Soya Milk and Soya Paneer Making Business

Soya Milk and Soya Paneer Making Business

Soya Milk and Soya Paneer Making Business:-Soya Milk is a plant-based drink produced from the soya beans. It is also known as “Soy Milk and Soymilk”. It contains the following properties of a stable liquid mixture of water, proteins, and oil. The original form of Soya milk is a natural secondary product of manufacture of bean curd or Tofu. StartupYo providing the information of the following like how to prepare soya milk from soya flour, history of soya milk, how do you manufacture soya milk, what are the raw materials that are required for the preparation of soya milk, what is soya paneer, the manufacturing process of soya milk .  

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History of Soya Milk :

The place of origin of Soya Milk is in China which is invented before the year 1365. The usual term is “Dou Jiang” which is used for the traditional watery and bean beverage that is produced as a natural secondary product of manufacture of bean curd or Tofu. Later, in the 20th century, it became a general beverage in the countries of the following: North America and Europe. 

How to Prepare Soya Milk from Soya Flour?  

Soya beans are rich in proteins and Soya Flour is the simplest form of a protein. You can prepare Soya Milk from Soya Flour by following the simple steps given below: 

·         Firstly, take the freshwater and then boil it 

·         Secondly, add the soya flour in the boiling water 

·         Thirdly, Stir it to make the total soya flour dissolve in the boiling water 

·         After that, let it be in simmer for about 20 minutes 

·         Note: for every 03 cups of water you need to add 01 cup of flour 

·         Then after, strain the soya flour mixture with the cheesecloth 

·         Also, store that mixture in a cool place or refrigerate it 

·         Lastly, as per your desire, you can add vanilla or other flavors 

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How do you Manufacture Soya Milk? 

Before knowing how you manufacture soya milk you need to know the raw materials. The following are the raw materials for soya milk: 

·         Firstly, Soya beans 

·         Secondly, Water 

·         Thirdly, Flavors like of the following: 

·         Firstly, Carob 

·         Secondly, Almond 

·         Thirdly, Vanilla 

·         Lastly, Chocolate 

·         After that, Sugar 

·         Lastly, Salt 

Actually to prepare soya milk only the main ingredients soya beans and water are required. The flavors can be added as per your desire. Sugar and salt are can be added in the preparation of soya milk by many companies to make it tasty to the consumers. 

Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk : 

Since the soya milk is a low acid food which is a good provider for the breeding of harmful bacteria. Therefore, the process of manufacturing is aseptic. The following are the simple steps for manufacturing the Soya Milk: 

·         Step – 1: Firstly, Procure the raw materials 

·         Step – 2: Secondly, Dehulling 

·         Step – 3: Thirdly, Invalidating the indigestible enzyme 

·         Step – 4: After that, rough grinding 

·         Step – 5: Then after, finer grinding 

·         Step – 6: Also, extracting 

·         Step – 7: Furthermore, blending 

·         Step – 8: Additionally, aseptic sterilizing 

·         Step – 9: Then, Homogenizing 

·         Step – 10: After, Cooling 

·         Step – 11: Storing 

·         Step – 12: Lastly, Packaging 

The above simple steps for manufacturing the Soya Milk can be explained briefly in the following: 

Procure the raw materials :

Procuring the raw materials is the first step in the Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk. The raw materials like Soya beans will be harvested by the farmers and brought to the unit. Then the soya beans will be washed and cleaned. At a time after cleaning it is blended about 05 to 06 tons for the production 

Dehulling :

The second step in the Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk is Dehulling, in this process, the soya beans will be steamed and then it is split into halves. As the vacuum sucks the hulls it loses the hull present on the soya bean. 

Invalidating the indigestible enzyme :

Invalidating the indigestible enzyme is the third step in the Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk. A particular enzyme which makes the human digestive system indigestible to recognize it the soya beans will be cooked by using the high pressure, temperature, and water. 

Rough grinding :

The fourth step in the Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk is rough grinding, where the cooked soya beans will transfer into the mill or rough grinder. To grind the bean pieces roughly in the 01st milling machine water is added 

Finer grinding :

Finer grinding is the fifth step in the Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk. After the process of rough grinding, it still appears harsh in texture. So the finer grinding process is applied to powder the bean pieces into tiny particles. Then it turns into hot slurry which is white in color with tiny insoluble soybean particles 

Extracting :

The sixth step in the Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk is extracting. The tiny insoluble particles will be extracted with the help of huge centrifuge. Within the centrifuge against the drum surface, a rubber roller presses the hot soya milk slurry. The fibers will remain outside the drum as it forces the pure liquid inside the drum. 

Blending : 

Blending is the seventh step in the Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk. The different types of the following: flavors, sugars and also vitamins is mixed separately into smaller tanks then the smaller tank ingredients are soaked into the larger tanks then it is blended with the raw soya milk 

Aseptic sterilizing :

The eighth step in the Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk is Aseptic sterilizing. It is sterilized with a very hot temperature and pressure within a vacuum for a short durable time. Because, to keep out the air, ambient germs and bacteria that can grow in low acid soya milk 

Homogenizing :

Homogenizing is the ninth step in the Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk. In this process, a high-pressure piston pump is drawn into the pump cylinder will be forced back in the repetitive motion which helps to break down the fat particles and also prevents them from separating the remaining mixture 

Cooling :

The tenth step in the Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk is cooling. In this step, the hot soya milk is transferred into the cold plates which lower the soya milk temperature into room temperature. So, the hot soya milk is piped to the cooling tank 

Storing :

The storing is the eleventh step in the Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk. In this process, the soya milk is refrigerated, pressurized, and sealed to provide no bacteria to enter the milk. So, the cooled soya milk is transferred into the aseptic sealed tanks. 

Packaging :

The last step in the Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk is the packaging. In this process, the packaging will be automatically done by the machine which has a ribbon of flat packaging cardboard threaded into it. StartupYo estimated that a modern factory in an hour can produce about 18,000 packages of soya milk. 

What is Soya Paneer?  

Soya Paneer is similar to normal milk paneer. Soya Paneer is also known as “Bean Curd, Soya Milk Paneer or Tofu” which is a soft cheese that is prepared by curding the soya milk with a liquid. 

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