How to Start Multi Pickle and Sauce Business in India ?


 India is known for being the leading exporter in various different markets and industries. We all are aware of the dominance in the market of spices and the large-scale of export business which is drawn by this market. Another segment that has a huge demand is the market of condiments. The condiments market includes products or items like pickles, salt, sauces, multi pickle and sauce business, and so on. With the increasing demand and its uses, many businesses have entered and shifted their business to this industry.

As we discussed above, Multi pickle and Sauce business belong to the industry of condiments. The condiments market was said to reach the number of around 638 million $ in the year 2018. The same report estimates that the same numbers are predicted to grow at over 13 % of CAGR and reach 1340 million $ by the year 2024. According to “India Table Sauces Market Outlook 2021”, India’s table sauces market is estimated to have an increase in the CAGR rate till18% over the coming six years.

There are a variety of pickles and sauces which are being consumed at almost every household in India. Over the years, business owners and the R & D has developed different types of pickles and different recipes which not only taste good but also benefit the health of the person consuming the pickles. Since then, there are many businesses that deals with different variants of pickles and also the different types of table sauces, and so on.

Depending on the scale of your business you can decide the types of pickles which you want to deal with. Furthermore, in the manufacturing of multi pickle and sauce business , you have the option to carry the manufacturing unit on a large scale or also from your own house. If your business is on a smaller scale, the latter gives you the advantage of saving you some capital.

Licenses Required for Multi Pickle and Sauce Business

A. FSSAI License
B. Firm Registration
C. Current Bank Account
D. Trade Mark
E. GST Registration
F. Trade License
G. Business Pan Card
H. Factory License
I. BIS certification
J. NOC from State Pollution Control Department
K. Udyog Aadhar

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Investment required

Depending on the scale of your business, the investment amount required would vary for your business. If you plan on starting a home-based business, it would save you a huge capital, however, if you have a manufacturing unit or a factory, then the amount would go higher. The total investment that would be required for starting Multi Pickle and Sauce Business in India is as follows.

Small or Medium Scale20,000 to 6 lakhs
Large Scale6 to 11 lakhs

Equipment Required

The raw materials which are necessary for the manufacturing process of pickles and sauces would vary according to the type of pickle which you plan to deal with. The colour, the flavour, and so on would vary, however, the equipment and the machinery would remain the same. The various equipment required is mentioned as follows.

  • Dressings
  • Sauces
  • Jams
  • Pulper
  • Cap Sealing machine
  • Bottle washing machine
  • Packing Machine
  • Juice extractor
  • Grinder and mixer
  • Steam Jacketed kettle
  • Miscellaneous Equipment

Manpower Required

For every venture, you would need a few helping hands or your staff members that would assist you with the manufacturing process of your products. The required manpower would differ according to the scale of your business which is mentioned as follows.

  • If you are running your business on a small-scale basis where the manufacturing process is carried out at your own house or kitchen, then the required manpower would be 1 or a maximum 2.
  • For a business dealing on a medium or a large-scale business, you would require manpower that ranges from 2 to 6 people. This also depends on the varieties of pickles and sauces that you deal with.

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Area Required

As we discussed above, you can set up your kitchen either at your own house if your business is on a small scale. However, for businesses that are carried on a medium or large scale, you’d require a proper manufacturing unit and the right location for the easy availability of materials.

  • Even if you conduct your business on a medium scale, you should consider having a unit of at least 500 sq. ft, which is the nominal space required for any manufacturing plant.

  • Another point to watch out for is the location of your unit. You should ensure that the area where your unit is going to be set up has proper electricity, water facilities, and also road accessibility to receive and supply materials.

Custom Packaging 

Packaging is very important for branding in Multi Pickle and Sauce Business. Customized packaging is done by business owners to have a uniqueness from their competitors in the market and also to help the customers remember about their brand and leave an impression. You must have observed, some brands are not remembered just by the quality of their product but also by the way they are represented to the customers.

The designing and the custom packaging may require additional investment for your business. But it is a decision that is worth taking to gain the brand value and rise up from your competitors. There are various ways to store your pickles and have different types of packaging materials. The usual ones are having your pickles stored in glass, plastic, or any packaging material which is of that sort.

However, you should also draw your attention to the transportation cost and the in-transit damage which your products may encounter according to the packaging materials that you use. If your pickles are stored in glass, then there is a high risk of facing damages and loss for your business, hence, you should decide your packaging materials and consider all the factors.

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