How to Start Aloe Vera Farming Business ?

Aloe vera Farming business Overview

Aloe Vera Farming Business is one of those businesses that has created a rising demand in the market for Aloe Vera and the results it produces. The world has driven more towards the organic and natural substances as well as products. With the increasing usage of chemicals and fertilizers in most of our food items which are consumed by us on daily basis, there has been an increase in diseases and that has led to an unhealthy lifestyle. This is the same reason why the business world has seen an increase in the ventures that are related to the field of organic farming and natural products.

Aloe Vera farming in India is growing rapidly, as its demand is rising constantly in the market. Aloe vera demand in India also increasing because of its organic and natural properties are gaining popularity in the Indian market as its farming can be done easily without much effort and water. In comparison to other agricultural activities its production profit is much higher thus making the Aloe Vera business profitable in India. 

Similar to the farming of other basic items, in Aloe Vera Farming, you plant and cultivate Aloe Vera from your piece of land or a plot. There are many people who grow Aloe Vera in their own house, Aloe Vera is known to have various uses when it comes to its medicinal properties and also for the skin. You can choose any location for having your Aloe Vera Farm, you just need to make sure that you make it stay away from water and more exposed to sunlight and heat. Aloe Vera requires a minimum of 8 hours of sunlight daily.

Types of aloe vera in india

We already know that there are different types of Aloe Vera when it comes to farming. Each of those would give you a far fetch difference with respect to the quality of the same. Depending upon your plans related to the target audience or commercial buyers, you can plant the following types of Aloe Vera:

  • IEC 111271
  • IEC 111269
  • IC11128
  • AL-1 
  • Aloe barbedensis 
  • Chinensis A 
  • Perfoliata A
  • Indica A 
  • Littoralis A
  • Abyssinica A
  • Vulgaris A

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Aloe vera cultivation

Aloe Vera cultivation is ideal for an area with rainfall ranging from 1000 – 1200 mm, hence all parts of India are suitable for the Aloe vera cultivation. This warm tropical plant is cultivated in various climatic conditions under low rainfall and warm humid conditions thus making India suitable for aloe vera farming. The cold climatic conditions and frost is not suitable for aloe vera plantation. The leading Aloe vera producing areas in India are Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and more

  • The offshoots or the offsets of a Parent Aloe Vera are planted directly on the farm. These are called Aloe Pups which share the same root as the parent plant. 

  • After the sprouting of a few leaves from the Aloe Pups, you can remove them from the original plant carefully without disturbing its root system and plant it carefully in the soil after ensuring that there is no contamination. 

  • Most of the farm owners put the Aloe Pups in potted soil, and after its proper growth, they move it to the field. You need to be cautious with the number of times you water the Aloe Pups. 

  • After around 9 months or so, you would see a full-fledged Aloe Vera Plant with fleshy and thick leaves. You can harvest them after the same, it is recommended to have the harvest only in morning and evening hours.

Climatic Conditions

For starting your Aloe Vera Farm business, this is one of the most crucial steps which would decide the quality of Aloe Vera that is produced. The timing for ploughing the field or land is also important to figure out. The following things are need to be kept in mind when it comes to the preparation of the land:

  •  The ideal step would be to first ensure all the preparations before the monsoon season. It is seen that most of the Aloe Vera Farming are done right before the monsoon season to ensure the proper growth of the same.  

  • The next step would be to separate the soil particles and ensure that the soil is drained well. The salt content and the pH content of the soil would also be thoroughly checked. The pathways or the land should be carved in such a way that there are no issues related to stagnant water. 

  • From time to time, you would need to use compost to keep things smooth and also carry a dosage of equal amounts of potassium, sodium, and phosphorous, this would help you for better growth of your plant.

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Investment Required

Aloe Vera farming in India does not need huge funds as it’s a low maintenance crop it needs approximately Rs.40,000 investment in order to get started. Another benefit of Aloe vera is that its one-time plantation can be enjoyed for 3-5 years. 

Aloe vera farming profit

Aloe vera farming is indeed profitable and provides high returns in India, it’s 60 thousand plants in 1 acre can give a profit of around Rs.1.8 – 2 lakhs thus making it a profitable plantation for farmers. The Aloe vera price per kg starts from Rs.5 and varies according to the aloe vera variety. 1 ton aloe vera price ranges from Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000, this price range of aloe vera varies from market to market and from variety to variety.

Aloe vera farming profit per acre in India is Rs.2,00,000 and per hectare is Rs.4,00,000. Aloe Vera marketing in India is growing rapidly as its farming is not tough and neither needs much effort and at the same time is very much profitable. This industry is growing very fast providing revenue generation easily because of its organic nature. 

Getting your Business out

 The next step of course is to connect with all the pharmaceuticals, herbal products stores, and so on for getting your Aloe Vera plants sold and reap the benefits. You can also sell it individually on an online basis and also through the various E-Commerce Stores, once you have developed a few buyers or establishments, your Aloe Vera Farming business is bound to flourish.

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