How to start Cruise Planners franchise in USA

Complete guide to start Cruise Planners franchise in USA



Cruise Planners franchise Overview


Cruise Planners is a nationally recognized, privately held American Travel Agency franchise network. It’s an American Express Representative, a simple module business network that focuses on selling agencies in the United States. It’s a proven successful business system from the past 20 years and an award winning agency. The company is operating with more than 2000 owners in 50 states.


This #1 industry came into existence in 1994 by Michelle Fee in Coral Springs, Florida. This travel agency is famous for booking travel experiences to destinations around the world. It is headquartered in downtown Coral Springs, Florida.


Cruise Planners franchise Benefits


Cruise Planners provide benefits that know how to make you successful. It’s a low-cost franchise with a high commission. The following are the best benefits provided by Cruise Planners:


Ranked #1: they are leading on the number one position and Entrepreneurs has ranked it #1 travel Franchise every year since 2002. It’s a highly recognized travel franchise.


Low investment: it’s a low-investment franchise as compared to other franchises and if you are an experienced franchise then it can offer much lower investment for you.


Training: they offer a comprehensive week-long training program. You will also get business development coaching in order to start and grow successfully.


Work from Anywhere: you can operate business from anywhere from its mobile technology. It has a flexible business schedule, so you can work according to your lifestyle. 


No Competing Brands: it’s a brand that supports and does not compete against you. They help you in succeeding in your business.


Industry-Leading Technology: it’s technology is leading and best in the industry. Its robust CRM technology, booking system, agent and client mobile apps, email automation platform and Amazon Alexa compatibility can help to take a lead in the industry.


Cruise Planners franchise Requirements



If you are interested in this low-cost business and want to know about its franchise requirements, then the below-mentioned details can help you in understanding its franchise requirements. 


  • Initial Franchise Fee $695 – $10,995
  • 1.5 to 3% of Royalty Fee 
  • 3 years of Term Agreement 
  • Veteran Incentives: 27% off on the franchise fee. Free training for owner and 1 guest marketing credit $250Design credit $60Marketing assets 1-year free errors & omissions insurance.


Cruise Planners franchise Cost


For a Cruise Planners franchise the total investment ranges from $2,295 to $23,465.


The initial franchise fee includes $695 to $11,955 that needs to be paid to the franchisor. This franchise fee varies on the basis of earned commissions and franchisees’ assessment experience.


  • At present Cruise Planners are offering special pricing, taking $4,000 off on its franchise fee. 


  • Annual access fee of $85 for each registered person.


  • Additional people pay $695 for the additional ones attending the initial training program.


  • Maintenance fee $0 to $2,000


  • Annual E&O insurance fee $180 per person.


  • Its marketing fees vary.


Cruise Planners franchise Profit



Cruise Planners is a profitable business, a cruise planner’s franchise owner makes approximately $58,000 annually. When we look at its previous FDD following data starts surfacing


  • It has seen a increase of approximately $9 million in its net income.


  • They were able to generate Royalty revenues of $7,687,161.


  • Its estimated system-wide franchise sales was $341,651,600.


  • Its estimated average franchise revenue was $128,682.


  • At an average of 40% to 50% profit margin it will take 1.25 years to 1.20 years for franchise owners to recoup its investment.


  • At 40% to 50% profile margin it yields $51,472 to $64,341 estimated annual profits.



  • Commissions revenues from travel sales, net $7,687,161


  • Franchise fee and other franchise-related revenue $5,321,257


  • Volume-based commission revenue $2,230,281


  • Marketing revenue $4,806,369


  • Other revenue $29,022


  • Total revenue $20,074,090


Financial Income:

  • Interest income, net $12,434


  • Other income, net $3,865,202


  •  $3,877,636


  • Net income $7,340,902


Cruise Planners franchise Reviews


Cruise Planners have turned dreams of many into reality and travel passion into practice. The franchisees successfully live their dreams and their financial success. They love working every day with Cruise Planners and are passionate about planning travel tours. They are in love with their business and passionate about what they are doing. 


Owners like Sue, are very grateful because with Cruise Planners she has attained personal success and freedom. It’s Cruise Planners that helped her in implementing her dreams and now she is the boss of her own business. 


Cruise Planners franchisees are happy to be able to make a difference in someone’s life by planning a beautiful vacation with unforgettable memories. By offering a home based business model, Cruise Planners have attracted people of different fields towards its business and are always ready to give them a business of their choice.


Cruise Planners franchise Application


Following is the road map to get started with this Cruise Planners franchise business. 


Watch Walkthrough: it’s video walkthrough will help to know about the travel agency. You can also get a glimpse of training, technology and other business developments.


Review FDD: you will get its FDD to review the franchise system and will help you in making the best decision.


Agreement: after they will check your background, sign its Franchise Agreement. Congratulations, you are now a part of its family. 


Training: attend its comprehensive training in order to grow your business.


Selling: you are now ready to start selling travel and tours.


For more info click 


Or attend its webinar, you can also contact them at (888) 582-2150.




Travel and hospitality industry is growing tremendously and so are its opportunities. Cruise Planners have a successful business model and its investment is also low compared to other franchises. It’s a full-service travel provider with multiple revenue streams and is easy to operate. Its modern technology helps one to run a business from the palm of one hand.


It’s the best opportunity for people of every background, you can even operate the business from your home. It’s advertising, free direct mail programs and free social media interactive pages will benefit your business from every angle.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

It’s franchise owners own business and start earning money by helping clients plan unforgettable travel experiences.

It’s total investment ranges from $2,295 to $23,465

A cruise planner’s franchise owner makes approximately $58,000 annually.

Yes, it’s a good franchise and is growing rapidly.

The company is operating with more than 2000 owners in 50 states.

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