Muthoot Finance Ltd Business/SME Loan: Benefits, Features, Documents, Eligibility

Muthoot finance falls under NBFCs (Non-Banking financial companies). The company has its headquarters in Kochi, Kerala, with more than 4,400 operating branches across the country. Muthoot Finance chiefly helps provide loans primarily to those with no access to a source of formal credit (loans given by rural banks, cooperative societies, and commercial banks for a particular period to meet their working capital requirements. 

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Upto Rs. 46800

Tax Benefit

Upto Rs. 46800

Tax Benefit

Upto Rs. 46800

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Muthoot Finance Ltd Business

Micro Finance and medium enterprises have gained significant importance in India as they contribute significantly to the country’s GDP. The MSME sector contributes significantly to the country’s socio-economic and entrepreneurship development, primarily in semi-urban and rural areas.


To grow a business steadily, funding becomes an imperative, without which things fall into complete laxity. Many companies provide loans to SMEs and MSMEs at a very reasonable interest rate. Moreover, the loans are very quickly sanctioned. Muthoot finance too offers loans for various business and personal purposes to meet the demands of various SMEs and MSMEs.


About Muthoot Finance:


Muthoot finance falls under NBFCs (Non-Banking financial companies). The company has its headquarters in Kochi, Kerala, with more than 4,400 operating branches across the country. Muthoot Finance chiefly helps provide loans primarily to those with no access to a source of formal credit (loans given by rural banks, cooperative societies, and commercial banks for a particular period to meet their working capital requirements. 


If you are looking for more details regarding Muthoot finance business loans, then the following information will answer all your queries. We focused on the ROI, eligibility criteria, required documents, application process and a few FAQs.


Highlights of Muthoot Finance Business Loan


  • There are loans for all types of MSME and SME businesses depending on the sector it belongs to – manufacturing or service.


  • Applicants can get a business loan from Muthoot finance at a very competitive rate of interest.


  • The loan provided has insurance coverage as well.


  • Various repayment facilities are accessible depending on the loan scheme.


  • Any lender can repay the loan amount in full after 60 days where no charges are applied. 


  • Applying for the loan is hassle-free with minimum documentation so that an applicant doesn’t get into much trouble to get a loan sanctioned. 


Muthoot Finance Rate of Interest and Other Fees


Rate of interest –                     12% p. a to 27 % p. a

Sanctioned amount –              Minimum Rs. 15,000 and maximum Rs. 8,00,000

Tenure of the loan –                starts from 6 months to 36 months

Applicable processing fees – 2% of the sanctioned loan amount and other applicable taxes


Muthoot Finance Business Loan Eligibility Criteria 


Most NBFC or other lenders have similar eligibility criteria for getting a loan sanctioned. If you are applying for a business loan in Muthoot Finance, then you need to meet the given criteria:


  1. An applicant should be a citizen of India at least 21 years old, should not be younger than 18 years and more than 65 years.


  1. Applicant must be a member of one of the following:
  • Self-Employed Individuals
  • Individual Proprietorship
  • Private Limited Companies
  • Partnership Firms


  1. Applicants should be micro-entrepreneurs like grocery shop owners, vegetable vendors, etc., or SMEs like tailors, electronic shops, etc.


  1. Applicant should have a good credit score which is very important for sanctioning a loan. So, generally, a credit score above 600 is considered to go for a loan eligibility criterion.


  1. There must not be any history of loan defaults in the applicant’s or his business’s name from any bank or financial institute.


  1. Your business set-up must be on the same premise for the last two years and have an active bank account.


Required documents for Muthoot Finance Business Loan 


  • Duly filled application form and passport-sized photos of the applicant.


  • Address Proof – Rent agreement, utility bills. 


  • KYC papers of the applicant or the co-applicant. Passport, voter ID card, PAN card, Aadhaar card, driving license, telephone or water bills are reckoned as KYC papers. 


  • Certificate of the business establishment.


  • Deed of the partnership.


  • Bank information as well as bank statements for the last six months.


  • Income Documentation – financial documents including IT return for the last two years.


  • Audited/ provisional financials (Balance sheet, profit and loss account) of the previous two years. 


Steps to apply for a Muthoot Finance Business Loan


You can get your business loan in Muthoot Finance in 3 ways: 


Online application

Getting your loan sanctioned is relatively easy in Muthoot finance. You can visit their official website and fill in the required details. After that, you get a call from the customer department of Muthoot, who will explain to you the loan process. Then they will visit your home or your respective place to pick up the required documents and complete the procedures.


Visit the nearest Muthoot branch.

You can visit your nearest Muthoot branch if you find the online process complicated. Fill up the application form, submit all the required documents and wait till your loan gets sanctioned. 


Call the Customer Care

If you are still confused or want to know more details about the procedures to apply for one, call Muthoot Finance customer care at 1800 102 1616. They will assist you with all the details and guide you on how to apply for one. 


Muthoot Finance Business Loan Schemes


Muthoot finance offers different schemes based on one’s business. Muthoot Finance provides various schemes depending on your business lifecycle and requirements.


(EDI) Loan – Equated Daily Instalment 


Features:-This loan intends to satisfy the necessities of small brokers like Kirana stores, clinical shops, vendors, Florist, etc.

It is helpful for small traders as it won’t make a significant weight on them. Instead, they can reimburse consistently with doorstep assortment.


Sanctioned loan amount- The minimum amount sanctioned for this scheme is Rs. 15000, and maximum is Rs. 100000


Tenure of the loan-122 days with 104 EDIs


Method of repayment-You can repay through online payment, bank transfer or doorstep collection.


(EMI) Loans – Equated Monthly Instalment


Features: This scheme is helpful for people with regular bank exchanges and a functioning capital pattern of 15 days to 2 months.

It is to match the high yearnings of dealers and small proprietary.


Sanctioned loan amount- You can avail of a minimum amount of Rs. 1,00,000 and maximum Rs. 3,00,000


Tenure of the loan-12 months/ 24 months/ 36 months


Method of repayment-Automatic debit from your active bank account, Monthly Repayment Regularity


Applicable charges- 400 when a cheque fails. Other than that, no-prepayment and pre-closure charges.


CIBL score-650 or -1


Banking Surrogate Program


Feature-This loan is intended for entrepreneurs who are confident enough and know that they can climb to a higher level.

The scheme will assist entrepreneurs with putting resources into their organizations to try and develop more.


Sanctioned loan amount-Available sanctioned minimum amount is Rs. 3,00,000 and maximum is Rs. 5,00,000


Tenure of the loan-  6 months to 36 months


Method of repayment-The amount can be repaid through an automatic debit from your active bank account or available monthly repayment regularity.


Applicable charges- No prepayment and pre-closure charges.


Financial Income-Based Programme


Features-It is designed for business owners who have illustrated excellent results in terms of business transactions and income statements.


Sanctioned loan amount- With this scheme, you can get a minimum loan of Rs. 3,00,000 and to Rs. 8,00,000


Tenure of the loan-It is the same as the Banking Surrogate program -6 months to 36 months.


Method of repayment-The repayment method is quite simple. It gets automatically debited from your active bank account, or you may choose the Monthly Repayment Regularity.


Applicable charges-There are no prepayment and pre-closure charges.


Policy for granting business loans in Muthoot Finance:


  • On the off chance that the loans are given with no insurance security, like unsecured personal loans and other clean credits, more than customary consideration will be taken to see that such distinctions are allowed exclusively to firms/Companies of notoriety with credit value and history.


  • The interest rate is settled case-to-case basis, considering different variables like the expense of assets, operating costs, and the risk attached to the development. Yet the most significant loan fee chargeable will depend upon the roof according to the Fair Practices Code of the Company.


  • The company may outsource some of the activities associated with loans like obtaining credit applications/KYC check/levy assortment. The outsourcing agencies will be responsible for standard survey and periodical reviews to guarantee that they conform to the compulsory prerequisites under Labour regulations and other applicable guidelines and that the agreements of the arrangement entered into with the company are being followed.


  • The company may also sanction secured and unsecured loans to its employees and employees of its group companies as per their qualifications and additional agreements fixed occasionally.


MSME Business Loan products offered by Muthoot Finance:


Muthoot Finance has a business loan product called supply chain finance, a security-free short-term working capital for MSME’s suppliers.


Why do you need a change finance solution from Muthoot finance?


The supply change finance solution offered by Muthoot Finance is helpful in the following ways:


Complete digitalized process

Applicants don’t need to take care of so many papers as here, starting from the onboarding to financing; everything is paperless. 


Extensive coverage

It is not limited. Muthoot Finance supply change finance solutions reach Our Financing solution goes deeply to all downstream & upstream supply chains.


Hassle-free Financing process

With modern and up-to-date technology, the workflow is automated and hassle-free from any reconciliation of payment to invoice. 




MSME/SME loans have benefits like new entrepreneurs can avail of tax exemption for three years. The owner is not answerable to the bank when their business goes through a reasonable profit or suffers any loss as the start-up is solely responsible for it, and many more like that. 


If you want a financial solution for your business, then Muthoot Finance is India’s most trusted company. With Muthoot Finance, you can access various financial solutions that will help solve multiple customer demands. You get a quick loan disbursal, plentiful gold loan EMI programs and that too at a low rate of interest and an emphasis on customer satisfaction. Apart from that, your loan gets sanctioned with minimum documentation. 


Muthoot is a reliable brand, and getting a business credit from it tends to be a decent choice. Muthoot will assist you by beginning with little, and as your business continues to develop, it will offer more loan amounts to make your business bigger.


To know more details on SME loans from Muthoot Finance.  You can email or call at  +918886666821.


Any company that is sole proprietors, private companies engaged in trading manufacturing or services sector can apply for an SME loan. The only thing is that the applicant should have at least five years of experience in business and be engaged for a minimum of 3 years in the concerned company.

There are different schemes of loans offered by Muthoot Finance, and apart from that, there is Muthoot Mahila Loan (MML) which is mainly for women.

Muthoot Finance’s business loan tenure ranges from 6 to 36 Months.

Muthoot FinCorp and Muthoot Finance are two distinct organizations. The head of Muthoot FinCorp is Thomas John Muthoot, while in Muthoot Finance M G George is the regulator. They don’t have any mutual business relations. 

Clients can relax that their gold is in safe authority as Muthoot Finance guarantees utmost security and consistent monitoring of all their facilities.

Muthoot Finance Ltd is a private company that was incorporated on March 14 1997.

Muthoot Finance Ltd. is the country’s biggest gold loan non-banking financial company (NBFC).

Indeed, you can prepay the entire amount at one time. The applicant may foreclose or settle entirely after 60 days with no charges.

Applicants can get up to a maximum loan of 8lakhs

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