retailer sells and markets a particular brand at a higher price, covering profits. After getting an order, they place an order with the seller, who in turn manufactures, packs, and delivers the product to the customer. Once this process ends, the retailer is rewarded with some commissions or incentives by the seller. In this model, you simply act as a middleman for the manufacturer to the customer.

How do Dropshipping works?

The entire process of Dropshipping is super simple and easy. It is cost as well as time-effective. There are a total of three parties involved in the Dropshipping process namely

  • Buyer
  • Dropshipping Company
  • Supplier (wholesaler or manufacturer).

The whole Dropshipping process can be explained using three simple steps.

  • An order will be placed by the buyer and received by the Company.
  • The placed order will be forwarded to the supplier along with shipment details
  • The supplier will fulfill the placed order.


Why Beginners Fail?

When it comes to failure, most of the time it is not the business model or the structure that has flaws in it. Rather, it is the individuals or the entrepreneurs who fail to perform well due to various reasons and then blame the industry for their own flaws. It is natural for it to happen; no business can grant you over-night success. You need to invest enough time and hard work to succeed in any business. Let us have a look at a few of the reasons behind the failures of beginners in Dropshipping.


This is the major and the worst mistake which 90% of the entrepreneurs do is, paying attention to the wrong opinions. Be it any field, every entrepreneur makes this mistake of taking wrong opinions into consideration for their future. If you want to be successful in a particular field, then you need to take the opinion and advise of a person who is Successful in the concerned field, instead what others do is to take advice and opinions from those who just have heard rumors or have small information about the concerned industry. 
Wrong Targeting

Many beginners end up selecting the wrong products for their business or even worse, choose the right product but market them at the wrong place. These are the consequences of having less knowledge about the industry or the market and making crucial decisions in a hurry. Many beginners do not realize that choosing the right product and audience is the base for Dropshipping. 
Persistence and Patience

Some entrepreneurs lack this skill. Persistence and Patience is the most essential qualities that an individual should have while doing business. Many Retailers expect their business to boom in the first month or the first year itself. Many drop shippers have failed in Dropshipping because of quitting in the very first year itself, without having any patience or persistence. Give your business some time and be persistent.   
Investment and Price

Dropshipping gives you the advantage of setting up your own prices. Most beginners jump for the profits right away and set high prices than competitors. Nowadays buyers are smart and would check your competitors too for the same product, hence, a high price would lose you a sale. Another aspect is an investment, as beginner, you need to invest in the right numbers for marketing and building your platform. Less investment would result in fewer sales.

Customer Handling

It is common knowledge that the dispatch and the shipping of the product to the customer is the manufacturer’s responsibility. However, as a retailer, you should be in constant touch with your customer and provide any support that they require. Ignorance of the same will result in fewer sales and bad word of mouth for your business. So, it is important to maintain good customer support and relations to avoid failure in the future. 
No second options

Some people join this business by keeping it as their second or backup option. Most of them expect to make a good amount of money by giving it less priority. Remember this, unless you do not prioritize your work, you are going to give it very little attention or put less energy into building the business. Most individuals start this business with a backup mindset, and hence they fail in making good money through this business.  
An unprofessional and wrong Platform 
When a viewer surfs through your website, it should be attractive enough for him or her to stay on it and go through the promoted product. An unattractive or unprofessional website would just draw your engagement away. Also, you need to choose the right platform where you plan to promote and grow your business. A wrong selection of platforms can be fatal for your business.   
Lack of Knowledge 
This is the most crucial and the most common point for failures in Dropshipping when it comes to beginners. Lack of knowledge and experience results in wrong decisions about business. You should spend enough time studying the business model, your competitors, the ideal product, and so on. Without having good knowledge and experience you are bound to make mistakes and suffer loss in your business instead of growing and earning well.



As we can conclude here, in 90% of the cases it is not the business structure or model that has flaws, it is the individual that is resulting in his/her own’s failure. Various mistakes made by beginners are having a lack of knowledge, choosing the wrong platform, having less patience, and persistence and also treating Dropshipping as their second or backup option.

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