Face Pack Making Course

Face Pack Making Course

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 USP of the product: Herbal, Commercial, and 100% Pure

 Education required: None

 Age & Gender: Anyone can do this course

 Convertible into Business: Yes

 Scalable & Profitable: Yes


 Difference between clays & muds

 How to properly use the ingredients

 Introduction to skin safe fragrances and essential oils

 Knowledge about which ingredients is suitable for your skin type

 Technical knowledge about machinery

 Knowledge about herbal ingredients

 Difference between essence & perfume & essential oil

 Precautions while making your lotion

 How to correct your face packs if you have not followed your recipe properly

 Costing and Marketing

 Finishing and Packaging of the product

Unleash your creativity and play with a wide variety of exciting ingredients. Blend clays, superfoods, botanical extracts, vitamins, exotic spices, oils, butter, and essential oils. Discover activated charcoal, raw cacao, colloidal oatmeal, coconut milk, and more! we will not only instruct you in making dry face packs but also wet and peel-off face masks. These recipes are commercial and can easily be bulk produced. We will help you master the art of masking in a very short period of time.

 Herbal face pack:

 Butter Face Pack:

 Glow Face Pack:

 Fruit Face Pack:

 Veg. Peel Pack:

 O3+ Whitening Pack:

 Charcoal / Acne Face Pack:

 Anti Wrinkle Face Pack :

 Peel Off Mask:

 Pigmentation Face Pack:

 Gold Peel of Mask:

 Charcoal Peel of Mask:

 Orange Peel of Mask:

 Detox Face Mask:

 Goose Berry Face Pack


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