Professional Cold Process Soap Making Training

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About Course

Cold Process Soap making course

Our soap making course is perfect for the ones who want to make their own beautiful and natural homemade soap. In this Professional Cold Process Soap Making course you will learn ways of making soaps by using ingredients of your own choice and preference. These soap making classes can provide you all the necessary information and details for creating your very own soaps with your own recipes.

Our experts will demonstrate to you everything that can help you easily in making cold soap from beginning to end. Under this course you can get keen soap knowledge which can not keep you limited to recipes of others. Here you can learn to create your own unique recipes which can ultimately make you a pro of handmade soap making. Here you will learn to use natural ingredients and can know the procedure of how to make natural soap.

Cold Process Soap making process

In our Cold Process soap making process you will learn in detail about soap making materials. Here you will get information about the oils and their usage properties. Under this course you will know about soap making moulds, proper ways of selecting the right kind of moulds that are used in cold process soap making.

This process will also help you in selecting proper equipment that are necessary for making cold process soap making. Learners will be introduced to lye and water. Under this process you will know about different types of oils that are used in soap making like hard oils and soft oils. You will also know the process of making and adding other soap making ingredients like colors, perfumes and other necessary things in soaps.

Cold Process Soap making business

Soap business is profitable and can be started at low cost hence anyone can start making soap at home which can ultimately offer several benefits to its owner. A soap business allows people to show their creativity level by making various soap appealing products. This business is a profitable choice. People today prefer natural and organic skincare products hence by offering such products with quality soap making ingredients can make your business successful. 

Soap Making Course Cost
Course NameCourse cost
Cold Process Soap making course₹3999
Online Soap Making Training₹999
Online Whipped Soap Making Training₹1649
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Nothing is accessible without the help of the right teachers. Lots of students who join us have the same fear. But after attending 1st class, they understand the correct method and feel it is not difficult.

As these are handmade products so no need to buy big machines. But to give finishing, we recommend purchasing some appliances, and our teacher will let you know everything in the webinar.

After the webinar, we share the videos, and you can check unlimited time for the next 20 days. Still, you feel problems, you can attend the webinar next time free of cost.

Yes, we issue the certificate.

What Will You Learn?

  • Course Curriculum
  • 1st day
  • Introduction to soap material detailed information about oils and their properties
  • Introduction to soap making mold
  • Introduction to lye and water
  • Detailed information about Hard oils, soft oils, colors, perfume, etc.
  • How to select the Right Kind of molds for cold process soap making?
  • Selection of proper equipment to make cold process soap making
  • Green herb soap
  • 2nd day
  • Honey vanilla cold process soap
  • Turmeric and Sandal cold process soap
  • Shea butter soap
  • Triple butter soap
  • Almond butter soap
  • 3rd day
  • Cutting of the soaps
  • Detox charcoal cold process soap
  • Soothing
  • Lavender soap
  • Lemon n orange soap
  • How to cure the soap
  • Labeling on the soap.
  • Packing of the soap.
  • Doubt solving session

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