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Professional Body Wash Making Training 2022

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Body Wash Making Training - StartupYo


In the Personal Hygiene course we teach you making Handmade , bodywash and facewash.These three courses go hand in hand and are really good if you wish to pursue your business as you can sale variety of products by learning this course.These washes have a similar property of removing the impurities of your skin and making your face , hands and body germs and bacteria free.The methods and recipe that we shared in our course are such which remove the excess of oil from the skin and keeps you feel fresh for longer time.


Syllabus theoretical

• Properties of good body wash
• Types of body wash
• Introduction to the material used in body wash
• Additives used in body wash
• Color and perfumes used in body wash
• Making of various types of body wash

Syllabus practical

• Making of simple body wash Exotic lemon
• Making of scented Jasmine body wash
• Making of the aromatic face. Lavender & vit E
• Making of pearly body wash moisturizing Honey & Coconut body wash


The knowledge required to pursue any course from CSDO Classes has the zeal and passion for learning and exploring the creative approach you choose. Rest the student should understand either English or Hindi.

Why choose us

  • CSDO is having 35 years of rich experience, which makes it the most informative academy.
  • We give you one-to-one knowledge and industrial expertise as we have experts sharing their wide range of study of years, which adds to the value.
  • We have gained tremendous experience, so be it India or overseas, we have achieved positive responses worldwide.
  • We have a course review system, and the plan is to help our student start their manufacturing.
  • We have formulated our handout copies, so there are no duplicate notes.
  • We believe that practical knowledge is everything, so our online workshops have been more in demand.
  • Our teaching methodology is well versed with examples so that anyone can understand.
  • Our mission is pure to help you in all the ways required.
  • We are your partner in success and give you lifetime support even after course completion.
NOTE: The Upcoming Live session date for this training is not yet scheduled. In the meantime, you can get the recordings and you will be notified about the next live session.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you cover in a personal hygiene package?

We cover all the surfactants such as handwash, body wash, and face wash in the personal hygiene package.

What is the shelf life of handwash body and face wash?

The shelf life is more than two years for hand wash, body wash, and face wash.

Are these cosmetics taught preservative-free?

These cosmetics taught have some mild preservatives to get good results on the skin and increase the shelf life.

In case I don’t understand any topic, how do I understand it again?

After the webinar, we share the videos, and you can check unlimited time for the next twenty days. Still, you feel problems; you can attend the webinar next time free of cost.

Will we get the certification after the course?

Yes, we reward you with an online certificate post completion of this course.



Jan 01 - 03 2021