What is a Brand? Steps to Create a Brand in India


What is a Brand? Steps to Create a Brand?

For every new business, the primary goal which drives the business goals and vision towards the spiral of success is the brand value. Customers may buy a particular product on the basis of its appeal, quality, price, uses, and so on. However, repetitive customers are built on the basis of the brand value which your business has created over time. The brand value of a business is not something that can be expected to rise overnight, it takes hard work, efforts, and a rock-solid business plan to achieve the same.


What is Branding?


Branding, according to its definition, can be attributed as one of the important marketing tools used by businesses to make their product or company stand out from the others with the help of a name, a logo, or a design. This helps them to identify their creation as their own, and different from the market products. Customers remember the product by their brand value, and a strong brand value would also assist you in the ‘word of mouth’ marketing by your customers to your potential customers.


Elements of your Brand

Elements are termed as the representatives of your Brand, the channels or source through which people can understand or know what your Brand is about. These elements need to be planned and presented in a way that entices your customers and makes them curious about your brand. A few of the elements are mentioned as follows.



A Logo is the representation of your brand in a particular design, symbol, picture, art, and so on. This represents the creativity and the message which you wish to convey with regard to your business for your customers.


Website Design

Every business has its own website in today’s tech world. Having a website helps you reach a wide audience and take better advantage of the technology. The design of your website would speak a lot about your business and hence help you to create the necessary brand value.


Advertisement  When you run marketing campaigns or advertisements through social media or any such platforms, it showcases and increases the brand value for your business. Hence, they should be aimed properly.


 Print or Packaging 

Another element that represents and develops the brand image for your business is the print or packaging which you use while delivering your product to your customers. The Branding of your business is observed the most through this element.


Steps to Create Your Brand


Every business wishes to create its own brand value in the easiest and the quickest way, however, they lack the various ideas or the necessary steps which have to be taken. The Five Essential Steps required for creating a Brand Value for your business are as follows.


Find the Purpose

To know your brand better, you first need to identify the audience and the current market scenario that you are dealing in. In doing so, you have a clear purpose in your mind regarding your business and the type of customers you need to target. Having the knowledge related to the current market would also tell you about your competitors, this, in turn, would help you to understand the various aspects where you can build your brand value. Hence, knowing your audience and the market scenario, would grant you a purpose and ultimately various ways through which you can create your brand value.


Create a Slogan

Having a slogan for your business is a new trend that helps you to build some brand value in the minds of the customers in a creative way. One of the upsides of creating a Slogan is that it can be rewritten or changed at any point of time. You should write your slogan in such a manner that it resembles or reflects the motive of your company and how it is different from your competitors. Remember, even one line can make a huge difference, you can take advantage of the same by writing a unique slogan.


An Attractive Logo

As we already discussed above, one of the significant elements which reflect your business is a Brand Logo. Having an attractive Brand Logo would help you to attract many customers towards your product and it would also make it easy for them to remember about your brand. A unique Logo would help you to set yourself apart from all the competitors, thereby developing your customer base. You can hire a professional designer and have your Logo designed by him/her. The Logo should be creative enough to resemble your business and ignite a customer’s curiosity at the same time.


Have your Own Way

What sets your business apart from all your competitors in the market? Which unique quality or service does your business provide to its customers which others don’t? These are a few of the questions which you should consider answering yourself when you execute your business. Your brand value would increase and get recognized only when customers are familiar with Your Way, with your unique service or quality which other brands would not provide them with. This very uniqueness should be reflected in the elements that represent your brand.


 Keep Evolving

As we already discussed above, brand value is not something that can be developed overnight, it requires hard work, effort, time, and many more aspects to develop. However, once you have some brand value in the market, your journey does not end there. You need to keep yourself in the learning phase, adapt to the latest trends, and eventually keep your brand elements updated accordingly. With time and change in fashion, you would need to change your slogan, logo, and any other element if necessary. An evolving brand would always have a long-term value in the market.




Branding helps a business to stand out from its competitors and it is also used as a marketing tool to promote its business. Five essential steps to creating a Brand are Finding a Purpose, creating a Slogan, An Attractive Logo, having your own Way, and keeping yourself evolved with changing trends.

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