Gel Candle Making Course

Gel Candle Making Course

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1 Day

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For Whom

Education required : none

 Age & Gender : anyone can do this course

 Convertible into Business : yes

 Scalable & profitable: yes


 Introduction to handmade wax

 Knowledge of candle colors & perfumes

 Knowledge about moldless candles

 Correct temperature and pouring techniques

 Preparing your wicks

 Knowledge of candle making equipments

What You Learn

Making your own candles is always a rewarding process. Whether you`re making them for decor or aroma, it`s satisfying to know that the pretty glow in the room was your own doing. Sometimes, however, it`s nice to make things that are a little less classic or traditional.Candles can be made from several different mediums, and a basic gel wax is one of those mediums that has become very popular over the years. If you have never used a gel wax, then you should take a look through on the different ways you can decorate your candles while using the gel. If a gel wax is your go-to product, then you already know how versatile it is for coming up with many different options.

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