Best Online Business Ideas In India

Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Explore the Best Online Business Ideas in India

Best Online Business Ideas In India | StartupYo

Tell us if you can relate to the times when there’s nothing more you can do than just open those websites online and randomly start adding things to your cart which once filtered out in the morning while having your breakfast, you realize you didn’t even need them!

Well, don’t worry because the entire world population is a part of that online-shopping club. Here are the reasons why you and me would prefer buying the products online

  • Convenience
  • Discounts and offers
  • Variety
  • Time-saving
  • No hustle in between the stores
  • Immediate consumption

Did you know? There were around 120 million online shoppers in India in FY 2018 which are expected to increase to 220 million and there are over 19000+ e-commerce companies in India delivering products to 20,000 pin codes of the country out of 100000 pin codes

There are some valid and very practical reasons as to why people are preferring to start their business online rather than setting up an outlet based model or even expanding in terms of the latter, which are

  • Low/no capital investment
  • Consumer reachability
  • Wide consumer market
  • Global coverage
  • Most profitable as a side-business etc.

You can do just the same if these look like some perks you could take advantage of. You can’t shop this online but you can surely sell your interest, passion, skills online, make them available, appealing and affordable for every to buy and earn business online and here’s how.

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List of Business Ideas

To give you a head start with a minimum capital investment and also earning a decent profit margin while being able to capture regional, state, national and international consumer market, these are the online business ideas which can help you get some bucks

Here are 5 best online business ideas that you can take up.

1.Handcrafts and artisanal work-products Business

Handcrafts and artisanal work-products Business | StartupYo

The growing need of the Indian population to keep collective works in the form of paintings, various arts and crafts to express their personality and represent their standards of living has been increasing more than over

The Indian handicrafts sector in fact is worth ₹10,000 crore and now you can cater to these western desires through an online platform by customizing and making such products

  • Products: Pottery, brass handicrafts, bamboo handicrafts, woodwork, pashmina shawls etc.
  • Target consumers: Online shoppers
  • Platforms to sell at: Engrave, The Indian Craft House, Arty owl, Auth India, Etsy,
  • Investment: ₹20000-₹50000
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2.Bakery products Business

Bakery products Business | StartupYo

The bakery industry has reached the market size of $7.22 billion in 2018.

Moreover, because of westernization, the Indian consumer base is also seen to be developing a taste for desserts in the form of Cupcakes, brownies, pancakes, waffles etc as a form of gifting on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers etc.

This in turn has increased the number of home made entrepreneurs using their skills in baking and selling the same either through dessert shops, home delivery etc.

Your business website can become a one-stop shop for these baking needs like flour, creams, toppings or even cakes, brownies etc and can be be separated on the basis of intermediary products and final products into three segments

  • Products
  • Bread products
  • Biscuit products
  • Cake products
  • Target consumers: Restaurants, cafés, hotels, millennials, teenagers etc.
  • Platforms to sell: Your own website, Swigy, ZOMATO, big basket etc.
  • Investment : ₹5lakhs – ₹10 lakhs including software.

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3.Offering online marketing services Business

Offering online marketing services Business | StartupYo
  • There are many business entrepreneurs who have a knack for production, warehouse, storage and delivery but tend to loose their customers when it comes to marketing and advertising their products through the right platforms, to the right customers and at the right time

If you have a knack for advertising and marketing in terms of copywriting, SEO, graphic designing or you could hire a team and partner up with your colleague who does that you have yourself a business of an online marketing service

  • Target consumers: Startups, regional shops and retail outlets.
  • Platforms to sell  : Your own website.
  • Investment         : ₹5lakhs – ₹10lakhs.
  • Products          : Social media marketing, digital Advertising, SEO,SEM etc.
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4.Homemade products business

Homemade products business | StartupYo

Because of the ongoing pandemic and the growing needs for commercializing one’s skills and passion by making it available online for customers to enjoy and take benefit of has increased the home made business. You could sell the following products depending on your skills

  • Products : candle, jewelery business, clothing line, food/meals, organic products.
  • Platforms to sell: Amazon, eBay, WhatsApp, social media.
  • Investment         : ₹50000-₹2lakh.
  • Target consumers: online shoppers, working class, teenagers and millennials.

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5.Pet grooming services Business

Pet grooming services Business | StartupYo
  • Did you know? There are around 19 million pets in India with 6,00,000 pets being adopted every year. Adopting a pet is usually done out of love for animals, to be in constant companionship or just because your kid or your sibling  loves to have one around.

But with the pet comes the need for constant pet grooming. In this busy schedule of the millennials and working class population it has become important to get some assistance in terms of the following.

Which is where you could come in offer service in the form of pick up and dropping off pets, their grooming in terms of bath, nails, hair etc, ensuring a health check up etc by simply hiring a team of 2-3 employees who would love to do so

  • Services: Grooming, health check up, pick up and drop off.
  • Investment: ₹1 lakh – ₹6 lakhs.
  • Target consumers: Parks, pet adoption center’s, animal lovers, zoos.
  • Platform: Your own website.
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  • Firstly, both the service and the product sectors in the online business are moving hand in hand and these services mentioned above are niche oriented and is likely to bring you a stable demand.
  • Secondly, the online presence of a company’s operations irrespective of its outlet or offline position has become important because of the increased consumer reachability through cookies, pop up ads etc.
  • Lastly, Online businesses sometimes comes with a wide scope for expansion and help you make your needs accessible to the global consumer market as well.

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