How to Start Popcorn Business In India ?

Popcorn Business Overview

The first idea which clicks in everyone’s mind on the mention of movies, shows, or while watching any sports is Popcorn! Be it in theatres or cinemas, or even at your own house, people prefer having Popcorn as a complimentary pack while watching and enjoying such shows. It is not just restricted to cinemas and shows, people even enjoy having Popcorn as a snack during festivals, carnivals, and many such occasions. Rather than a tradition of having Popcorn as a snack during such occasions, it has now become more of a necessity or a habit for people, thus expanding the scope of this snack in the industry.

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On the subject of entertainment and health, Popcorn business covers all the aspects of the same and hence it is the most favored snack by people at large while watching movies or any such occasions. Popcorn is said to be healthy to consume, it is easy to digest, and it is also rich in nutrition value. It is high in fiber, has the presence of Vitamin K, Vitamin A, and some healthy Popcorn also contains Calcium, thus making the snack a safe and healthy option for people at large.  

We have observed the way Cinema has evolved over the years, from a white background to Cinemas, theatres, and even 3D, one thing which has remained constant through time is the munching of Popcorn. With years, we can also see different flavours and types of Popcorn which keep coming up and touch the hearts of people with its taste. You can find Caramel, Cheese, and even Chocolate Popcorn. No matter which season or recession, the flow of Popcorn is almost undisturbed and keeps on increasing with time and the balance in the entertainment industry.

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Raw materials are the basic ingredients that would act as the base for your end product and decide the quality and flavour of your Popcorn at the end. The following are the various types of raw materials that are required for the Popcorn Making business in India. 

  • Salt 
  • Sugar 
  • Butter 
  • Corn 
  • Granulated sugar 
  • Flavours 
  • High-quality Corn 
  • Spices 
  • Colours 
  • Caramels

For Popcorn Making business you would require certain machineries. This depends on the scope of your business, in case you plan for a home-based business, then you do not need any special machineries for making Popcorn. The Equipment ranges from various start to end processes.

  • Popcorn Making Machine 
  • Mixing Bowls 
  • Name Sealing Machine 
  • Packing materials 
  • Weighing scale 
  • Miscellaneous Equipment 
  • Cardboard boxes 
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popcorn machine for business

Your popcorn business plan in India can only gain momentum when you have a popcorn machine as it can help in generating more revenue in less time. The machine can help in making a variety of popcorn flavor without much effort, it’s also easy to use for every popcorn business in India. The cost of a popcorn machine ranges from Rs.20,000 to Rs.1 lakh as per the type of industry, captivity and quality of the machine. There are several popcorn business opportunities like Mobile Popcorn Carts, Movie Theater, Event Catering, Gourmet Popcorn, Online store and more. 

Manufacturing Process 

Ideally, once you have the Popcorn making machine, which is widely used by many Popcorns making business, the manufacturing process becomes quite simple for you. However, the basic process for different flavoured Popcorns also goes the same, which is mentioned as follows. 

  • The first steps are to separate the Corn grains from the maize. There are two methods, you can either acquire the already separated Corn grains from the market or you can have a tie-up with the farmers who would provide you with Maize directly and at a cheaper rate, thus saving you production costs.

  •  The next step is to have the Corn grains separated from the Maize and later on dry them under sunlight, this step is necessary for the proper quality of the end-product. Once they are dry, they would be devoid of various impurities such as Corn hair, which is a major hindrance.

  • Once the grains are exposed to heat by the Popcorn making machine, it is time to start mixing or adding ghee and salt as per the requirement or the quantity of grains that you have taken in. The Ghee and Salt are added to the section of the machine where the heating takes place.  

  • Once you have added an adequate amount of ghee and salt and mixed them well with the grains, the next step is to pour the Corn Kernels into the machine. They are poured in such a way that the grains start to evolve or get converted into Popcorn by being exposed to the heat.   

  • The process of Popcorn making is finished by this stage, another point to ensure is that the processed Popcorn should be packed properly with moisture-resistant packaging materials, to ensure that the Flavoured or non-flavoured popcorns have their quality maintained throughout.
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Market Opportunity

Unless your Popcorn making business is on a large extent, you won’t be able to sell it in well-known theatres or cinemas. Most of the ventures which are carried out through home-based business face some difficulty when it comes to the market potential or acquiring the market against their competition. The various market opportunities for the Popcorn Making business are as follows.  

  • The major advantage of starting a home-based Popcorn making business is that the required investment for the same would be very less and the profits in return can be higher. Compared to the cinemas, you can offer people Popcorn at lesser rates and have them as your loyal customer base.  

  • Many people prefer buying Popcorn through local means rather than buying the same through theatres at almost triple the cost. If you are successful in targeting these audiences or customers, you can expect to scale your business at a good pace.

  • It would be a great idea to have tie-ups with local shops, retailers, or any such outlets where you can showcase and sell your Popcorns. On initials stages, you may face difficulty with acquiring the required customers, but once you do, you may have regular orders.  

  • Another effective method would be to have your own stalls during festivals or carnivals in your area and market your own business.


Is popcorn a profitable business?

How to start a popcorn business in India?

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