Aqua Lotion Making Training

Professional Aqua Lotion Making Training 2022

Training Date


Training Date

11/01/2022 to 13/01/2022


Rs. 1424/-

Aqua Lotion Making Training - StartupYo


Water is primarily used as a solvent in cosmetics and personal care products. It dissolves many of the ingredients that impart skin benefits, such as conditioning agents and cleansing agents. India has a massive demand for water-based or aqua lotions like rose water, astringent skin toners being a humid country.  

These types of water-based lotions can be easily absorbed by all kinds of skin while hydrating the skin. Thus, the aqua lotion course teaches you the all-around skincare series products that intensively hydrate and make it possible for moisture to be stored long-term. Dryness lines and wrinkles are noticeably diminished. The complexion appears fresher and plumper while using them. So is this course is designed to make you perfect in formulating all types of aqua lotions like rose water, revitalizing toners, astringents, mist, and multiple therapeutic aqua lotions


Syllabus theoretical
  • Knowledge of various aqua lotion used in the cosmetic industry
  • Making and defining different lotions
  • Knowledge of various skins: dry, normal, oily,  and combination skin.
  • Treatment or using of various lotions as per skin demand
  • Professional knowledge of skincare and using aqua lotions as per skin type
  • Ability and properties of different natural and synthetic preservatives/ colors/perfumes used in the cosmetic industry
  • Developing your formulations as per the climate and skin type 
  • The latest packaging of various lotions and moisturizer

Syllabus practical

  • Making of different kinds of Water-Based Lotions
  • Multiple kinds of Rose Waters
  • Making of Professional Rosewater
  • Making of Astringent, Herbal astringent, alcohol-free astringent
  • Making of Toner Green tea toner 
  • Rejuvenating toner
  • Method of Making Antiseptic Lotions
  • Aroma Lotions for Dry/Normal and Oily Skin
  • Making various types of mist as per skin demand
  • Mist for Glowing Skin 
  • Acne mist 
  • Anti-aging mist.


The knowledge required to pursue any course from CSDO Classes has the zeal and passion for learning and exploring the creative approach you choose. Rest the student should understand either English or Hindi.

Why choose us

  • CSDO is having 35 years of rich experience, which makes it the most informative academy.
  • We give you one-to-one knowledge and industrial expertise as we have experts sharing their wide range of study of years, which adds to the value.
  • We have gained tremendous experience, so be it India or overseas, we have achieved positive responses worldwide.
  • We have a course review system, and the plan is to help our student start their manufacturing.
  • We have formulated our handout copies, so there are no duplicate notes.
  • We believe that practical knowledge is everything, so our online workshops have been more in demand.
  • Our teaching methodology is well versed with examples so that anyone can understand.
  • Our mission is pure to help you in all the ways required.
  • We are your partner in success and give you lifetime support even after course completion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I prepare readymade type aqua cosmetics as per skin type?

Of course, professional formulations are given in this course. You can compare as the products learned at CSDO will be result-oriented and fabricated as per the client’s skin and hair demand. At CSDO, emphasis is given on preparations and the type of skin. 

Can I also make low-cost synthetic cosmetics as I am a wholesaler and only can sell low-cost cosmetics?

See, we teach you all types. Now, this is your choice to select. Our teacher is an expert with 34 years of experience and will help you prepare all kinds of products like simple synthetic with cheap or organic or herbal or ayurvedic products. 

Can I prepare all types of water and milky lotions?

Yes, as we have included all types of aqua lotions and moisturizers. Even we cover oil-free moisturizers, too.

Will I get the certificate after completing the course?

Yes, we provide the certificate.


Jan 11 2022


10:00 am - 12:00 pm