How to Start Speed Force franchise in India 2021


SpeedForce-Another fastest franchise opportunity

Not so long ago in the startup run, 3-4 years give or take, this business has managed to establish a monopoly of its own through their unique concept of a premium two-wheeler repair and maintenance service with Speed Force franchise

Even so, besides just offering premium services it does so by being affordable and providing them at the maximum of their quality that this business now has its operations spread across 35+ franchises in India.

It’s Speed Force we’re talking about, after all.

speed force franchise

About SpeedForce

SpeedForce, is India’s one of the largest chains of multi-brand two wheeler auto garage that offers standard quality two-wheeler maintenance and repair services.

Currently, it’s franchises are present in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Assam with a workforce of around 35 franchises

Services offered by SpeedForce

·        Annual maintenance contract

·        Paid service

·        Major jobs

·        Pick up and drop

·        Road side assistance

·        Accidental support

·        Free services on vehicle breakdown

·        Discounts on spare repairs

·        4 year free service and 1year warranty

·        Reminders for maintenance

Moreover, SpeedForce has all of these services broken down into separate packages for Tier 1 cities and Tier 2&3 cities at ₹1199 and ₹999 respectively

    I.        Everything you need to know about SpeedForce franchise

A.  Unique selling point (USP): The unique selling point of this business is

·        Low investment and high returns

·        Online and offline support to the customers

·        Wide range of services from AMC to roads side assistance

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B.  Business model of SpeedForce franchise

     i.        Value proposition: The value which this business is likely to provide to you is

·        Routine demand in terms of repairs and maintenance

·        High returns from a minimum investment

·        Wide assistance from SpeedForce

   ii.        Target consumers: The target consumers of this business franchise are

·        Middle and working class

·        Office goers

·        College and institution students

·        Auto shows

·        2-wheeler launch and racing events

·        Bikers and travellers

·        Highway roads

 iii.        Competitor review: The competitors to a SpeedForce franchise are

·        Hero services

·        Showroom services

·        Unorganised repair services 

 iv.        Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy implemented by SpeedForce franchise is

·        Word of mouth promotion

·        Billboards and hoardings

·        Tie ups with auto shows and events

C.  Benefits of starting a SpeedForce franchise

·        Growth in the two-wheeler industry: The Indian two-wheeler industry sold an all time high of 21 million units in the year 2019 and this industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.33% by 2024. Increasing the demand for your services through this franchise opportunity

·        Brand name: This two-wheeler startup brand has managed to capture the Indian market with a presence of 35+ franchises in this country in just 3-4 years there by giving you the advantage of enjoying the pre-existing customer loyalty and familiarity it has build among consumers

·        Wide range of services: This franchise provides wide range of services ranging from AMC, free pick up drop on service, toad side assistance etc meeting all the two-wheeler requirements of every consumer obstacle

·        High returns and low investment: SpeedForce offers the perk of high return in low investment because of its widespread assistance and also because of the massive sales this opportunity is likely to bring to you in terms of routine demands for repairs and maintenance

·        Assistance by SpeedForce: The assistance provided by SpeedForce is a perk in itself, which is as follows

§  Process TAT

§  Support assistance as required

§  Personal Communication through visits

§  Marketing manual/kit

§  Annual meet/seminars

§  Recruitment and development

§  Execution of large orders

§  Cross referral programs

§  Branding and promotions 

D.  What are the requirements and qualifications for setting up SpeedForce franchise


·        Area requirements :

  • Minimum of 400-500 sq ft build up area
  • Reasonable rental rate
  • Long lease agreement
  • Good frontage
  • To be set up in a prime and commercial location

·        Franchise requirements

  •  The initial agreement for a tenure of two years
  •  Franchise fee of ₹200000

Ø Qualifications

To qualify as a Franchise owner you must meet with the following profile of:

·        A keen interest in the service industry

·        A college degree (optional)

·        Adequate financial resources

·        Passion for selling concepts and basic knacks for marketing

E.  Investment required to set up a SpeedForce franchise

The investment required to set up a SpeedForce franchise is ₹7.5 lakhs – ₹10 lakhs

F.   Profits made from a SpeedForce franchise

The rate of return for this franchise is 45%

G.  How to apply for a SpeedForce franchise

One can apply for a SpeedForce franchise

·        Either by contacting SpeedForce through it’s contact number or email address mentioned on the official website and leaving a query regarding the application procedure of a SpeedForce franchise

·        Or by filing out the application form for franchise available on the official website of SpeedForce

  II.        Contact details

For further knows and hows, contact

Name – StartupYo

Contact – +91 8886666821

Email –

III.        Suggestions

It’s time you catch up with speed with this SpeedForce franchise and here’s why

·        Firstly, the increasing demand in the two-wheeler sector because of its convenience and affordability has subjected to a derived demand for its repairs and maintenance

·        Secondly, because of the wide range of services made available by this franchise you’ll encounter a massive sales and turnover

·        Lastly, the assistance lent by SpeedForce and its investment requirements are all the reasons you need

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