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How to Start Yewale Tea Franchise in India 2022:

Tea could just be tea for everyone else except for us Indians. Tea is a solution for every possible situation here, from keeping your guests entertained to realising the stress felt on doing so, a cup of tea would do.

Understanding this niche demand of the entire Indian consumer market is how Yewale Amruttulya , a traditional tea outlet of india had found its place in the routine day of its consumers.

About Yewale Amruttulya

Yewale tea is a pune based tea startup which caters to the demand of tea among the consumers through their outlet. It has an estimate of 30 branches in Pune and is aiming to expand by establishing as many as 100 outlets in Maharashtra 

Facts about Yewale Amruttulya

·       It was a father-son duo tea startup first established in 1983 by Dashrath Yewale and Nilesh Yewale, as a side business after selling milk

·       Yewale deals in only and only milk tea using filtered water and without compromising the quality of milk, which was against Nilesh’s father

·       Each cup of tea is priced at ₹10 and is the favourite tea spot of every Punekar ever since

·       It has seemed to be proud of its operations which involve selling 4,000 cups of tea daily and earning a monthly revenue of ₹12,0,000

    I.        Everything you need to know about Yewale tea franchise :

1.   Unique selling point (USP): The unique selling point that the Yewale tea franchise is likely to bring to you is:

·        Unlike other tea outlets it has a monopoly for the best milk tea which is the major preference of every Indian consumer

·        It considers milk dilution with water as unethical, thereby instilling consumer loyalty

2.   Business model of Yewale tea franchise:

The business model of the Yewale tea franchise can be defined using these four variants :

     i.        Value proposition: The value this tea franchise is likely to get to you is:

·        Since it’s priced at ₹10 per cup it’s affordable by every consumer and it’s quality of tea, hygiene and goodwill is likely to attract every tea lover, which is almost every Indian 

    ii.        Target consumers:  The target consumers of this franchise would be :

·        Middle and working class

·        Office employees, labours

·        College and institutional students

·        Tourists

·        Teenagers, adults and older population

·        Cafeterias and canteens

·        Highways 

  iii.        Competitor review: The competition to this Yewale tea franchise isn’t as aggressive because of its niche milk tea product. But other competitors would be:

·        Unorganised street tea sectors

·        Chai point

·        Chit chat chai

·        Chai thela

·        Tea trails

·        Hazari 

  iv.        Marketing strategy: Since the beginning the founders of Yewale tea has seen to have adopted a word of mouth promotional strategy to make their tea of a routine consumption for everyone residing in Pune.

But while establishing a national space the strategy to be adopted by your Yewale tea franchise could be

·        Billboards and print media ads with testimonials

·        Google search engine promotion

·        Listing in local directories to attract tourists

·        Social media presence highlighting taste, procedure and price

3.  Benefits of a Yewale tea franchise

The benefits of a Yewale tea franchise are as follows :

·        Wider target market: Because every cup of tea a Yewale is priced at a decent price of ₹10 it is made affordable by consumers belonging to every income level from constructional unskilled labour to a CEO of a company can calm themselves down with a cup of Yewale which is absent in other high end tea outlets

·        Brand reputation/name: Yewale Amruttulya’s values of serving tea without compromising the quality of milk, preparing it at Yewale’s place to ensure a uniform taste and the history of Yewale is likely to get you loyal and routine customers

·        Benefit of the Indian consumer market: The demand for tea is omnipresent in India. It’s a product for everyone, required by them everywhere with an average consumer consuming 2 cups of tea every day

·        Minimal operations: This franchise comes with a minimal investment in terms of labour, time and training. Limiting its operations to just making tea and selling it.

·        Low investment: The investment in this franchise is as low as ingredients and utensils making it a very profitable and affordable franchise to take up. 

4.  Requirements and qualifications for Yewale tea franchise

a)   Requirements 

·        Space requirement:

 of 250-300 sq ft to establish a Yewale tea franchise outlet in prime locations

·        Document requirements

To start with a Yewale tea franchise you require the following documents

Ø GST Registration

Ø FSSAI approval documents from Yewale Amruttulya

Ø Trade mark approval from Yewale Amruttulya

Ø Rental agreement

Ø PAN and Aadhar card details 

b)   Qualifications

·        To qualify as a franchise owner of Yewale Amruttulya you must have documents backing the requirements in terms of education, entrepreneurship skills etc

·        To qualify the franchise to run you must provide ample training to the employees in terms of sales, training in preparing tea so as for the Yewale Amruttulya to maintain its brand reputation

5.  Investment required for Yewale tea franchise

1)   Franchise fee ₹3 lakhs  
2)   Housekeeping and material  ₹67800  
3)   Billings ₹97800  
4)   Advertising ₹150000  
5)   Machines ₹410000  
6)   Kitchen equipment  ₹ 70000  
7)   Interior designing ₹4 lakhs  
8)   Outlet launch expenses  ₹1 lakhs  

Profits made from Yewale tea franchise

A Yewale tea franchise is likely to yield a profit of ₹1,00,000 per month

7.  How to apply for Yewale tea franchise

If you are willing to apply for a Yewale tea franchise, you are required to visit the official website and leave your personal details after submitting the application and wait for a follow up action.

  II.        Suggestions

Why don’t you release your stress off and daydream of enjoying profits out of this franchise while we help you make a decision:

·        Firstly, a Yewale tea franchise deals in supplying milk tea which is majorly demanded by every working class at an affordable price. So, it’ll remain unaffected during the economic instabilities, it’s ₹10 for a cup of tea after all

·        Secondly, the efforts to be spent in marketing and management are as minimal as they can be because of the nature of product that is tea, requires word of mouth promotion and the outlet becomes an essential spot for every consumer

·        Lastly, the brand name and the uniformity of quality of tea across the nation is likely to bring you a routine customer cluster, so you’ll probably never run out of business


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