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The Soft Drink is a popular beverage contains the properties of the following: sugar, flavorings, and carbonated water. Soft Drink is also known as “Cold Drinks” which is the most successful business in the summer season. Launching a successful Soft Drink Making Business will take the money and time. In this article StartupYo tell you what are the raw materials required for the Soft Drink manufacturing process, what are the machinery required for Soft Drink Making Business, What are the Licenses and Permissions are required, how to start Soft-Drink Business and many more. After reading this article you will get information about almost everything about what is the process of making soft drinks, and many more details.

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Raw Materials or Ingredients required

In India, soft drinks are very popular and every individual loves to drink them. The Soda Soft Drink machine is the main investment for Soft Drink Making Business. In the market, there are many different types of Soda Soft Drink Machine. Commonly the Soda Soft Drink Machines are divided into juice parts and flavors like the following: 2+8 means 02 juice flavors and 08 soda flavors, 2+10 means 02 juice flavors and 10 soda flavors and many more.

The capacity and type of the machine are the 02 properties that depend on the Soda Soft Drink Machine price rate. The 8+2 Soda Soft Drink Machine priced at Rs. 1, 60,000 approximately. You can get the Soda Soft Drink Machine through online websites like Alibaba, Indiamart, eBay, and many more.

Tips for Soda Machine Purchase

The following are the main things to remember before purchasing the Soda Soft Drink Machine.

  • Before purchasing the Soda Soft Drink Machine ask the seller whether they will provide the support or not.

  • Also ask them whether they will provide raw materials for free for the first time for buying the Soda Soft Drink Machine.

  • Because many companies who ensure free raw materials initially also helps you to install the Soda Soft Drink Machine.

  • The area required to set up the Soda Soft Drink Machine is about 200 to 400 square feet area where you can set up in your land you can set up in the rented land which costs about Rs. 10,000 per month.

  • Most of the bottle cold drinks are really expensive when compared to the soda one. The ingredients help to produce the soft drink. The following are the main Ingredients required for.

Books you Must Read

Making Your Own Gourmet Soft Drinks
Model of Soft-Drinks Selection
The Big Book of Beverages
  • Firstly, Water
  • Secondly, Flavors
  • Thirdly, Gas Cylinder
  • After that, Sugar
  • Then After, Paper Cups or Glasses

In the summer season, the demand for Soft Drinks is very high. The Soft drink manufacturing process is simple and easy. The following are the simple steps of the Soft Drink manufacturing process:

  • Firstly, clarifying the water
  • Secondly, filtering the water
  • Thirdly, sterilizing the water
  • After that, de-chlorinating the water
  • Then after, mixing the ingredients
  • Also, carbonating the beverage
  • Furthermore, filling the soft drink
  • Lastly, packaging the soft drinks

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Brief Explanation of Soft Drink Manufacturing Business Steps

Clarifying the water :
Clarifying the water is the first step in the Soft Drink manufacturing process. In this step to reach the desired pH level an alkalinity may be adjusted with the addition of lime (Lemon Juice)

Filtering the water :
In the Soft Drink Manufacturing Business process, the second step is filtering the water. In this step to remove the fine particles of floc the clarified water will be transferred through a sand filter. To capture the fine particles the clarified water passes through a sand layer and gravel courser beds.

Sterilizing the water :
Sterilizing the water is the third step in the Soft Drink manufacturing process. In this step to destroy the organic compounds and bacteria which spoil the water’s color and taste, the sterilization process is processed. Into a storage tank, the clarified water is pumped and is dosed with chlorine (small amount). Until the reaction is complete the chlorinated water will remains in the storage tank for about 02 hours.

De-chlorinating the water :
In the Soft Drink manufacturing process, the fourth step is de-chlorinating the water. In this step, the residual organic matter like sand filter will removes and de-chlorinates by an activated carbon filter. Before it transfers into a dosing station it de – aerates by the vacuum pump.

Mixing the ingredients :
Mixing the ingredients is the fifth step in the Soft Drink manufacturing process. In this step, according to the compatibility in a predetermined sequence the flavor and dissolved sugar concentrates are pumped into the dosing station. The ingredients are carefully mixed because they are conveyed into batch tanks a too much agitation can cause unwanted aeration.

For quickly heating and cooling the mixture the syrup will be sterilized in the tanks by using the flash pasteurization and ultraviolet radiation. The pasteurization process generally occurs for the fruit-based syrups. To regulate the ratios and flow rates of the liquids the syrup and water are carefully combined by developed Soda soft drink machines called “Proportioners”. To prevent the mixture aeration the vessels are pressurized with Co2 (Carbon Dioxide).

Carbonating the beverage :
In the Soft Drink manufacturing process, the sixth step is carbonating the beverage. In this step, to facilitate the movement into storage tanks the beverage is slightly over-pressured with Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) and ultimately to the filler machine. The Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) pressure amount depends on the type of soft drink that is used. For example, the fruit drinks require less Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) than the mixer drinks because it is diluted with other liquids.

Filling the soft drink  :
Filling the soft drink is the seventh step in the Soft Drink manufacturing process. In this step, at extremely high flow rates the completed product is passed into cans or bottles. The containers after filling will immediately sealed with pressure-resistant closures with either steel crowns or tinplate with the following: pull tabs, twist offs or corrugated edges.

Packaging the soft drinks :
In the Soft Drink manufacturing process the last step is packaging the soft drinks. In this step, the containers are packed into trays or cartons then after it will ship in crates or larger pallets to the following: retailers, distributors, whole-sellers, etc.

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Best Franchising Courses

learn Franchising Courses

If you’re thinking to start Soft Drink Making Business then StartupYo suggests you that you should always prepare before the arrival of the summer season. The following are the main licenses required for Soft Drink Making Business.

  • Firstly, you need to register for FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) registration.
  • Secondly, you should obtain the brand registration.
  • Thirdly, you must contain the GST No.

The soft drink business is the most profitable business in India and the following are the best places to sell your soft drinks or cold drinks:

  • Firstly, near colleges
  • Secondly, near crowded places or areas
  • Thirdly, near small cities and towns because they do not bother about the brand or company etc.
  • After that, near schools
  • Then after, malls
  • Also, running place or area

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