Professional Candle-Making Training

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About Course

Professional Candle-Making Training


Candle-making isn’t as easy as it sounds. It has a lot more to do than simply pouring wax, wick, and color into it. The candles are really in great demand, and to sell them at a good profit margin, you need an expert to understand the finishing, designing, and packaging of the product. At CSDO, we make the subject super easy and give you the best knowledge to pursue your venture.

Why choose us

CSDO is having 35 years of rich experience, which makes it the most informative academy.
We give you one-to-one knowledge and industrial expertise as we have experts sharing their wide range of study of years, which adds to the value.
We have gained tremendous experience, so be it India or overseas, we have achieved positive responses worldwide.
We have a course review system, and the plan is to help our student start their manufacturing.
We have formulated our handout copies, so there are no duplicate notes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am making a candle but not able to get finishing. Will you cover the finishing part, too?
Yes, if there is no finishing, it is of no use to make a candle. However, our primary focus in this course is finishing.

Will you also cover the mold information part as we confuse which kind of mold has to choose while making candles?

Yes, we cover every type of mold do. You can use different types of the mold depends upon your need.

I have bought a different candle, but they don’t burn properly. Will I make a good quality candle which bur properly?

Yes, we teach you to wick setting so that you won’t face any problem

What about the Packing?

There is a session on Packing; after attending that webinar, you can create your proper packing.

Will I get the certificate after completing the course?

Yes, we issue the certificate.

What Will You Learn?

  • Course Curriculum
  • 1st Day
  • Introduction about wax, color, releasing spray
  • Selection of the right kind of wick.
  • How to choose the right kind of mold
  • Determining the correct percentage of fragrance.
  • Detailed information about the equipment for candle making
  • Introduction about candle industry
  • Different types of waxes
  • ,Other categories of fragrances, and aroma oils
  • Introduction to colors: plan color and neon color
  • How to melt wax and precaution while melting the wax for safety purposes?
  • The correct method to prim the wick?
  • How to place the wick into the mold and seal the wick?
  • Practical demonstration of making the star shape, round shape, square candle
  • Repouring of candle
  • 2nd Day
  • Best way to take out a candle from the mold.
  • Finishing of the candles
  • How to put the wick into a candle?
  • 3rd Day
  • Cluster candles in two colors
  • Precaution while making double color candles
  • Shaded candles
  • 4TH DAY
  • Finishing of the candles (revision)
  • Packing of the candles
  • 5th Day
  • Gel candle pouring method
  • Gell candle crushing method
  • Floating candle.
  • Packing of the candle
  • 6th Day
  • Soy was candle
  • Soy was scented candles
  • Packing of the candles.

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