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Like the rest of India, the Controller General of Patents, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Designs and Trademarks, Government of India, is responsible for incorporating trademarks in Coimbatore. Trademarks assist customers in recognizing the specific goods and services. Registered trademarks ensure the legal protection and dignity of a brand.

There are 45 different kinds of trademark classes, and each one has a ten-year validity period. Trademarks are thought to be essential to a brand’s success. Your brand image will stand apart from the opposition because of its unique and distinctive identity. The audience will be able to distinguish your goods and services more readily than those of your rivals because they won’t be confused with identical items. One of a company’s most valuable assets is its trademark.

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Requirements for Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

The essential prerequisites are as follows

  1. Applicant Information 
  2. Identity Proof 
  3. Trademark Image
  4. Trademark Description
  5. Class of Goods/Services
  6. Specimen of the Trademark
  7. Date of First Use
  8. Power of Attorney
  9. Trademark Search Report
  10. Digital Signature Certificate

Verifying every data and document is crucial when registering a trademark, whether through an online or offline process. Errors on the application form will cause problems during the registration procedure. Furthermore, a trademark application may be refused if it is not correctly filled out. You might consider using an online trademark registration service provider like StartupYo, since they have professionals who will help you with the registration procedure. 

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Trademark Registration Process in Coimbatore

Businesses must register their trademarks since it prevents other parties from utilizing similar marks and provides legal protection for your trademark. The following process needs to be followed to register a trademark in Coimbatore.

  • Conduct a thorough search to ensure the trademark you wish to register is unique and hasn’t already been registered by someone else. You can do this by consulting a trademark attorney or by visiting the official website of the Indian Trademarks Office.
  • Choose the categories of goods or services you want to register your trademark. Whichever of the 45 Indian Trademarks Act classifications best describes your product or service is what you need to specify.
  • Complete the trademark application Form TM-A by providing all pertinent corporate details, a distinct trademark image, and a list of your goods and services. This can be filed in person at the trademark office or online through several agencies.
  • Submit the application and the necessary fees. 
  • After it is submitted, the application will be reviewed by the trademark office. 
  • In the event that there are no complaints, the brand name will be published in a journal for a time of four months. At this point, someone might object to your registration.
  • On the off chance that there are no objections or on the other hand assuming an objection is defeated in support of yourself, your brand name will continue to enlist.
  • After the opposition time has finished and the trademark office produces a Registration Certificate, the trademark will be registered if no objections are raised. Now that your trademark has been officially registered.

Trademark Registration Fee in Coimbatore

Application TypeTrademark Registration Fee (Rs) 
For Startups, Individuals and Small Enterprises3,000 to 5,000 ₹
For Large Entities5,000 to 10,000 ₹

Since you have worked so hard to establish your company, every business owner should understand how important it is to maintain their brand identity. They need to understand the difficulties and barriers they would encounter if they choose not to register their trademark. Brand insurance is provided by trademark registration. The cost to register a trademark varies by state as well as nation. The following are a few variables that influence trademark registration fees.

  • The type of applicant
  • Number of Classes
  • Online vs Paper Filing
  • The Applicant’s Status
  • Type of Trademark
  • Government Fees
  • Professional Fees
  • Renewal Fees

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Why StartupYo for Trademark Registration

The best company in Coimbatore for registering trademarks is StartupYo, where you can register any kind of name, logo, or design. The factors that make StartupYo standout are

  • You may finish the full procedure from any location using StartupYo. 
  • StartupYo can be selected because of its track record of offering simple, effective services.
  • Customers frequently praise its easy-to-use site, competent assistance, and affordable trademark registration prices. 
  • StartupYo provides you with application status updates. 
  • StartupYo is a well-liked option for entrepreneurs and companies looking to safeguard their intellectual property. 


Successfully navigating Coimbatore’s trademark registration process is strategically essential for companies looking to build and protect their brand identification. Investing in trademark protection boosts consumer recognition and trust in addition to providing legal protection. Innovation is essential to Coimbatore’s entrepreneurial culture, and in this environment, having a registered trademark is highly beneficial. Take measures to register your trademark to strengthen your company and set yourself up for long-term success in the cutthroat business climate of Coimbatore.


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