How to Become a Social Media Consultant in 2021

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How to Become a Social Media Consultant 

Nowadays, social media platforms amount as a source to a major percentage of sales for the companies. Various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and so on have proved to be an income-producing activity for many businesses. People are more active on social media, spending their time scrolling the news feed and engaging with posts that interest them. That is the precise reason why many businesses make an attempt to upload posts that would be attractive to their audience and lead to their advantage. This has increased the demand for Social Media Consultants. 

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What is Social Media Consulting?  

According to its literal definition, ‘Social Media Consulting is the art or a process of reaching out to a potential audience and engaging with them using Social Media platforms, on behalf of a company or a brand.’ It is easy to make fancy posts or create some basic content for a brand, but companies have realized the importance of hiring a Consultant who would prepare posts and maintain engagement strategically and effectively, making the money spent worth it. It is one of the most difficult choices for companies to select the right consultant for their business.   

Roles of a Social Media Consultant 

When we say Social Media consultant, the only role which comes to our minds is the handling of all the social media accounts of the client and suggesting valuable posts creation, etc. Such is not the reality; a Social media consultant has various roles and services to offer and qualities to learn about. A few of the roles of a consultant are as follows. 

1. Building a brand 

Building a brand on social media is a difficult target to achieve, but with the help of Social media consultant, this can be achieved with fewer effort, as it is one of their roles to help a brand build its name and create a community of loyal followers. As a social media consultant, this is an expected result from the brand’s point of view. 

2. Graphic Designing 

Creating attractive and engaging posts is the basic role of a social media consultant, but having great skills in graphic designing can help even better. It is one of the qualities that brands look for while hiring a consultant, and hence it is a role that any consultant should always focus on. Be it attractive videos, Instagram carousel, images, and so on, it should be perfect. 

3. Ads and Marketing Tools 

This is the step where many brands expect the most, taking the most optimum usage of social media ads and the various marketing tools. Ads can be created very easily but a consultant should know how to create ads that would bring maximum engagement and traffic to the brand’s page, as for various social media management tools, a consultant should use them effectively to a brand’s advantage.  

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How to Become a Social Media Consultant? 

Now let us get to the main question in focus and understand the necessary steps to be taken to become a social media consultant. By reading the above points we have understood the roles that are required to be played by a consultant, now let us get into the basics of a social media consultant. 

1. Build your platforms 

This point is quite obvious, if you wish to be a consultant and advice others about social media, you yourself need to have a strong profile. Brands would judge you and your consultancy based on your following on Instagram or the number of Facebook likes your page has, or the traffic that your website generates. Pay attention to all your platforms and maintain good engagement for showcasing to your clients that you are their right choice. Nowadays Instagram is rather more popular and favoured by many business owners, you should consider having at least one of your platforms as a stronghold. 

2. Create a Portfolio 

You cannot become a consultant or let us say that the chances of becoming a consultant are very low unless you have at least done some minor work for others or taken up a small project regarding social media marketing. To be a successful consultant in the future, it would be a nice idea to build your portfolio, gather the testimonies of your clients as proof of your excellence for your potential clients. For beginners, it is hard to gain the confidence of the clients, by having a portfolio to show, can help you to create an impact and close the deal. 

3. Start Making a Network 

As the saying goes, Network is equal to your Net-worth. Social media consultancy would work better through word of mouth, and the more people who know about you being a consultant, the more are the chances of making a new client. A good network would help you in building your own brand and spread the word about the services that you are providing. The best part is that you can always get references in the future. 

4. Run an Extra Mile 

This point is to be perceived properly, by running an extra mile means delivering better and extra results to your high-profile and early clients. The feedback of these early clients would secure the reputation of your services at either a good place or a bad one. To be in their good books, it would be a good investment to work harder and deliver extra for your first wave of clients. 

5. Tie-Up! 

This is one of the effective ways of developing early clients with a hidden brand name or reputation. Many beginners opt to tie-up with people that are related or are providing services that belong to a similar field. For example, you can tie-up with a person who creates software or handles web-developing and offer your social media consultancy service to a client, thereby dividing the amount. This would be really helpful for beginners in acquiring new clients. 


Consultation is now a requirement of every brand that wishes to go for social media promotions. Being a consultant there are various roles to play apart from planning and post creation such as, building a brand, knowing graphic designing, and effective social media ads. To become a social media consultant, you need to build your own platforms, create a portfolio, make a huge network, run an extra mile for your initial clients, and Tie-up with other service providers. 

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