How to Start Mahindra First Choice Franchise in India


How to Start Mahindra First Choice Franchise in India 

 A few of the basic wants which every human has are a house, lifestyle, and a car. From the many industries that are reflecting a tremendous growth and potential in their respective markets, the car industry has always stood out from the other known industries in the market. India is known to have the world’s largest automobile industry for new and used cars in the market. With the easy availability of car loans and schemes, there is a huge spike in demand for new and used cars in the market. When we talk about Car showrooms, the brand name that stands out the most is Mahindra First Choice.


About Mahindra First Choice Franchise


Established in the year 1945 as a steel trading company, Mahindra First Choice has become India’s largest used car mart. The recent records state that they have more than 500 + outlets in more than 270 + cities in India. One of the unique selling points of the brand is that it is a part of the well-known Mahindra Conglomerate. The brand name instantly attracts a huge customer base and builds the necessary trust, the same can be seen through their annual sales turnover of 16.5 billion $ and a presence in more than 100 countries in the world.

One of the major reasons why Mahindra First Choice is a leading brand in the car servicing chain is because it also offers a warranty card and all certified cars have a CertiFirst Advantage. Other than that, every car is kept an eye on a 118 point agenda. An itemized standard working technique is furnished by the parent organization alongside broad preparation and backing. The upsurge of interest for quality trade-in vehicles alongside the standing and believability of Mahindra settles on Mahindra First Choice’s pre-owned vehicle display area establishment.


Advantages of Acquiring Mahindra First Choice Franchise in India 


The association of the brand name and the group ‘Mahindra’ suffices enough to acquire the Franchise. However, apart from that, Franchise owners also get various other benefits by acquiring the Franchise of the same. The various benefits that are derived are mentioned as follows.


  •   One of the primary advantages that unitholders can enjoy and scale their business through the same is that all the used cars of Mahindra First Choice are certified by CertiFirst which is regarded as a highly valuable certificate in the industry. This gives all your customers an assurance that they are buying their precious car from a safe place and the same helps you to create a trust and close your sale.


  •  When it comes to the dealings in the Used Car industry, it becomes difficult for a business owner to close a sale and scale their business. However, with the training and support system that is offered by Mahindra First Choice to its Franchise unitholders, you are exposed to learning various skills and the necessary mindset that helps you to build your business and make a stable profit from the same.


  • This goes without saying, the best advantage that the Franchise unitholders benefit from is to be a part of the association of ‘Mahindra’. The Mahindra group is very large and has various businesses running in the market, it has a huge brand value in the market and hence it becomes very easy to earn people’s trust and scale your business.


  •  If we bring our attention to the capital required for acquiring the Mahindra First Choice Franchise, then it is almost equivalent to a low-cost high profit business model. Apart from that, it also becomes very easy for the unitholders to acquire loans from the bank with regard to their capital. The reason behind the same is because Mahindra group has tie-up with many banks and hence their unitholders can avail the same benefit.


Investment Required for Starting Mahindra First Choice Franchise in India 

To be a part of the Mahindra group is a privilege in itself and the same comes with many benefits in return. The Mahindra First Choice offers two types of Franchise models to the interested candidates which are Mahindra First Choice Services and Mahindra First Choice Wheels. In Mahindra First Choice Wheels you own a car mart where you sell and buy used cars. In the case of Mahindra First Choice Services, you own a service center for the brand. Depending on the type of Franchise model you select the investment amount may differ. The investment range within which you can expect to acquire a Mahindra First Choice Franchise is between 30 Lakhs INR to 50 Lakhs INR.


Requirements for Starting Mahindra First Choice Franchise in India 


To be a part of such a prestigious brand you are required to fulfil certain eligibility criterions and follow a few of the brand’s guidelines. The various requirements to be followed are mentioned as follows.

  •  One of the mandatory aspects to be a part of the Mahindra First Choice Franchise business is to have a minimum area of 1000 sq. ft and an additional parking space for at least 20 cars. The above is the same criterion if you wish to acquire the Mahindra First Choice Services model.


  •  There is no specific mention of the minimum number of employees that are required in a unit. However, unitholders are expected to at least have the necessary employees that are required in an area of 1000 sq. ft.


How to Apply for Mahindra First Choice Franchise in India 


To be a part of the Mahindra Group and apply for its Franchise the easiest way is to visit the official website of the brand. On visiting the website, you would find various details with regard to the Franchise models that are offered by the brand. To apply for the Franchise, you need to fill in the application form with the asked details and wait for the response. You are then contacted by the representatives of the brand and the process moves up further. The official website of Mahindra First Choice is mentioned as follows.



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