Top Successful Business Ideas with Low Investment in India

Starting a Business involves various complicated processes, risk factors, investment burdens, product designing, marketing, and so on. With the market going unpredictable at every phase, there have been various concerns among individuals looking to start their own business. There are hundreds of different Business Models and thousands of business ideas to go with, however, finding the best businesses with lower investment is the key here. A business started with low investment but receiving high profit is the most probable choice for individuals. Let us dive deeper into this topic.


Top 7 Successful Business Ideas with Low Investment


Like we discussed above, there are thousands of business opportunities out there. However, the major concern faced by every individual is the capital, and the thinking that ‘Business started with a good capital would bring better Revenue.’ At some point the statement is legitimate, numbers do matter when it comes to business, however, selecting the right business ideas with little capital can also grant you success. Below mentioned are the top 10 Successful business Ideas that can be started with low investment.


1. Freelance Services

The number one on our list is to act as a Freelancer and provide any type of Services in which you are an expert. It could be content writing, photography, web designing, and so on. There has always been a need for Freelancers who charge an average amount and work on one-time or short-time project. To start your freelancing services, you would need good command over the service which you intend to provide and create a strong portfolio to get frequent projects from various organizations. Once you have built a good portfolio, you can start charging high. Freelancing does not require any major investment and thus it can be your ideal choice.


2. Direct Selling Business

Another business that is currently booming and making good turnovers every year is the Direct selling business. Direct Selling works very simple, you need to find a good Direct Selling company that has strong management, result-oriented products, and a reputed name. The Direct Selling business works very simple, the manufacturer that is the company makes the product, and then instead of the supply chain it passes the product directly to a distributor who earns profit by creating a network. Once again, this type of business can be started easily with just 5 figure investment and the returns are solid if performed well.


3. Blogging

When you do a google search and surf through the many pages shown in the results, you are viewing someone’s blog or write-up on that particular subject. The only costs that you have to make here is the hosting charges and the yearly subscription of the domain name. Blogging has become a popular platform, through which people share and write articles about topics in which they have good knowledge and unique points to share about. It can be short stories, articles related to travel, fitness-related, etc. With time, you can earn through your blog by Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, etc.


4. Dropshipping

Chances are that you would have already heard ab lot about Dropshipping and how its mechanism works. In Dropping, you do not have to face any major investment, the only areas where you would be spending money is while building your website, such as hosting, domain name, etc, and the other area where you may make an investment in marketing. The business model of Dropshipping is plain and simple, you as a retailer market an existing brand of a third-person and if any customer purchases the product, you request the retailer to ship the product to the customer and you in turn earn profits. However, it is important to choose the right supplier for your business.


5. Selling Courses or SaaS

Another successful Business Idea that can work wonders in India is to sell courses or Software as a Service business. Technically, you need expertise in a particular field or area to make this happen. You make a course on a particular subject, share your knowledge about the same with people. Your courses or SaaS model should be either on a subscription basis or a one-time fee. There is a huge demand for SaaS, you can charge yearly subscriptions and keep updating the software and the services, making your customers pay again and again. You do not require a major investment in these businesses.


6. Chocolate Making Business

Chocolates are usually homemade, and that is one of the major advantages that helps you to avoid the expenses that may have been incurred had the production been conducted at factories. You require basic raw materials, chocolate-making formula, and just one or two helpers. This business does give you the advantage of making a small investment and starting your venture, however, it is up to the quality of your product and your creative ways of doing marketing to get more attention from people and get sales. Such type of business usually works on word of mouth, and you would sell in huge numbers after creating a brand value.


7. Cloud Kitchen

Cloud kitchen business or also known as Ghost kitchen business is a unique form of a platform where the prepared food is delivered to the doorsteps of the customers by taking orders over calls or with the help of technology and platforms. It does not have a physical store or a dine-in place for customers, it just performs delivery-only orders. Since it is an online store, as you may have guessed the investment becomes very less, and hence you can earn huge profits by selling your food through aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy. However, you may require a Chef to assist you in preparing Quality food.




Starting a new business in today’s competitive market becomes a risky option, considering the huge investment that is required. However, there are also some successful business ideas where the investment is low but profits are high, such as Cloud Kitchen, Freelance Services, Courses or SaaS business, Dropshipping,
Direct Selling Business, Chocolate Making business, and Blogging.
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