What documents are needed for a startup company registration?

Documents required to Register a startup company

A startup company or venture is a newly formed business that is in its early stages focusing on how to bring its products and services to the market. The startup companies are in the beginning stages of operations so their intention is to grow rapidly while offering something that will thrive them in the market. 

One or more entrepreneurs start a startup company, the founders want to bring something in the market which they believe there is demand for. A startup has no fixed parameters, so any type of company can be considered as a startup, however, these companies offer something new, or perform an already existing task in a new format. The term startup mostly refers to high-tech companies that are creating and presenting products in a novel way. 

These companies are funded by their founders, they start companies generally with high costs and limited revenue and also keep on looking for capital from a variety of sources. Startup’s vision, mission, goals, management, and marketing strategies are determined by the company’s comprehensive business plan. For the success of this comprehensive business plan, they invest in the research of the business and development of their plan. 

Startup Consideration

Entrepreneurs who are starting a startup business keep different factors in mind before operating their business. There are special considerations that need to be kept in view as they try to get their startups off the ground, namely Location, Legal Structure, Funding, and many more.

  • Location or Geographic Area: location plays an important role in any business, before starting a business choosing a perfect location is very necessary. Choosing a perfect geographical location is a special factor that anyone starting up a business needs to keep in consideration. Startups need to clarify whether they are operating their business Online, in an office, at home, or within a Store. A perfect location can thrive a startup and can help an entrepreneur to expand quickly. The location of a business depends upon the products and services they are offering.
  • Legal Structure: Before starting a startup the entrepreneur needs to consider the legal structure in view that best fits their entity. For a business, partnerships are a viable legal structure, this partnership is formed by several people who have a joint ownership system. Its legal structure established is straightforward, in a startup registration personal liability can be reduced. 
  • Startup Funds: There is a need for groups that specialize in funding startups and the professional investors that raise funds for startups are their family, friends or they use other means like venture capitalists. Crowdfunding is another means by which startups raise funds for their business. Crowdfunding helps in raising cash that later helps in moving the business forward. This process is done online via online pages, the entrepreneur sets up an online page so that the people who believe in the company can donate money for the running or starting of the business. 

Another means through which startups raise funds is the usage of credit to commence their operation. Only a perfect credit history can allow startups to use credit as a funding option. But this type of option is full of risks, particularly at the time of unsuccessful startup. Other companies take small loans for their business for the growth of the company. Banks provide a lot of options for small businesses but in order to get access to these loans a detailed business plan is required. 

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Types of Startup

There are six different types of startups that the entrepreneurs choose as per their own wish, these types are Lifestyle startups, small startups, large or big startups, Scalable startups, Buyable startups, and social startups. 

Lifestyle: This type of startup is created by entrepreneurs according to their lifestyle. These people are so passionate about their lifestyle that they change it into a business opportunity. Such individuals work on their passion in order to create a lifestyle startup. They start earning by practicing their passion as in the case of dancers or musicians. In this type of Startup focus is on passion rather than on earning profile. The goal of these passionate entrepreneurs is to spread their passion so they start lifestyle startups. 

Small Business: this type of Startup is simple and regular people and self-funded people create this type of startup. These entrepreneurs work for themselves and do not follow traditional company systems, which hire people in their profession. Such businesses grow as per their own wish and pace and usually have a good geographical location for their business. Such businesses help the owner by providing the owner with financial compensation hence they don’t focus on changing the world. The best examples of small business startups are bakers, hairdressers, travel agents, personal trainers, and much more. 

Large startups: these startups are created by large companies, they have a small start but expand with the passage of time by offering satisfied products and services to consumers. Such types of startups do not create a new company, instead, they build on an existing company. Such companies have limited lifespans as the market changes over time, so the preferences of the customers also charge.

Businesses should be always ready to adapt to new changes because technologies and competitors keep on changing. As a result, operate as per the demands of the contemporary era, hence they design products as per the need and satisfaction of the modern customer. One fine example of a large business startup is Apple, the brand started selling computers but now they provide iPads, Apple Music, iCloud, and much more. 

‍Buyable Startups: this type of startup is created to attract companies to purchase them. In recent years Buyable Startups are becoming popular, people start from scratch and later attract bigger companies to buy it. Such companies operate with less capital and then sell such startups at peak value. In the market of web or app development, this type of startup can be found. The best examples of Buyable Startups are Amazon and Uber, they buy such startups and later receive maximum benefits. 

Documents Required to Register a Startup Company

Documents that are required for the registration of a startup are mentioned below: 

  • Complete verification details of the Directors of the company. 
  • Valid PAN Card Number. 
  • Incorporation/Registration Certificate of startups. 
  • Valid Phone number and Email ID.
  • Details of the Company like Industry, Category, Registered office address, and more.
  • Details of the directors/partners like Name, Address, Gender, Photo, Email ID, and Mobile number. 
  • Details of the Authorised Representative like Name, Mobile number, Email ID, and Designation. 
  • Briefing about business, its innovative products, and services class.
  • Business revenue model and product uniqueness.
  • Office website proof, and link or pitch desk proof. 

Startups have many different advantages which make entrepreneurs and their workers more responsible while providing different opportunities to learn. Startups have a variety of benefits as it helps employees in wearing different caps and thus they acquire a variety of roles. It makes the workplace more friendly and flexible, where innovation is welcomed. Startups prefer talented working staff so they can run their ideas with little supervision and increase employee interaction. 

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Startups have flexible schedules and help in the understanding of skills and knowledge that are important in this competitive market. Startups provide many different career opportunities for the youth who are passionate about starting their own business. Startups need to be registered and the registration process is easy. The above-mentioned documents are required for the registration of a startup.


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