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Acrylic button making business



Buttons. Those shirt fasteners, which is the most time saving invention ever made to make us look presentable. Which are important yet irritating when you have to rush to a meeting or an event.


Just how it is important it is to have a ball present along with a bat for cricket to be played as it is, that’s how important a button is to fasten a shirt to be able to wear the clothes we do.


In the apparel and accessories industry the demand for such fasteners like buttons, hooks, zips etc is 2x more than the demand for the products which are manufactured using them eg. shirts, trousers, handbags, etc


But the most commonly used fasteners in the fashion or apparel industry are the Acrylic buttons, made of premium acrylic raw materials. These buttons are used everywhere, they are probably present on most of your clothes from your closet.

And this why you must get your hands on this Acrylic button making business


Market potential and uses


The market potential for these buttons is huge and will continue to exist as long as we require clothes and the clothing and apparel industry keeps on manufacturing them


These acrylic buttons can be segmented on the basis of following properties and it’s various uses:


On the basis of shapes :

  • Square
  • Oval
  • Heart
  • Drop
  • Triangle
  • Octagon


On the basis of style

  • Two holes
  • Tunnel shank
  • Shank


On the basis of colours

  • Transparent
  • Opal ceramic
  • Pearl
  • Ceramic




  • Used as shirt fasteners
  • Used as T-shirt fasteners
  • Used in jeans and trousers
  • Used in women wallets and clutches
  • Used in handbags
  • Used for decorative items
  • Used in making handcrafts


Licenses required


The licenses required to run an acrylic button making business:

  • Factory license
  • NOC by state pollution control board
  • GST registration
  • MSME registration
  • IS : 1461-1996 by BIS


Investment required


The acrylic button making business requires and initial investment of ₹10-14 lakhs


Profits made


The profits made from the acrylic button making business is ₹ 20000-30000 per month


Target consumers


The target consumers for your Acrylic button making business would be as follows:


Handbag industry: Theses acrylic buttons are used heavily by  the handbag industries like that of leather, jute and cotton bags to seal the openings and the demand for these buttons comes in various sizes and colours


Tailors: The high end and low end tailors could make large target consumers because of the nature of their work of  personalising fitting, tightening and loosening of trousers and shirts who would require these acrylic buttons in various colours and sizes


Retail clothing stores: The retail clothing and fast fashion chains require acrylic buttons not only as a part of the clothes they are supply but also for including complementary buttons along with the purchase to the customers


Jacket and coat manufacturers: These manufacturers largely require these acrylic buttons to keep the heavy and thick materials of leather jackets, woollen coats together


Decorative stores: These stores dealing in decorative items like mats and coasters made of acrylic buttons which also have a high demand among the consumers will require your buttons


Toy industry: Mainly those dealing in jewellery making kits for children, Barbies, life like toys etc require these acrylic buttons to give them a presentable appeal


Area required


The area required to set up an acrylic button making plant is 100-200 sq ft


Raw material required


The raw material required to set up an acrylic button making business are:

  • Acrylic sheet
  • Colours
  • Water
  • Moulds
  • Plastic


Machinery required

The machinery required to set up an acrylic button making business is:

  • Acrylic sheet cutting machine
  • Button hole maker
  • Drilling machine
  • Burton’s edge grinding machine
  • Dyer
  • Other manual tools


Manpower required


The manpower required to set up an acrylic button making business would be:

  • 2 skilled workers
  • 3 unskilled workers


Moreover proper training to these workers in terms of

  • Machine usage
  • Equipment handling
  • Safety and precaution


Business model and growth

The business model of an acrylic button making business can be defined using 4 variants


Value proposition: The value which an acrylic button making business is likely to provide to you is:

  • Low investment, easy availability of raw materials and high return
  • Advantage of a derived demand from the demand of clothes, bags etc


Target consumers: The target consumers for an acrylic button making business are:

  • Toy making industry
  • Retail clothing stores
  • Handbag industry
  • Tailors
  • Designers
  • Decorative stores
  • Leather jacket manufacturers


Competitor review: The competitors to your acrylic button making  business are:

  • Sun Acrylam pvt ltd
  • Nasim plastic
  • Diamond handicrafts India
  • Button gallery


Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy that your acrylic button making business could implement is :

  • Cash and bulk discounts to wholesale cloth manufacturers
  • Newspaper and other print media advertising
  • Attaining eco-friendly production reputation and building ties with bigger fast fashion retail chains




The acrylic button making business has seen and has the potential to witness the following growth prospects:

  • With the increasing shift of Indian consumers to foreign fashion patterns has increased the demand for apparel which in turn has led to a rising demand of acrylic buttons
  • Increasing  working class population of India has been increasing the demand for formal button shirts and trousers thereby fostering a growth of the acrylic button business


Profit margin


An acrylic button making business is likely to yield a profit margin of 70%




Are you still second guessing your decision as to whether or not to take up this acrylic button making business? We’ve got few facts for you:


  • Firstly, because or large raw material available at a minimal cost and buttons having a bulk demand the operations involved in this business are very reasonable


  • Secondly, the potential for this business can be increased if recycled plastic is used as a raw material, which is possible, thereby attracting global companies who aim at environmental sustainability while carrying out production to become your consumers


  • Lastly, because of its application in necessary/essential industries like clothes and accessories the demand is likely to be always consistent


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