Top 5 Best CRMs For Real Estate

The Ultimate Guide – Top 5 Best CRMs for Real Estate

Top 5 Best CRMs For Real Estate | StartupYo

Unlike other businesses, the Real estate business is a long process that consumes much of your time and convincing skills to close a deal with your client. Businesses use CRM software that helps them to drive sales in the most effective way, closing a deal for a Real estate business requires patience and perfection. Convincing your customers to buy a house is not an easy task, it may take weeks and loads of effort, and hence the CRM software that is necessary for Real Estate should also focus on these criterions.

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What is CRM?

CRM is a software that covers three different aspects that is marketing, sustaining sales, and customer service activities. CRM or more commonly known as Customer Relationship Management assists organizations while they are engaged in interaction with clients and potential clients. This software provides various tools that helps a company understand the demand and the likings of their clients in a better way and hence shape their policies, campaigns, and lookout as per the data gathered by the tools. CRM software is utilized more by all the sales and marketing departments of a company.

Top 5 CRM software for Real Estate

As discussed above, the Real estate business is different from that of other businesses where the sales can be instant. In the Real estate business, it requires patience and building the required relation. Buying a house costs a huge amount and hence there should be some understanding between the client and the agent. CRM software that is focused on Real Estate business provides various tools and features that are specifically built for the Real estate  business. The top 5 CRM software for Real Estate businesses are mentioned as follows.

1. Zoho CRM

Established in the year 1996, Zoho Corporation is a software development company that provides a wide range of software products that are easy to use, hassle-free, and especially designed for small as well as large-scale businesses, depending on the organization and the nature of the business.

  • There are very less CRMs that are favorable for Real estate businesses, however, Zoho CRM provides various features that help in networking and this is very important for Real Estate business.
  • They offer a monthly newsletter with pre-configured template, which is sent using Zoho Campaign and that has all the dates and details of upcoming events. For Real Estate businesses, this becomes a very useful tool.
  • Sometimes due to excess of features, it becomes difficult for Real Estate businesses to explore the tools that are helpful to their operations.

If you are looking for one of the well-known and cheapest type of CRM software for the Real Estate businesses, Zoho Campaign can be your ideal choice.

2.Pipedrive CRM

Categorized under the type of Operational CRM software, Pipedrive CRM is focused on the sales aspect of a company and is primarily targeted to the small business owners. They offer various sales automation tools that assists the sales team of a company to pursue more leads. As it is more focused on sales, the software is helpful for Real Estate businesses.

  • One of the unique features by Pipedrive CRM is that they notify users about the leads that need follow-ups. This feature is very crucial for Real estate businesses.
  • The automation tools provided by the software are very user-friendly and beneficial for Real estate businesses.
  • As it is a software that is specifically built for driving sales, some of the tools are very useless for Real Estate businesses.
  • You would face certain delays while contacting the support team of the software.

Once you get accustomed to the working of the software, it becomes very easy for a user to use the software and its tools to its maximum.

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3.Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is considered to be the biggest CRM company that has almost captured 20 % of the market. One of the major reasons for adding this CRM software to the list is because its primary focus since its establishment has always been small businesses and customer relationship.

  • One of the primary advantages of using Salesforce CRM is that theyprovide many third-party integrations as compared to other CRM software
  • It offers various tools that focus on sales funnel management that assists the real estate businesses to focus on long-term customer relations.
  • Since the primary focus of Salesforce is large enterprises, most of their tools are dedicated for them and hence it becomes difficult for Real estate businesses to explore the tools necessary for them.
  • Since Salesforce CRM owns 20% of the market, they control the prices, the control most of the features, and it becomes difficult for struggling businesses to voice out their opinions.

As compared to other CRM software, Salesforce offers a good sales funnel management which is very useful for Real estate businesses.

4.Insightly CRM

Insightly is one of the few CRM software that has its entire focus on customer relationships and networking. This is one of the reasons why many Real estate businesses opt for Insightly as it helps them to promote their business with ease as compared to most of the CRM software. One of its noteworthy features is its lead management tool.

  • For small or medium scale Real estate business, it is very budget-friendly for the users.
  •  It becomes very easy to customize the entire platform as per your requirement and hence it is beneficial for Real Estate business.
  • The major con of Insightly is that their project management tool is designed on a very basic operation and hence it is not credible for Real Estate businesses.

If the above changes are made, the tool is very budget-friendly and useful for Real Estate businesses.

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One of the widely used CRM software by Real Estate businesses is SugarCRM. It provides various automation tools that are beneficial for sales and lead generation activities that are very significant in Real Estate businesses.

  • It becomes very easy for the user to setup everything and integrate with all types of different third-party
  • In Real Estate businesses, the leads are to be tracked for a long time and SugarCRM provides a powerful sales funnel tools that benefits in the same aspect.
  • The reporting tool of SugarCRM is very outdated as per other CRM software, this can be troublesome.

With the changing updates, users can expect a good interface and experience with SugarCRM for Real Estate business.


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