Professional Candle Making Course

Professional Candle Making Course

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2 Days

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For Whom

 Education required: none

 Age & Gender: anyone can do this course

 Convertible into Business: yes

 Scalable & profitable: yes


Introduction to handmade wax

 Knowledge of candle colors & perfumes

 Knowledge about moldless candles

 The correct temperature and pouring techniques

 Preparing your wicks

 Knowledge of candle making equipment

What you learn

Candle making is a creative and one of the easiest ventures that you can step into. Earlier Candle making used to be a necessity, but nowadays it's just an innovative hobby to decorate your house and to make your home more welcoming and lively. In the last few years, our lifestyle and our choices have drastically changed. We don’t want anything mundane. Our choices have shifted from simple to fancy, from ordinary to extraordinary, from synthetic to handmade and natural. Here at Craft Tree Academy, we teach you not only how to make candles but also how to change your lives. With our expert guidance not only can you convert this hobby into a successful business, but also the candles and techniques you learn here can easily be imbibed into an existing business as well.

  •  Pillar candle: Simple candle, Rectangle candle, Round candle, Ball candle, Perfume candle, Square candle, Star candle, Floating candle, Double color candle, Nugget candle
  •  Tea lite & taper candle: Basic T-lite, Floating T-lite, Designer T-lite, Eight-hour T-lite, Numerical T-lite, Alphabetical T-lite
  •  Votive candle: Glass votive, Colored votive, Aromatic votive, attractive votive
  •  Rustic candle: Bangle rustic candle, Cloudy rustic candle, Snowy rustic, Double colors rustic candle, Peel off Rustic candle, Vintage candle




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