How to Start 7-Eleven Franchise in USA ?


To begin a business in the US, entrepreneurs are always on the hunt for the most profitable opportunities. Fortunately, there are various franchise opportunities to rope in. And the most emerging one among them is the 7-Eleven Franchise in USA.

7-Eleven is a popular franchise chain which includes convenience stores and gasoline stations. No matter wherever you travel in the United States, there is a high probability that you have seen at least one 7-Eleven store near the location.

This American international franchise chain’s enduring, lucrative, and expanding business strategy has delighted franchise owners for more than 76 years. As it invests so much in constantly developing new systems and services to better serve franchisees, 7-Eleven is often counted among the best franchise opportunities in the US. 7-Eleven’s franchising programme aims to provide franchisees with proactive customer service in all facets of their operations.

Founded in 1927, 7-Eleven is an American international convenience store chain headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The business was started with the name Tote’m Stores. However, the chain’s name was changed from ‘Tote’m Stores’ to ‘7-Eleven’ in 1946. The new name ‘7-Eleven’ reflects the new expanded opening hours, i.e. 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, seven days a week.

As of August 2022, its parent company, Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd., managed, franchised, and owned over 70,000 outlets throughout 17 nations. The list of products offered by 7-Eleven includes 7-Select private-label goods, coffee, baked goods, hot and prepared dishes, freshly cooked sandwiches, carbonated beverages and energy drinks, juices, fruit, salads, fuel, dairy goods, banking services, and product delivery services.

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  • Over 70,000 outlets worldwide, including over 9,000 in North America, and 8,000 are self-owned by franchisees.
  • As one of the leading convenience stores in the nation, 7-Eleven has a market valuation of over $41 billion.
  • Takes pride as the first company to provide self-serve soda fountains, 24/7 operations, and coffee mugs for takeout.
  • The BrainFreeze beverage, the SLURPEE, the BIG GULP, and the BIG BITE are some of its most well-liked menu items.
  • The typical cost of owning a 7-Eleven Franchise in USA can range from $500,000 to $1,000,000. This depends on the type and location.

Types Of Franchises It Offer

The 7-Eleven franchise in USA typically opens 24×7 the whole year, which offers lucrative opportunities to franchise owners. Currently, the company offers three types of franchises for sale: Traditional Individual Store, BPC Franchise and Micro Market Franchise.

In this option, the 7-Eleven franchisor offers a single store to own or lease. It is the most popular option, and you will often see these types of stores near gas stations.

Business Conversion Program (BCP) Franchise

In this type, the property and construction of a store are the franchisee’s responsibility. Compared to the traditional type of franchisee, this sort of franchisee pays a separate royalty and is subject to a different disclosure form.

Micro Market Franchise

These types of franchise stores require small spaces. As a result, these stores are often stand-alone or placed in a university, hospital, hotel, office building, or other similar location.

Owning A 7-Eleven Franchise Profitable or Not

Investing in a 7-Eleven franchise in USA is probably the smartest business move you’ve ever made. As a 7-Eleven Franchise Owner, you are representing the top business in the US. Here are some reasons why you should start 7-Eleven Franchise in USA:

Support & Training Programs

There’s a strong reason behind the popularity of the 7-Eleven brand, and that’s advertising. The brand has made a strong presence among US nationals through TV ads, radio commercials, social media, promotional events and, of course, strong customer support.

The franchisor also offers extensive training programs, including 300 hours of training at a support centre in Irving, Texas.

  • On-The-Job Training: 240 hours
  • Classroom Training: 24 hours
  • Additional Training: At local training centres

Special Incentives for US Military Veterans

The 7-Eleven offers special incentives to US military veterans, which include discounts on franchise fees and extensive training & customer support.

Here’s a list of special perks offered to US military veterans:

  • Up to 20% discount on the franchise fee
  • Special financing Up to 65%
  • Extensive support & training programs
  • Low Entry Barriers

Customer-Centric Business

7-Eleven is a customer-centric business that thoroughly understands the needs of its customers. The company focuses on the community’s particular buying habits so that their needs can be fulfilled more conveniently and timely.

The firm offers industry-leading ordering technology and systems that can help understand the most frequent demands of customers. The firm also offers a proprietary Retail Information POS scanning system. The features of this scanning system include:

  • Allow you to understand customers’ needs
  • Helps make store operations more simplified and streamlined
  • Facilitates delegation and staffing

A World-class Opportunity

Joining hands with world-class business will bring new & lucrative opportunities to your life. You will not only gain profit from the business but will also hold the pride of being a member of the world’s largest convenience store.

Here’s a list of perks offered by 7-Eleven:

  • Higher earning potential
  • Provides the store, land and equipment
  • Up to 65% financing
  • Fast Start-up process (30-90 days)
  • Extensive training and support from the 7-Eleven team
  • Offer a wealth of ongoing support and information
  • 7-Eleven line of credit makes inventory management easy


Are you wondering how much it costs to start a 7-Eleven franchise in USA? Before moving forward with your application, it is important to understand the franchise fee, required working capital and other costs needed to start the business.

To own a 7-Eleven franchise in USA, you should have a minimum net worth of $150,000 and at least $50,000 as liquid capital. The average cost/investment is expected to be between $53,600 – $1,163,200, which include a franchise fee of $0 – $1,000,000. The company also offers financing options and incentives for veterans.

Here’s a detailed overview of the total cost required to own a 7-Eleven franchise in USA:

Type of Expense/CostMinimumMaximum
Start-up Franchise Fees$10,000$1,000,000
Training Costs$0$9,000
Cash Register Fund$500$1,500
Grand Opening Expenses$8,000$8,000
Down Payment (Opening Inventory)$20,000$20,000
Store Supplies$250$2,500
Additional Expenses on Opening Inventory$15,100$44,500
Permits & Licenses$8,000$10,000
Real Estate, Building & SpaceIncluded in 7-Eleven ChargesIncluded in 7-Eleven Charges
GoodwillOnly Applicable on buying already running unitOnly Applicable on buying already running unit
Additional Funds Requirement$0$60,000
Equipment ExpensesIncluded in 7-Eleven ChargesIncluded in 7-Eleven Charges
Total Cost/Investment $53,600$1,163,200

Note: The information given in the table above is taken from the 7-Eleven FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) 2022, representing the estimated cost for the initial set-up and first three months of operation for a new 7-Eleven store.

Financing Options

Financing plays an essential role in the success of any business. Today, there are several financing options available in the market, you can self-finance or can get a loan from a bank, depending on the situation.

On the other hand, 7-Eleven also offers an internal financing option that finances about 65% of your initial franchise fee. Unfortunately, finding this kind of support in the franchise industry is difficult.

Additionally, the firm also timely provides lucrative limited-time promotions and plans to make the process of financing a franchise quite convenient for approved applicants.

Best Business Courses

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Application Process

Applying for a 7-Eleven franchise in USA is a relatively streamlined process as the company has been doing it for years. Anyone meeting the minimum requirements can apply for a franchise. But before you apply, there are several considerations to keep in mind. For instance, you must be mentally and physically prepared for the new beginning. Here’s a step-by-step process to apply for 7-Eleven Franchise In USA:

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Review Your Eligibility

The first step is to determine whether you’re eligible for the role or not. To own a 7-Eleven franchise in USA, you must:

  • Be a US citizen and be at least 21 years of age
  • Pass comprehensive financial & background check
  • Mentally prepared
  • Financially stable
  • Have a net worth of $1,000,000

Evaluate Your Strength & Past Experience

If you have prior experience in running a convenience store, there’s no one to stop you from becoming successful. So, it would be helpful if you evaluate your strengths and past experience before applying for a 7-Eleven franchise in USA.

Submit Your Application

The most crucial step is to submit your application. You will receive an email with a confirmation receipt once you click on the ‘Submit’ button. Now, the 7-Eleven franchise team will review your application and will notify you about any development. If everything goes well, a 7-Eleven franchise representative will call you to meet.

Attend Assessments & Meetings

If your application passes the required criteria of the company, you’ll be invited to attend a meeting with the representative. You can discuss your application result with the representative. Here you can have all the additional information needed.

Pick A Store Location

This is an important step! Pick out a preferred location for your store. You may have to search a little to find the location of your interest for your 7-Eleven store in USA.

Accept The Offer

Following the above steps, the 7-Eleven franchise team will provide you with all the documents. Then, accept the offer, sign the agreement – and it’s official.

Training Starts

After settling down all the work, you and your store workers will be provided 6-8 weeks of C.O.O.L. (College of Operations Leadership) in-store training by the 7-Eleven expert team.


7-Eleven is among the leading convenience retail stores in the USA. The company’s rapid success and popularity are the reasons behind its attraction among both US and international entrepreneurs.

There are about 70,000 7-Eleven outlets around the world. On average, a 7-Eleven franchise makes about $1-1.9 million profit in a year. As a single outlet owner, you can make about 48% of the annual profit margin from total sales, which roughly means $339,000 for non-fuel stores and $365,300 for fuel stores. Additionally, the earnings of a 7-Eleven franchise depend on various factors, including

  • The type of 7-Eleven Franchise you choose,
  • Ability to build good customer relations
  • Location of your 7-Eleven store

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Investing in successful businesses like 7-Eleven can be an ideal decision for you. Above, we discussed all the information related to starting a 7-Eleven franchise in USA.

Overall, 7-Eleven is a renowned business that offers high-quality products, which makes it an excellent business opportunity. Additionally, the 7-Eleven franchisor also offers comprehensive training and ongoing support to potential franchisees.


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