Trademark Registration in Kolkata

Safeguard Your Brand Identity: Trademark Registration in Kolkata

Registering a trademark in Kolkata is an important method for companies to safeguard their brand. It’s like giving a unique name or logo or a  special shield, making sure no one else can use it. This process is essential for companies in Kolkata to keep their identity safe and secure in the market.

Trademark registration is a pivotal legal process that grants exclusive rights to individuals or entities over their distinct marks, logos, or brand names. In Kolkata, obtaining a trademark necessitates a meticulous approach that abides by specific guidelines established by Indian trademark laws. 

How to Get Trademark Registration in Kolkata 

The process of acquiring a trademark in Kolkata involves several crucial steps:

The initial stage of trademark registration involves a comprehensive search to ensure the distinctiveness of the proposed mark. This uniqueness not only adheres to legal requirements but also fosters the generation of innovative business ideas in Kolkata. A trademark’s uniqueness acts as a catalyst for businesses, aiding in standing out within the market sphere.

  • Trademark Search and Analysis:  Conducting a thorough trademark search and analysis is essential before applying for registration to confirm the originality of the intended mark. This can be performed through the Trademark Office’s online portal to check for any existing similar trademarks.
  • Application Filing: The application process involves submitting the necessary information and documentation to the Trademark Registry. This includes trademark details, applicant information, and the class under which the trademark falls. The submission can be completed online or physically at the suitable trademark office.
  • Evaluation and Publication: Following the submission, the application undergoes a detailed assessment by the Trademark Office. If no objections or issues arise, the trademark is then publicized in the Indian Trademark Journal to inform the public.
  • Opposition Stage: After publication, there exists a timeframe for third parties to contest the trademark registration. In the event of opposition, specific procedures are in place to manage and settle these issues.
  • Trademark Registration: Upon the absence of objections or successful resolution of any opposition, the trademark proceeds toward the registration phase. Once the process is complete, a registration certificate is issued by the Trademark Registry, offering exclusive rights for ten years, renewable upon expiry.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Kolkata

Applying for trademark registration in Kolkata necessitates the submission of specific documents, including:

  • Applicant’s Information: Complete details of the applicant, such as name, address, and nationality.
  • Trademark Representation: A high-quality image or graphical representation of the trademark accurately depicting its distinctive features.
  • Trademark Details: A comprehensive description of the trademark and the class or classes of goods/services it represents.
  • Power of Attorney: A power of attorney may be required if the application is filed through a legal representative.

Trademark Registration Fees in Kolkata

The fees for trademark registration in Kolkata are determined based on various factors:

S.NODescription of Application Physical Filing Fee
E – Filing Fee
( INR )
1Trademark Registration Application (Individual/Startup/Small Enterprise)5,000 ₹4,500 ₹
Trademark Registration Application (Other Than Startup)10,000 ₹9,000 ₹
2Notice of Opposition/Rectification/Application under GI Act3,000 ₹2,700 ₹
3Renewal of Trademark Registration (Per Class)10,000 ₹9,000 ₹
Renewal with Surcharge for Expired Trademarks (Per Class)5,000 ₹ + Renewal Fee4,500 ₹+ Renewal Fee
Restoration and Renewal of Expired Trademarks (Per Class)10,000 ₹ + Renewal Fee9,000 ₹ + Renewal Fee
4Application for Subsequent Proprietor/Various Registrar Approvals (Per Trademark)10,000 ₹9,000 ₹
Various Other Registrar Requests (Per Trademark)VaryingVarying
5Application for Registered User/Entry Variation or Cancellation (Per Mark)5,000 ₹4,500 ₹
6Request for Search and Certificate (Standard/Expedited)10,000 ₹ /Not Allowed9,000₹ /30,000₹
7Various Other Applications (Deposition, Review, Certificates, etc.)VaryingVarying

These fees can be paid online or through designated banks as specified by the Trademark Office. Remaining informed about the prevailing fee framework is crucial since modifications may happen periodically.

Trademark registration in Kolkata is a meticulous process that necessitates strict adherence to the stipulated guidelines and regulations. Seeking professional advice or legal assistance can facilitate a smoother journey through the intricacies of trademark registration.

Why StartupYo for Trademark Registration?

StartupYo is the preferred choice for trademark registration for several compelling reasons:

  • Effortless and Swift Process: StartupYo simplifies the trademark registration process, offering a hassle-free method for businesses. Unlike the traditional offline approach, which involves extensive paperwork and long queues at government offices, StartupYo enables businesses to complete their registration conveniently from their workplaces or residences. This not only conserves time but also reduces administrative difficulties.
  • Expert Guidance: The adept professionals at StartupYo possess comprehensive knowledge about the intricacies of trademark registration. With their experience and expertise, they assist businesses with crucial paperwork, compliance, and legal processes. Their proficiency ensures a flawless registration process, averting costly errors that might cause delays or legal complications.
  • Diverse Supportive Services: In addition to trademark registration, StartupYo extends various supplementary services, including tax registration, company registration, obtaining licenses and permits, and ongoing compliance support. This comprehensive assistance is especially advantageous for new businesses seeking swift and effective establishment.
  • Transparency and Effective Communication: The StartupYo platform facilitates direct communication with government officials and provides a mechanism to track the status of registrations. This level of transparency ensures prompt responses to businesses’ queries and concerns, offering a clear and accessible channel for communication.


In conclusion, the trademark registration process in Kolkata demands attention to detail, comprehensive documentation, and adherence to the legal framework. The registration of a trademark is vital in safeguarding the unique identity and intellectual property of a brand. An officially registered trademark symbolizes a brand and secures its identity in the competitive market.

In essence, trademark registration in Kolkata stands as a fundamental process that intertwines with Kolkata GST registration in Kolkata. It not only protects brand identity but also fosters an environment for diverse business ideas within the legal and tax compliance framework, contributing to Kolkata’s dynamic business landscape.

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