How to Start Aluminum Foil Container Business ?


Aluminum is a metallic element that is available throughout the globe. Traditionally, Aluminum was used to make vessels, tins, tubes, etc. but lately, it is being used as foil sheets and containers for packaging food and other articles. In a year, approximately seven billion aluminum foil container business are manufactured. Aluminum foil container is now an integral part of the food service and packaging industries. With a stable and decent GDP, India is having good economic growth and a rise in the disposable incomes of the middle class. This has also shown a positive impact on the growth of the food and packaging industry in the country. Changes in lifestyle and changes in food habits have led to an increase in aluminum foil container production. Growing demand for ready to eat confectionaries and pharmaceutical products are the major growth drivers for aluminum foil containers in India.

India is one of the key producers of aluminum foil making aluminum foil container business even more feasible for us. In 2017, India exported aluminum foil container business to 136 countries. The export was valued at 34.64 US$ million. United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and Somalia are the top countries importing aluminum foil containers from India.


The major advantages of using aluminum foil container business are:

  • Acts as a good barrier to oxygen, bacteria, and moisture.
  • Allows heating or freezing the food in it directly.
  • Offers flexibility to manufacture in various shapes and sizes.
  • Safeguards food, beverage, cosmetics, and pharma.
  • Decreases waste reduction
  • Resists corrosion
  • Chemically neutral and non-toxic
  • Light in weight making it is easy and economical to transport.
  • Can be printed, coated or embossed
  • Easy to clean
  • Recyclable

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Aluminum foil packaging containers are mainly used in the food, pharmaceuticals and beverage industries. The following are its applications in the mentioned industries.

  • Allows brand promotion in any industry used.

  • Convenient packaging option that matches with modern life-style.

  • Used in sectors like personal care, healthcare, and confectionery.

  • Used in the food industry for packing roasting pans, pizza pans, baking pans, and cookie sheets.

  • Used to secure medicines safely in pharmaceutical and drug industry.

  • Used extensively by food catering, food packaging and chocolate production industries.

  • Used to protect special oils, herb essence, vitamins, herbal and other cosmetic compounds that need protection from light and contamination.

  • Used to safeguard milk, tea, coffee, oil, etc. from oxidizing contact with air.

Machinery Required 

  • Slitting Machine of High Precision
  • Laminating Machine
  • Embossing Machine
  • Separating Machine

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Manufacturing Project

Aluminum foil containers are manufactured by applying air pressure and mechanical pressure on light gauge aluminum foil into a shaped die cavity.

Purified aluminum oxide is obtained from bauxite through Bayer Process. Aluminum metal is generated in the Hall reduction cell. Aluminum is a pure metal and has an aluminum content of 99%. The molten aluminum in the reduction cell can be cast into billets or to direct chill (DC) ingots or continuously cast to form sheets.

To produce foil, change the pure meal to an alloy according to the desired foil specifications. Cold roll the aluminum alloy sheet to an appropriate reroll stock gauge. Send it to a foil plant. It undergoes several rolling mills of different gauge reduction.

The aluminum foil is then annealed. Aluminum foil containers are created on presses fed from coils of the feedstock. Presses may produce single or multiple containers in a single go. Emboss for decorative and functional reasons.

Budget and Space

Aluminum foil container production business can be started on a medium or large scale basis.  A high-quality unit with modern technology is financially profitable. The global aluminum foil packaging market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2017 to 2025. The prosperity of the aluminum foil packaging market is due to various factors like a preference for convenient packaging, demand for packaged food extended shelf-life, popularity for ready-to-eat food and processed food, and increasing usage in confectionaries and pharmaceutical products.

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