Skin Essential Package – Face Serum | Body Polisher | Scrub Making | Body Butter Making

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About Course


Skin Essential Package

CSDO provides you with full-fledged knowledge on making vital cosmetics with Face serum making, body polisher making, scrub making, and Body butter making in the essential skin package. In this course, you will master the techniques of making professional formulations for all types of facial serums as per the skin demand.

The body polishers will be a great part to formulate nice cleansers and provides complete knowledge on customizing them for your clients. This package will also train you to make excellent body butters to rejuvenate your skin, removes the dryness, and brings a shine to your patches, elbows & knees. This course is for all who wish to make these products for themselves and their clients.


Course Curriculum

Skin Essential Syllabus

Module 1:

Body Polisher


  1. Meaning of body polishers and importance in natural skincare.
  2. Various polishers available in the market and how they give the result.
  3. Advantages of using face and body polishers.
  4. Various Ingredients & their properties, used in body polisher making.
  5. Knowledge of carrier oils /butter/ essential oils, natural colors, and herbs in polisher making.
  6. Knowledge of equipment, and tools used in skin polisher
  7. Making of multiple buttery polishers
  8. Making of, sugar-polishers
  9. Making of, creamy polisher
  10. Making of emulsified creamy polishers.
  11. Making of emulsified sugar & salt creamy polishers.
  12. Making of foaming body polishers
  13. Latest packing and labeling for polisher
  14. Precautions to be observed while formulating polishers
  15. Formulation of various polishers as per skin demand


  1. Shea butter/Lavender body polisher
  2. Almond, cocoa with vitamin E polisher
  3. Coconut & vanilla sugar polishers
  4. Honey & citrus sugar polisher
  5. Jojoba & olive sugar polisher
  6. Lemon with fruit peels, salt & sugar polisher
  7. Caffeine and walnut sugar polisher
  8. Cinnamon &clove polisher
  9. Ubtan buttery d-tan polisher
  10. Creamy argon & vitamin c sugar polisher
  11. Almond & Indian rose sugar polisher
  12. Himalayan pink salt polisher
  13. Lemon & mint foot polisher
  14. D tan Strawberry & Argon foaming body polisher
  15. Orange lip polisher


Module 2


Body Butter



  1. Meaning and utility of body butter.
  2. Advantages of using body butter
  3. Types and grades of raw butter available to use
  4. List of Ingredients used to make various body kinds of butter
  5. Knowledge of equipment, and tools used in body butter
  6. Formulation of various body butter as per skin demand
  7. Role of temperature or climate to formulate body butter
  8. Knowledge of skin types to make best body butter
  9. Making butter for dry/ oily/ baby-type skin
  10. Making of antiseptic body butter
  11. Making of body butter to get rid of stretch marks
  12. Making of foaming body butter
  13. Latest packing and labeling for body butter
  14. Precautions to be observed while formulating body butter
  15. Making of body butter as per the skin demand



  1. Dry skin Shea body butter
  2. Fairness Turmeric skin body butter
  3. Lavender baby skin body butter
  4. Blemished skin Almond ubtan body butter
  5. Antiseptic/anti-itching Mint body butter
  6. Avocado with vitamin E body butter
  7. Jojoba and Cocoa herbal body butter
  8. Rose gold antiseptic mango butter
  9. Lemon foot butter for rough and dry skin


Module 3


Face serum


  • Meaning & advantages of face serum, knowledge of skin types and care.
  • Types of facial serums available in the market
  • Advantages of using a Face serum
  • List of Ingredients used to make various types of face serums
  • Role of actives, antioxidants, multivitamins, electrolytes, thickeners, botanical ingredients, collagen boosters, etc., used in making serum
  • Knowledge of equipment, and tools used in a face serum
  • Formulation of various face serums as per skin demand
  • Knowledge of skin types to make the best face serum
  • Making face serum for dry/ oily/ normal/problem-type skin
  • Meaning of Pure/natural serums
  • Meaning of Combination serums
  • Meaning of Water-based serums
  • Meaning of Gel-based serums
  • Step-by-step guidance to formulate all types of facial serums



Making of oil-based serums

  1. Jojoba natural Serum for all types of skin
  2. Anti-aging serum for normal to dry skin
  3. Hydrating serum for dry skin
  4. Almond & lavender serum for dry skin.
  5. Anti-aging Avocado & multi-vitamin serum
  6. Moringa & grape seed for oily skin
  7. Anti-acne serum
  8. Aloe vera gel & argon serum for all types of skin
  9. Aloe-vera & avocado for sensitive skin
  10. Lavender & patchouli for combination skin
  11. Gold rose night serum
  12. Silicon based Almond serum
  14. Daily glow serum for dry skin
  15. Niacinamide serum
  16. Vitamin C serum
  17. Hyaluronic serum
  18. Acne-prone skin serum
  19. Green-tea serum
  20. BHA serum
  21. Hyaluronic acid serum


Module 4


Professional Scrub Making


  • Meaning and utility of Powder & creamy scrub making.
  • Advantages of powder and creamy scrubs.
  • Various herbs and powders are used in making multiple powder scrubs
  • .List of natural ingredients from your kitchen for creating an ideal powder scrub
  • Preservatives and colors used for various dry/ powder, and creamy scrubs
  • Advantages of using Facial & body scrubs
  • List of Ingredients used to make various types of face scrubs
  • Knowledge of equipment, and tools used in scrub making
  • Formulation of various face scrubs as per skin demand
  • Knowledge of skin types to make the best face scrub
  • Basic step-by-step guidance to formulate a creamy scrub, which will enable the learners to develop more formulations by changing color.
  • Precautions to be observed while formulating face, and body scrubs
  • Formulation of multiple scrubs as per skin, and age demand Practical

A. Powder scrub making


Formulations for scrubs for Dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin

The proper way to use dry powder scrub

  1. Powdery Aloe vera/sandalwood/herbal normal skin scrub
  2. Powdery Orange dry skin scrub
  3. Powdery Mint/Lemon/Tulsi oily skin scrub
  4. Powdery Tea –tree Acne skin scrub
  5. Powdery Pigmentation scrub
  6. Powdery Anti-aging scrub
  7. Powdery D –tan/ Whitening scrub


B. Gel scrub


  1. Rose/Orange/Herbal Gel scrubs for normal skin
  2. Mint/Witch hazel /Herbal Gel scrub for oily skin,
  3. Orange/Papaya/Fruit/Jasmine Gel scrub for all types of skin
  4. Herbal gel scrub for glow


C. Creamy scrubs

  1. Aloe vera creamy scrub for all types of skin,
  2. Mint Creamy scrub for oily skin
  3. Arnica Creamy scrub for acne skin,
  4. Creamy deep cleansing Charcoal scrub
  5. Fruity Papaya/ Orange Creamy scrub for all types of skin
  6. D tan/ Glow scrub
  7. Anti-pigmentation vit C scrub
  8. Anti-aging Lavender & Patchouli scrub


Why choose us

  • CSDO has 35 years of rich experience, which makes it the most informative academy.
  • We give you one-to-one knowledge and industrial expertise as we have experts sharing their wide range of studies of years that add to the value.
  • We have gained tremendous experience, so we have achieved positive responses from worldwide, be it India or oversea
  • We have a course review system, and the plan is to help our student start their manufacturing
  • Our courses are well-planned, and we have shared the best secrets to give you an excellent quality finished product.
  • We have formulated our handout copies, so there are no duplicate notes.
  • We believe that practical knowledge is everything, so our online workshops have increased demand.
  • Our teaching methodology is well versed with examples so that anyone can understand.
  • Our mission is pure to help you in all the ways required.
  • We are your partner in success and give you lifetime support even after course completion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you cover in a skin essential package?

The skin essential package gives you an overview and idea of face serum, Body polisher, scrub making, and body butter making, and various types of facial serums.

What is the shelf life of face serum, body polisher, scrub & body butter?

The shelf life of these face serums, body polisher m scrubs, and body butter is for one year and more.

Are these cleaners taught preservative-free?

We teach you both the ways with and without preservatives. It depends purely on your choice if you wish to make it or not.

Will we get the certification after the course?

Yes, we reward you with an online certificate post completion of this course.

In case I don’t understand any topic, how do I understand it again?

After the webinar, we share the videos, and you can check unlimited time for the next 20 days.

Still, you feel problems; you can attend the webinar next time for free of cost.

Will I get the certificate after completing the course?

Yes, we issue the certificate.

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