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  About Sanitary Napkin :

        Sanitary Napkin is an absorbent item that will be worn externally by the women in the underwear. What materials are used to make Sanitary Pads is differing depending on the following: origin or country, brand, and style. So if you want to know “How to Start Sanitary Napkin Pad Business in India” follow this article completely which provides you the clarification on Sanitary Napkin Business Plan etc. StartupYo also provides you the tips for Sanitary Napkin Marketing Plan and ways. So your doubt on “How can I make sanitary pad and the marketing process will get a clear cut idea and helps you to start the Sanitary Pads Business within a short span .

Sanitary Pad is worn externally at the particular situations of the following: during Menstruations, during delivery period that is after giving birth to the baby, during abortion time, also after recovering from the gynecology surgery and in any other situation where the blood flow occurs from the vagina. So the Sanitary Napkin is a need for every woman in the world that helps to absorb the flow of blood from the vagina. Sanitary Napkin is also known as the following: Sanitary Pad, or simply Pad, Sanitary Towel, and also Menstrual Pad. It is a personal care product or feminine hygiene product used externally where menstrual cups and tampons are worn inside the vagina. 


How can I make a Sanitary Pad? 

 Although a lot of companies and organizations across India have started manufacturing their cotton cloth pads which are eco-friendly, reusable. 


What materials are used to make Sanitary Pads? 

 The following are the basic materials which required making Sanitary Napkins: 


·         Firstly, Flannel Cloth and for the best use make sure the flannel cloth is prepared of cotton. 

·         Secondly, A Sewing Machine to stitch the cotton cloth sanitary pad. 

·         Thirdly, Tic – Toc buttons or Snaps. 

·         Also, for reference, a disposable pad is required and you can choose according to your preference 

·         Lastly, an old towel.


Now here is the procedure for how can I make a Sanitary Pad at home which is reusable and eco-friendly: 


·         Firstly, you need to trace the disposable pad which you preferred as a reference on the flannel cloth and cut it into 02 pieces to make the outer body of the pad. 

·         Secondly, in the flannel cloth add more wings since the commercial pads are meant to be stuck on your underwear and will overlap each other through fastenings.

·         Thirdly, take an old towel to make sure it should be reusable and cut an old towel into some rectangular shapes and the edges should be curved. This will be placed inside the sanitary napkin.  

·         Next is the cutouts of an old towel should be an inch shorter than the flannel cloth and place the old towel liner in the center between the flannel cloths. 

·         If you want you can place as many based on your wish. 

·         In case if you’re worried about the shifting you can keep the layers in a particular location with the help of a pin. 

·         Then you can begin the stitching process, you can either stitch the sanitary napkin with the help of sewing machine or you can stitch the sanitary napkin with the help of hand sew. 

·         To fasten the old towel to both the pieces of flannel cloth stitch the 02 channels in the center. 

·         After that stitch, the sanitary napkin all across the edges very carefully and also stitch at the starting point and ending point. 

·         If the cloth is remained at the edges you can cut it with the scissors also careful to avoid the risk of sher off the stitches.

·         To keep the sanitary pad in a particular location you need to fix the tic – toc buttons or snaps on the wings.

·         Then, stitch the female tic – toc button or snap on the lower side of one wing and stitch the male tic – toc button or snap on the upper side of one wing.


·         Finally your sanitary pad is ready to use for more than two times.


How to Start Sanitary Napkin Pad Business in India? 

 The Sanitary Napkin business plan is designed to help the local or rural women for setting up a Micro or small Sanitary Napkin manufacturing unit with a low investment of about less than Rs. 1, 00,000.  

Also, the machines of sanitary pads which costs about Rs. 75 lacs or 2.5 crores leads the higher cost of sanitary napkin .


Firstly in the Sanitary Napkin business plan, you need to know how much investment is required and Sanitary Napkin marketing plan, etc .

Secondly, you need to buy a required place for the production unit with about 400 square feet 

Thirdly, know the list of accessories and machinery for the Sanitary Napkin business plan along with cost in the following: 

·         Firstly, to form napkin core a one Core forming machine is required which costs approximately, Rs. 5000. 

·         Secondly, five sanitary napkin core dyes are required which costs approximately, Rs. 4000.

·         Thirdly, one ultraviolet treatment unit is required which costs approximately, Rs. 10,000. 

·         Also, two tables are required to work which costs approximately, Rs. 5000. 

·         Then, for grinding wooden pulp one de-fibration machine is required which costs approximately, Rs. 20,000. 

·         After that, one soft touch sealing machine is required which costs approximately, Rs. 30,000. 

·         Lastly, a weighing scale is required to check the weight of the sanitary pad which costs approximately, Rs. 1000. 


Now, know the simple steps of the manufacturing process of sanitary napkin in the following: 


·         Step – 1: Firstly buy the wood pulp in sheet form which is available commercially. 

·         Step – 2: Secondly, for the required filament length of about 1 to 1.5 mm de-fibration process is done. It de- fibrates the wood pulp on the de-fibration machine with the help of a carbon steel blade. 

·         Step – 3: Thirdly, to compress the wood pulp into a shape which is required the de - fibrated wood pulp is supplied into the core-forming machine. 

·         Step – 4: After that, this procedure is done manually without any automation. 

·         Step – 5: Then, by sensitive impulse sealing method the wood pulp cores are protected by a non woven fabric. 

·         Step – 6: Also for the manufacturing of sealing pads the Nichrome alloy filament is used. 

·         Step – 7: Then after, the position sticker is pasted on the sanitary pad. 

·         Step – 8: Lastly, the sanitary napkins are packed.


Sanitary Napkin Marketing Plan and Strategies :

StarupYo always provides the best tips and strategies for all MSME Businesses which are strategic and worked well.


The following are the best tips and strategies of the Sanitary Napkin marketing plan: 


·         Firstly, launch your product. 

·         Secondly, promote your product through online and offline. 

·         Thirdly, in offline sell the sanitary napkins for the wholesale near to the shops, pharmacist shops or medical shops, retail shops, dealers and distributors. 

·         Also, promote your product using digital technology. 

·         Initially sell them at less cost so that huge amount of sanitary napkins will be sold and make the customers as your regular customers. 

·         After that, the regular customers will addict to your product because you should manufacture them with the best quality. 

·         Lastly, you can increase the price of the product based on the demand of your product. 


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