How to Start Mouthwash Manufacturing Business ?


Business owners are more inclined towards ventures that involve the manufacturing of a product or even multiple items. Choosing the right industry or a particular segment plays a very crucial role in deciding the success of your venture. One of the recession-free and growing industries amongst the many is the dental segment. Be it toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc, there has always been a huge demand in the market as everyone wants their teeth to be strong and safe. One of the highly competitive businesses in the dental segment is the mouthwash manufacturing business.

In India, the rising awareness with regard to oral health care has increased the sales and demand for the dental segment. To be more specific, dental items such as toothpaste and mouthwash have seen a huge demand in the past few years and the graph keeps on moving upwards. A few reports claim that the major percentage of demand comes from the rural and developing parts of the country, which not only benefits the market but also the overall health of all classes.

One of the advantages of the Mouthwash manufacturing business is that the segment offers multiple types of a mouthwash which are beneficial for different uses. There are antiseptic mouthwash solutions that assists in lowering the microbial load in the oral cavity. There are also various other types of a mouthwash that help with anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory actions. But above all, each mouthwash helps the masses to keep bad breath away and maintain a pleasing aroma.

With so much advancement in the industry, there is also various mouthwash that do not just solve the problem of bad breath and oral protectors but also various other uses such as whitening the teeth and tackling against cavity formation. With such a huge demand and uses of the product, let’s take a deeper glance at this business.

Licenses Required

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Investment required

As we discussed above, there are various types of a mouthwash that a business can deal with. Depending on the type of mouthwash you manufacture, the raw materials, the process would vary and hence the investment amount would vary as well. The total investment that would be required for starting Mouthwash Manufacturing Business in India is as follows.


Small Scale  1 to 6 lakhs
Medium Scale  7 to 12 lakhs.

Raw Materials required

Every type of mouthwash has different raw materials which are used in its making. Some have antiseptic benefits while some have anti-fungal uses, all of which require different components. The following are the various types of raw materials that are required for the Mouthwash manufacturing business.

  • Flavourings
  •  Colours
  •  Soaps
  •  Diluents
  •  Anti-bacterial agents
  •  deionized water
  •  salol
  •  thymols
  •  phenols
  •  hexachlorophene
  •  chlorinated thymols
  •  Compounds.

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Manufacturing Process of Mouthwash

There are several ways through which you can manufacture mouthwash on a huge scale and have an effective production cost that is beneficial for you. However, depending on the type of mouthwash you choose, the manufacturing process may differ. One of the most common and effective manufacturing processes of Mouthwash is mentioned as follows.

Stability Testing : Once you have your mouthwash formula designed, the first stage of the process is to do the stability test of the formula. This test is carried out to figure out the longevity or shelf life of the formula. In order to ensure that over time or due to longer storage time there is no change in the odour, colour, and other components of Mouthwash, the first stage of stability testing is done.

Compounding Process: There is a certain area in the manufacturing plant which is called as the ‘Compounding area’. The formula which is being derived for the making of a specific type of Mouthwash is batched together in the quantity of 2000 to 3000 gal. The compounding area ensures that the necessary formula and the raw materials are put together and added to the main batch tank.

 Combining Stage: Once the compounding area has the mouthwash formula and the other raw materials batched together at the main batch tank, the next stage is to mix them properly. According to the type of raw materials which are used, the entire batch is either cooled or heated properly to ensure that they mix well.

Final Stage : Once the raw materials are combined or mixed properly, the next stage, once again depending on the type of Mouthwash and the formula derived, is to add either alcohol or the ionized water in the formula. According to the batch, they are pumped directly into the tank in large quantities.

Depending on the type of machinery which you have used, you might be able to control the mixing speed of the batch and also control the temperature through the various features of the machinery. Once the final stage is done, you will have your mouthwash ready. The entire manufacturing process may take around 1 to 4 hours, depending on various factors.


With the rising awareness regarding oral health care, there has been an increasing demand for mouthwash in the market, even from the developing regions. There are various types of a mouthwash that one can manufacture, right from antiseptic to anti-fungal properties. The effective way of manufacturing mouthwash is by following the given process. Doing Stability testing, compounding process, combining stage, and adding water or alcohol in the given batch.

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