Soap Base Making Course

Soap Base Making Course

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1 Day

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USP of the product: Herbal, Commercial and 100% Pure

 Education required: None

 Age & Gender: Anyone can do this course

 Convertible into Business: Yes

 Scalable & Profitable: Yes


Knowledge about the ingredients

 Introduction to herbal ingredients

 Know-how the chemicals used in other bases

 Knowledge about the moisturizing ingredients that can be used

 Brief overview of soap base making machinery

 Get to know-how to scale your business

 Required Equipment Knowledge for soap base making

 Hands on practice

 Marketing and Costing

Have you ever wondered what type of soap you are using? What is going into your soap base and on your skin? Now you need not worry because here at Craft Tree Academy we are introducing a highly advanced course where you can learn about how to make your own soap base. You can craft your own herbal, charcoal or even milk soap base from the techniques you learn here. If you already are a soaper then you won’t be dependent on any other person or company to provide you with good quality soap base; If not then you can either make your own soaps for personal use or use the knowledge you gain here to convert this into a highly successful business. Now you can make your own soap base with as many changes as you want. We will teach you about the ingredients you can use to make a herbal soap base as well as how to make chemical, parabin free soap base. This is beneficial not only for soapers but also for anybody interested in selling raw material to others. This is a new and lucrative business and you can easily scale this business venture by creating your own recipes and combinations. This one of a kind course is only taught by our academy in all of India. So be the first ones to enroll with us and learn the art of crafting your own soap base and making unique soaps !!!

1. Transparent soap base

2. Opaque soap base

3. SLS & Parabin Free soap base

4. Charcoal soap base

5. Honey soap base

6. Milk soap base


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