5 Best Email Marketing Software for an E-Commerce

Email Marketing Software for an E-Commerce

E-Commerce stores have arisen at a tremendous rate in the past few years and evolved the traditional business into an online store, giving them a wide scope and audience to offer their goods and services. If you have your own E-Commerce website, it is crucial that you have the right means and knowledge of promoting your business through digital marketing. One of the stronghold segments of digital marketing with regard to an E-Commerce business is Email Marketing. Email Marketing can be very a tedious and complex process and hence using the right software for promoting your E-Commerce website is essential.  

What is an E-commerce business? 

E-Commerce can be defined as the buying and selling of goods or services via the internet, and the transfer of money and data to complete the sales. It’s also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce. Almost every different brand has its own E-commerce store where they display its goods and services and expand their business by reaching a wider audience and different regions through the internet.  

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What is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is the point at which you send a business email message to your ’email subscribers’ contacts who have joined your email rundown and allowed Express to get email correspondences from you. Email marketing is utilized to advise, drive deals, and construct brand value for your company. In the present scenario, email marketing has moved away from the same email template to every mass mailing and rather centers around assent, division, and personalization. 

5 Best Email Marketing Software for E-Commerce 

 As mentioned above, Email marketing is essential for every E-Commerce website as it helps the individual to connect and engage with existing and new customers. However, handling a huge email list becomes very difficult, and hence using Email marketing software is the best decision. With so many different email marketing software in the market, the best Email marketing tools that are suited for E-Commerce businesses are mentioned as follows.  

1. Zoho Campaigns  

Zoho Campaigns was made to make, convey, and oversee incorporated email campaigns that can help in boosting the deals of an organization and its customer base. It provides an individual with various readymade email templates, autoresponders, follow-up emails, and so on. 

  • One of the useful features of Zoho Campaigns is having the dynamic content feature and automated list segmentation; it helps users to send personalized messages with different templates to their clients.
  • Very few Email Marketing tools integrate themselves with litmus testing, Zoho campaigns have one of the above features due to which users are able to enhance the deliverability of their campaigns. 
  • Unlike other marketing tools, Zoho campaigns do not offer an interactive UI which is very helpful for users while making campaigns.  
  • Zoho Campaign does not offer a 24/7 support system and hence sometimes it results in a huge delay to hear back from their support team. 

Zoho Campaign has various unique features to offer that are easy to use and comes at an affordable price starting from 86 INR which is very feasible for E-Commerce websites. 

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2. Klaviyo  

Klaviyo is an email marketing tool that apart from other tools was designed to capture customer data from eCommerce sites and leverage it for personalized email campaigns. It integrates with all e-commerce web customer-designed and standard CRM platforms to contribute to various aspects such as lead generation. 

  • The interface provided by the tool is very easy to understand and is very visual. It’s easy to navigate and is well designed, and it helps business owners understand the setup in email marketing automation. 
  • Klaviyo makes it easy for users to design client emails with an easy builder or with HTML code. The tool also allows you to set up saved blocks to make your building experience more efficient. 
  • Although the features that are offered by the tool are very good and unique, the pricing of their plans is very high compared to the other tools. 
  • For beginners, it becomes difficult to follow up on the entire features and hence they should provide some training videos. 

Klaviyo is unique in its own way and has many features to offer to the users, however, the pricing of its plan could be lower as it is used for E-commerce. 

3. HubSpot  

Establishing its operations in the year 2006, HubSpot was the first company to offer email marketing automation as a platform and since then the tool has been used by more than 50,000 companies, however, most of them is utilized by small businesses and even E-Commerce business. 

  • HubSpot provides a way to integrate all online marketing efforts to ensure that all campaigns have a strategic and integrated focus. This allows companies to have a truly closed-loop marketing strategy. 
  •  One of the best advantages of using HubSpot is that they provide seamless customer support to users at any point of requirement. You will always have some support team available to assist you. 
  • HubSpot charges you according to your email list, there are high chances of having inactive users in your list and hence it is a disadvantage for many.  
  • The prices charged by the tool can be expensive for small business owners and hence it is another disadvantage of using HubSpot.  


Apart from the pricing structure for small business owners, HubSpot is a really good option for users going for an E-Commerce business. 

4. Benchmark Email 

If you are not well-versed with the technological features offered by email marketing tools, Benchmark is to your rescue. It ranked #1 in PC Magazine’s Best Customer Service award in 2015 and the tool is very easy to use for E-Commerce websites.  

  • Apart from pricing, Benchmark also provides you with many different templates to use for your email which is a bonus for the price they charge.
  • You have the option of live chat available with you in the case of some urgent support and the support team would get back to you in just a matter of time, that is another upside to the brand.  
  • There have been complaints with regard to the emails landing in the spam section of a subscriber, however, the complaints aren’t certain. 
  • As compared to the other email marketing tools, the important features such as automation, tracking, analysis, etc, is very limited.  

 If you are looking for a tool that is not very advanced and yet provides good features then you should definitely try out Benchmark email as it is helpful for E-Commerce websites. 

5. ActiveCampaign  

ActiveCampaign is not an e-commerce-only marketing solution, but an E-commerce website can find email functionality, SMS, automation, in-depth CRM, custom forms, segmentation, and site messages. In a way, the features and workings of ActiveCampaign are similar to a CRM. 

  •  ActiveCampaign is great at targeting specific lists with email. Their segmenting feature is super useful once you learn how to use it, you can have your main list and then get very granular in segmenting people out of the list that you don’t want to email.
  • The feature of deals in ActiveCampaign is amazing as it allows you to track your leads and revenue for each of your clients.  
  • The various fonts and templates that are provided by ActiveCampaign are very less as compared to other Email marketing tools.  
  • For beginners, the navigation interface that is provided by the tool is very complicated and hence it becomes very difficult to understand all the workings of the tool. 

ActiveCampaign has its monthly plans offered for as low as 9$ per month which is capped at certain subscribers. Hence, it is a feasible option for users to try out this tool for their E-Commerce business. 


Which is the best Email marketing tool for an E-commerce website?

It depends on your requirement and budget, Zoho Campaign or HubSpot are the most commonly used tools.  

Do all types of E-Commerce websites integrate well with Email marketing tools?

Does a low-budget email marketing tool suit an E-commerce website?

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