How to Start a Patanjali Dealership Business ?


For decades or rather since centuries, we have seen the use and benefits of people using Ayurvedic items for some betterment in their life. Ayurvedic items did not just improve the skin and health of people but also gave them astounding results with their magical properties. People have once again realized the significance of using Ayurvedic products over the products containing chemical properties. With Ayurvedic products and medicines in such a huge demand, any business owner can drive their attention towards starting an Ayurvedic business. One of the leading and well-known names in the market for Ayurvedic products is Patanjali.

Patanjali is a well-known brand name that is heard and acknowledged by almost everyone. The brand name got its recognition automatically after getting the support and goodwill of Baba Ramdev. The CEO of the company is Mr. Bal Krishna and the entire project comes under the purview of Baba Ramdev. Patanjali brand had its origin with products like Toothpaste and a few ranges of Beauty products, but after the overwhelming response, they started to deal in a different type of products as well. Their product ranges from Ayurvedic tablets, daily use products, wheat flour, basmati rice, and so on.  

In fact, during the lockdown in the event of Pandemic, Patanjali had also launched its product called ‘Coronil’. This product was said to assist in curing Covid-19, it had two different types of tablets and 1 oil. Coronil came in the form of a kit and it was said to boost the immunity of the person who consumed it. Thus, they have many products lining up in their arsenal, thereby giving the business owners a wider scope to deal into. According to Patanjali, their overall turnover is about 1000 crore yearly all across the country.

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For individuals looking forward to acquire the dealership of Patanjali, knowing the various benefits that they may receive is crucial. Apart from the fact that Patanjali is backed by the confidence of Baba Ramdev, there are various other benefits as well which are as follows. 

  • One of the major advantages of having the dealership of patanjali dealership business is the revenue or the turnover amount that it is generating every year. The speculations are that the company may make a revenue of more than 2000 Crore + in the coming years. 

  • There are various types of outlets of Patanjali such as Patanjali Chikitsalaya, Patanjali Arogya Kendra & Swadeshi Kendra, and non-medicine outlets. Each of them requires a different type of investment and requirements to meet with. Hence, a business owner has an option to choose for. 

  • Compared to the market brands, the price of Patanjali products are comparatively lower and the reason behind the same is that the raw materials used by the brand come directly from the farmers, without any middlemen. This the same reason why there are so many outlets of Patanjali all across the country, currently there are more than 15000 outlets. 

  • For businesses looking to acquire a dealership with huge stores, Patanjali offers an idea of ‘Mega Store’ which has some strict requirements that have to be followed. However, it is through these stores that business owners make good profits.
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Investment Required 

As we already read in the above points, Patanjali offers various types of dealerships based on the outlets or the area of a shop that is provided by the business owner. The standard level of investment that is required to pay by business owners is around 50000, for city or state level the investment can also go up to 5 lakhs. However, for someone looking to open a Mega store, the investment may go higher, even up to 50 lakhs INR. The number of varieties of products may vary according to the outlet that you go for. Each of these outlets has different types of requirement that have to comply with.

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Requirements for Patanjali Dealership Business

As we already discussed, each outlet or the type of outlet has a different type of requirements. The Mega store has the most type of requirement that individuals have to comply with for getting eligible, the various requirements are as follows. 

  • If you are acquiring a Mega Store, the minimum area requirement is of 2000 sq. ft, however, if the unit that you are acquiring is not a Mega Store then the area may vary between 500 sq. ft to 1000 sq. ft. 

  • Irrespective of the type of store you go for, you have to submit a fee that is refundable around 5 lakhs. Out of these 5 lakhs, a cheque of 2.5 lakhs has to be deposited in the name of Divya Pharmacy and the other half has to be deposited in the name of Patanjali Ayurveda. 

  • The location of the store should be approx. 2.5 kms away from a metro city and in a non-metro city, the distance should be 3.5 kms away from a Mega Store.  

  • The staff in the store should be courteous and the store should have proper drinking facilities, sitting arrangement, proper ambience, and so on. 

  • If you plan to acquire a Mega Store, then you are allowed to sell products of Divya Pharmacy and only the Patanjali approved products. You cannot sell the products of any other brand.
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Application Process

After understanding all the benefits, requirements, investment, and all the other formalities with regard to the dealership of Patanjali, the next step is to apply for the same.

  • You need to visit the official website of Patanjali which is, Here, you would find all the details regarding products and the stores of Patanjali. 

  • You need to fill an application form by entering your details, after submitting the form you would be contacted by the representatives of Patanjali in a few days. There is also an Email Id that would be mentioned and even a contact number, you can reach them through these sources as well.

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