Professional Cold Process Soap Making Course

Professional Cold Process Soap Making Course

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3 Days

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 USP of the product: Herbal, Commercial, and 100% Pure

 Education required: None

 Age & Gender: Anyone can do this course

 Convertible into Business: Yes

 Scalable & Profitable: Yes


 Difference between oils, butter and waxes

 Know-how about raw material & equipment required for making soaps

 Knowledge about the technical terms in cold process soaps

 How to safely use lye

 Which types of perfumes and essential oils are safe for cold process soaps

 Introduction to cold process soap colors

 Difference between soap colors and micas

 Familiarity with the color wheel

 Mixing of colors to make your own shade of color

 Using of soap equipment

 Schooling about soap making machine

 How to harden your soap faster

 Speeding up your production process

 Learning about different types of scrubs

 Knowledge of soap cutting machines

 Familiarity with soap molds

 Prelude to producing your soaps in bulk

 Costing and marketing

 Professional packaging of your soaps

Learn how to make soap from scratch. The wonderful, natural soaps you see at specialty stores and markets. We use only vegetable oils ... and lye to make beautiful, creamy lathering soaps that are actually good for your skin. We incorporate essential oils and botanicals. A really fun craft to learn that can easily be a passion. We will go over the process, get familiar with the equipment needed, learn about different oils, the safety of working with lye (sodium hydroxide), and how to create a formula, working with colorant and fragrance and essential oils. We will make at least 4-5 batches of soap. Soap made in the cold process method takes 4-6 weeks to cure, so you will take home 3 already cured cold process soap samples. The class handout has the whole process from start to finish, properties of different vegetable oils, terminology of soap making, information on colorants, and suppliers list. We carry any of the items you need to get started in the supplies section with us at comparable prices, with no shipping charges. Cold process soap takes 4-6 weeks to cure before you can use it.

  •  Basic Cold Process Soap: Moisturizing Sopa, Double Layer Soap, Almond Soap, Supper Flattening Soaps, Cleansing Soap, Soaps for Dry Skin, Luxurious Soap
  •  Scrub soap : Oat Meal Soap, Walnut Soap, Orange Peel Soap, Wheat Bran Soap, Sesame Soap, Coffee Scrub, Exfoliating Soap, Mineral Rich Scrub Soap, Detoxifying Scrub Soap, Colored Soap, Aroma Therapy Soap, Therapeutic Soaps, Therapy Blends Soap.


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