Bean To Bar Chocolate Making Course in Delhi

Bean To Bar Chocolate Making Course in Delhi

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Bean To Bar Chocolate Making Course in Delhi

For Whom

 Education required: none

 Age & Gender: anyone can do this course

 Convertible into Business: yes

 Scalable & profitable: yes


Knowledge of different types of chocolates

 Acquainting yourself with chocolate making material

 Introduction to chocolate making essence

 Know-how of essence which won’t change the texture of your chocolates

 Knowledge about the technical terms used in chocolate making

 Correct temperatures while making chocolates

What you learn

Do you know where chocolate comes from? Have you ever seen a cocoa bean or a cocoa pod? Most people have only experienced the end result, like a chocolate bar or a cup of hot cocoa. These divinely delicious products can be magical – inspiring our palates, bringing back fond memories, and simply making us happy.

The manufacturing of chocolate is a precise and scientific process, and yet, it still holds some of this magic and inspiration. From the cocoa farms that can feel like enchanted forests, to the manufacturing plant, each step impacts the final quality of the chocolate and each step is a combination of science and art. Due to the great care and pride that our producers put into their work, these beans can be transformed into chocolate that will wow the senses and put a smile on your face. Now, through our course, we want to take you through the steps to get chocolate from the cacao pod.


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