Professional Liquid Dish Wash Making Course – Instant Video Sessions

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About Course

Professional Liquid Dish Wash Making Course


In the Home care package course we teach you making products which clean the surroundings and areas around. Also the utensils in which we eat need to be clean with the right kind of dishwash. In this liquid dishwash making course you will explore the formulation of phenyl making , variants of phenyle , making the floor cleaner for multipurpose and to remove stubborn dirt from the floor, fabricating your own liquid dishwash to have disgreasing utensils , Preventing the glasses from fogging ETC. Also this liquid dish wash making course would give you the thorough understanding on making variant toilet cleaners to remove the biological debris from the toilet. These are hygienic products and ultimately benefit the health as the more cleaner the nearby areas the merrier our health.

Why choose us

  • CSDO is having 35 years of rich experience, which makes it the most informative academy.
  • We give you one-to-one knowledge and industrial expertise as we have experts sharing their wide range of study of years, which adds to the value.
  • We have gained tremendous experience, so be it India or overseas, we have achieved positive responses worldwide.
  • We have a course review system, and the plan is to help our student start their manufacturing.
  • We have formulated our handout copies, so there are no duplicate notes.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you cover in a home care package ?

In the home care package we cover phenyl making , floor cleaner , liquid dishwash and toi;et cleaner.

What is the shelf life of phenyl making , floor cleaner , liquid dishwash , toilet cleaner ?

The shelf life will be for more than 1 year of these products.

Are these cleaners taught preservative free ?

These cleaners are made preservative free as we wish to make elongate cleaners.However , in liquid dishwash we have to use mild preservative.

Will we get the certification after the course ?

Yes we reward you with an online certificate post completion of this course.

In case I don’t understand any topic how do I understand it again?

After the webinar in liquid dishwash making course, we share the videos and you can check unlimited time for the next 20 days. Still you feel problems you can attend the webinar next time free if cost

What Will You Learn?

  • Meaning and value of professional dish washes
  • Ingredients used in formulating dish wash
  • Meaning and types of liquid dish wash in India
  • Properties of a good dish wash detergent
  • Types of liquid dish detergents
  • Raw material and detailed knowledge of the material with properties used in liquid dish wash making
  • Tools and types of equipment used in the business
  • Detail knowledge of the ph
  • Method to neutralize the slurry
  • Knowledge of eco, medium, and premium dish washes.
  • Precautions to be observed while making Dish-wash
  • The process of neutralizing the slurry,
  • The process of making dish wash
  • Making eco-grade dish wash
  • Making medium-grade dish wash
  • Making premium-grade dish wash
  • Cost calculation of dish wash
  • Guidance to make formulation as per the budget of the client.

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