Colin Making Training in Delhi

Colin Making Training in Delhi

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1 Days

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Who can learn

USP of the product : Herbal , Commercial and 100% Pure

 Education required : None

 Age & Gender : Anyone can do this course

 Convertible into Business : Yes

 Scalable & Profitable : Yes


 Acquainting yourself with cosmetic grade colors

 Introduction to skin safe fragrances

 Introduction to fragrances and colors that don’t change the texture of your poducts

 Difference between cosmetic colors and food colors

 Knowledge about herbal ingredients

 Using of equipment

 Awareness about commercial machines

 Knowledge about how to change your recipes

 Know how of the ingredients used in home care products

 Precautions while making your home care products

 How to correct your recipes if you have not followed your recipe properly

 How to change your recipes

 Prelude to producing your products in bulk

What you learn

The home care products market in India has grown due to the increased awareness about health and hygiene, as well as a considerable increase in per capita disposable income. Extensive marketing campaigns as well as the launch of new product segments play a major role. Several FMCG majors have entered the homecare market with offerings across multiple product categories. There is a huge potential for a small-scale business segment. At Craft Tree Academy we offer comprehensive knowledge about all the ingredients required for making all types of home care products. Our trainers will not only give you commercial recipes , but also tell you how to reduce the amount of chemicals if need be.


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