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Naturals ice cream- A brain freezing franchise opportunity

Whether it’s a treat to your friends or a sweaty summer day, a need for a dessert after a spicy dinner meal or you are probably just bored, you are binging to Netflix or you have to celebrate something as small as your cheat day the phrase “ I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream” still stands

Now there’s a reason why we prefer a specific ice cream brand over the other either because of it’s affordability, taste, flavours, accessibility etc but there’s this one brand of which every one has a favourite from among its 125  natural flavours

Yes, we are talking about the Naturals ice cream parlour, this franchise is as naturally profitable as it sounds and here’s how

About Naturals ice cream

Naturals ice cream is an Indian ice cream brand owned by Mumbai – based Kamaths ourtimes ice cream pvt ltd. This brand is known for its premium ice cream cream flavours made out of natural and fresh fruits and served cold right out of the churner.

This ice cream brand has started off with just 10 flavours initially in Juhu, Mumbai and now has its presence across the nation with 135 stores and 125 flavours of which 20 of them are made available throughout the year

Facts about Naturals ice cream

·        It was founded by Raghunandan S Kamath i1984 who establish his first store in Mumbai with a philosophy “ if ice creams can have fruit flavours, why can’t it have real fruits instead”

·        Kamath relies on his mother’s expertise of kitchen and on his father’s skill of picking the best fruits in making naturals ice cream with only one production centre in India I.e in Charkop, Kandivali, Mumbai

·        Among the $3.5 billion worth of the Indian ice cream industry, Naturals ice cream has authentically managed to make a turnover worth ₹ 157.7 crores

Everything you need to know about Naturals ice cream franchise

A.  Unique selling point (USP) : The unique selling point of the Naturals ice cream parlour is

·        Naturals niche : Natural fruits, premium ice creams at affordable prices , freshly churned, seasonal fruit based variety  and transparency of its operations 

B.  Business model of Naturals ice cream

The business model of a naturals Ice cream can be defined using these 4 variants :

                     i.        Value proposition: The value which a naturals ice cream franchise is likely to bring to you is 

·        Unlike its competitors it offers natural fruit based ice creams with a variety of 150 flavours out of which 20 are available throughout the year at affordable prices, that too 

This makes the consumers who even live far off to get a taste of naturals ice cream in cups, cones and boxes and even more around a seasonal change.

                   ii.        Target consumers: The target consumers to you Naturals ice cream franchise could be:

·        Events, celebrations, parties  etc

·        Consumers of all age groups

·        Low, middle and high income level consumers

·        Teenagers, kids and working class

·        GenX generation

                 iii.        Competitor review: Though Naturals ice cream has the competitive edge because of the process and quality of fresh fruits in its ice cream, few key potential competitors are:

·        Baskin Robbins

·        Kwality walls

·        Hagen Diaz

·        Gold spot

                 iv.        Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy implemented by the Naturals ice cream parlour is as follows:

·        Word of mouth promotion

·        Digital and social media advertising for GenX population

Benefits of starting a Naturals ice cream franchise are as follows

·        Outlet and take-out based demand : Owning this franchise doesn’t only yield you a demand for its rich and authentic fruit based ice creams from consumers making its sit-in outlet a spot for office goers, students etc but also has a large demand for take out specially in conditions like today : busy schedule, COVID -19 etc

·        Brand reputation: Having taken up a naturals ice cream franchise which is known for its authenticity in quality and flavours since 36 years and such an opportunity to carry this brand name forward through an ice cream selling business is huge

·        Minimal investment: A naturals ice cream franchise requires a minimal investment and a quick rate of return on the investment

·        Reasonable operations: Since Therese one production centre for its ice creams the inventory and logistics are centrally managed with proper assistance in terms of marketing, franchise set up, distribution etc

·        Huge seasonal demand: Since naturals is known for it’s seasonally produced fruit based ice creams like mangoes, custard apples, litchi etc, the turn over per quarter  seems to be reasonably high

·        Easy franchise acquisition process: It’s as simple as filling an application form and meeting with their franchise experience needs

Requirements and qualifications for setting up a Naturals ice cream franchise

Ø Requirements

·        Space/Area requirement: A naturals ice cream franchise requires an area of about 200-500 sq ft in a commercial space, that too

·        Documentation requirements: The documents required for this following franchise are:

§  Standard franchise agreement

§  FSSAI copy by naturals

§  GST registration

§  Rental agreement

§  PAN and Aadhar card details

Ø Qualifications

·        To qualify as a franchise owner one must have documents supporting the required educational and entrepreneurial status

·        Moreover a minimal employee requirement of 6-7 member under a sales trading offered by Naturals is also required

E.  Investment required to set up a Naturals franchise :

1.   Civil interior ₹ 400000  
2.   Machinery ₹200000  
3.   Brand deposit ₹100000  
4.   Furniture ₹100000  
5.   Working capital  ₹50000  

Profits made from a Naturals franchise :

A naturals franchise is likely to yield you a profit margin of 30-50%

G.  How to apply for a Naturals ice cream franchise

·        You can either fill up a the franchise query form on the official website of Naturals ice cream regarding your contact details, experience, locality, area etc

·        Or you can contact Naturals ice cream through their email address or contact information from their website.

F. Suggestions

Are you still busy choosing the right ice cream flavour? Good luck with that. While you do that we are here giving you more reasons to whether or not to take up this franchise:

·        Firstly, the demand for an ice cream is consistent and its sale  routine in nature and that too of naturals with its no added preservatives made out of fresh fruits is likely to attract a huge customer base

·        Secondly, with the advent of science and technology the use of liquid nitrogen and dry ice has increased a take out demand for ice creams specially in an era like this with busy schedule, increased disposable income etc, so you are likely to receive massive sales

·        Lastly, it’s USP and quality of its ice cream doesn’t let customers replace it with other brand rather walk a distance to get a bite of it. So there’s not much competition

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